I hope you won't find that chapter too boring, or too short but I'm really busy right now. I wanted to show that there are also some supportive people for Julia, because for now things were really bad and it's not going to get better immediately. I'll try to keep on posting every Sunday but my exams are approaching so no promises.

Eventually, I realize that I can't stay forever on that porch and painfully stand up. I'm feeling pathetic and, instead of wallowing in my self-pity, I should just move on with my life. Everything that happened was predictable and I was supposed to be prepared for it. And being prepared for it did not mean that I was going to fall apart and be stuck on that porch. I had it coming and now it's time to face it.

But there is still a practical problem about where I'm going to live. If you had been there, maybe I could have stayed at your place, even if I'm not sure we're ready to take that step. But you're not here so I don't even have to worry about that. We'll see when you come back. For now I need a temporary solution.

And eventually I find one, even if it's a bad one. I have too much pride to go back to Tom's and I don't have that many friends, so Derek will have to do. He probably won't be expecting this at all, unaware that the few kind words he has given me are the nicest I've gotten all day. But I need to find a place to stay and I don't have that much options. I have had enough hotel in Boston.

So I grab my bags and head towards Derek's apartment, imagining in my head all the ways he could send me off. I hope he won't, but that's Derek I'm talking about. To my knowledge he doesn't have any friends and no plans to make some.

And then I'm in front of his door and I'm beginning to doubt my decision. But I knock anyway, things can't really get worse, can they?

After a few minutes he answers the door angrily, probably because it's already late. "What?" And then he realizes that I'm the one standing at his door and he calms down. "Julia? What are you doing here?"

"Can I come in?"
"Of course."
I follow him into the living room, and by now he has probably noticed the bags, but he doesn't say anything. I have the surprise to find Ivy with a glass of wine on the couch. I didn't know they were still dating, especially after all these rumors about him and Karen. I greet her before sitting next to her. Derek sits down on the couch facing us and gives me a glass of wine before pushing me to explain the reason of my visit.

After taking a gulp of the much needed wine, I decide that it's time to talk.
"I know that you probably weren't expecting this but I had nowhere else to go. Frank threw me out and I just need a place to stay for a few nights, until I figure everything out. You're actually the only person I know in New York who isn't pissed at me. I know that this is a lot to ask, but, trust me, I had no other choice."

There is a big silence and Derek refills his glass before drinking it all. I knew it, this is too much for him to handle. Ivy isn't sure of what to do herself so she comes closer and wraps her arms around me. "I'm sorry, Julia." I have never really been close to her, she is more Tom's friend than mine, but this is nice. I close my eyes and enjoy the human contact she is offering me.

Eventually we both let go of each other and I can see that she has been thinking.
"You could stay at my place and I would move in with Derek."
She grabs her glass and drinks it, as if what she has just said was the most natural thing in the world.

I see Derek's eyes widening and I can't help but laugh internally. He doesn't seem ready to live with Ivy and probably never will. He isn't known for being a big fan of commitment. But I have to admit that this would be one good solution and I'm grateful that Ivy offered it. Derek is frozen but I can see his mind working on overload. He is weighing all the pros and cons of this. For a moment he locks eyes with Ivy and I can guess that they have already had a conversation about this to the looks they are exchanging.

Eventually he puts his glass back on the table, places both his hands firmly on his thighs and take one deep breath. "Okay."

It's Ivy's turn to be surprised. Apparently the previous conversation hadn't really turned out that way. A smile makes its way to her face. "Okay?"

"Okay. You can move in here, and Julia will go to your place." He then grabs his drink and leans back in the couch, before grumbling. "I hope I won't regret this."

"Oh, you won't." And I don't even want to know what they are thinking about right now, because their eyes are all but innocent. I feel like I'm intruding and tries to remind them that I'm still in the room, before they jump on each other.

"Well, I can't find a way to thank you enough. You're really saving me here. Both of you."
"Yeah, yeah." Derek, nonchalant as ever. He probably doesn't want to admit that he can be nice to people.
Ivy rolls her eyes at him before talking. "You must be exhausted. We can both go to my place, I'll show you around. That way I can pick up my things and come back here."

A few minutes later we're both in a cab and Ivy is humming a song from the musical. I feel bad because she is really kind to me, whereas she should hate me for making her believe that she could be Marilyn when Derek had chosen Karen. But she is still dating him so she is probably not one to hold a grudge. Or maybe it is some kind of plan to get back in the show, but at that point I don't really care. Whatever her motives are, she is really helpful and I will always be grateful.

"Ivy, you're really great for letting me stay at your place. If there is anything I can do, you tell me."
"Don't worry about it. You already helped me. I had been trying to get some sort of commitment from Derek for quite some time now and you gave him just the right push."
"So... you and Derek? this is serious?"
"I guess so. He told me he loved me in Boston."

I am on the verge of telling her that he also slept with Rebecca in Boston and chose Karen over her, but I don't. For one this is really not in my interest, since I want this moving together thing to work out, so that I can stay at her place, and I also feel like I don't know her well enough to start that kind of conversation with her.

"As long as you are happy, that's great."
"I am. He really is a good guy sometimes. I know that Tom doesn't agree with me, but I think I love him too."
"Oh you know, Tom isn't always right. You think you love him, that's what matters. Not what Tom thinks. You've got a chance at happiness and you should take it."

And she doesn't go further into the conversation because she knows she hit a sensitive spot. She is well aware of the fact that I would never have come to Derek for help if I hadn't gotten in another fight with Tom.

We finally reach her place and half an hour later, she leaves and I collapse into the bed, glad that this day is finally over. Tomorrow I'll call you and everything will be better.

So, are you waiting for that call?