Call me maybe – Castle / Beckett – AU

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''Beckett, what time will you be back?''

''I can't give you an exact time at the moment…'' She looked at her watch. Crap, it really was getting late. ''Look, I'm still talking to Logan Whitman, I have a feeling he knows something about the whereabouts of his brother. After that I'm going to ask around about his relatives.''

''Again?'' He said, wondering.

''Yeah. Maybe they remember something they didn't last time, you know the drill Espo.'' She said getting annoyed with him.

''Okay, I'll tell them you'll be in later today. Anyway, Montgomery and Ryan are starting to worry about you. Just saying.''

''I'm a big girl Javi, I can manage.'' Without saying goodbye she hung up the phone. She really did hate lying to the boys, but this was so worth it.

Kate Beckett looked at the line in front of her, only about thirty people before it was her turn. She was wondering what he would say to her. Although she was just another fan, she wondered if he would make an exception for her. She would be lying if she said that she'd never fantasized about meeting the man, but hey everyone does that. The line moved forward and she could finally catch a glimpse of him.

Richard Castle. Getting his new book signed had been on her to-do list for a long time now, but she never really got the chance. And since he was in New York again and the case she was working on didn't really have any progress, she couldn't help it but give into the opportunity.

Lanie sighed. ''Kate. Seriously, how much longer is this going to take? We've been here for almost 3 hours now.''

''Jeez Lanie, you sound like your boyfriend.''

''First of all, he's not my boyfriend. Secondly, why do you care about this signing so much? I need to get back to work, my lunch break is almost over.''

''Come on, it's Richard Castle!'' Kate protested.

''Oh that's right, the writer guy you always talk about. Sorry, slipped my mind for a second there.'' Lanie replied sarcasticly.

''If you don't like it, than why did you agree to come with me in the first place?''

''Because any time that I can live with the living instead of working with the dead, I accept.''

''Sounds reasonable.'' She agreed. ''Only another thirty minutes, okay? And I'll treat you to coffee afterwards.''

Lanie narrowed her eyes and thought for a second. ''Make that tea and you have yourself a deal.''

The line moved forward again and before Kate knew it, it was her turn.

''Next.'' The woman next to Castle yelled. Castle looked up, feeling annoyed, he was still talking to the woman in front of him. The blond-haired woman gave him a glare but he just ignored it and shook the fan her hand. He excused himself to the next fan and stood up, pulling the blond with him behind the curtain.

It only took a minute before he was back again with a smug smile on his face. The blond walked after him, looking annoyed. Whatever happened behind that curtain was definitely not business. Kate sighed. She was pushing it with her 'research', she'd promised the boys that she would have come back to the precinct at least an hour ago. Lanie looked up at Kate as if she could read her mind. And with that Lanie escaped the line, moving towards the exit to wait for Kate to finish.


''Gina, I swear if you say that one more time…'' He muttered under his breath. Rick looked up to find a pair of soft hazel eyes staring at him. ''Hey, what's your name beautiful?''

''Beckett. I mean, Kate! I'm Kate Beckett.'' Rick laughed causing Kate to blush.

He grabbed her copy and signed his name without even looking down .''Beckett, huh? Job requirement?'' He asked.

''Something like that.''

''Ooh. Let me guess. You're a lawyer?'' He said looking excited.

''Close, but no.'' Kate said shaking her head.

''Really? But you would be perfect for it.'' He said, going through his options out loud. She didn't even know if he knew he was doing this himself. ''Hmm… you do have al the qualities to be working as a model.'' Kate laughed out loud. It was probably louder than she probably would, but her favourite author was actually asking about her. Her. She felt her stomach tighten, it was a small detail but she just couldn't let go. Richard Castle asking about her! Ugh!

''No Castle, I'm not a model. One last guess.''

''I have to say cop, just because that would be so hot.'' He looked so hopeful, how could she deny him that answer?


''Oh my god, really?'' Kate nodded. Trying not to laugh at the fact that a grown men had just said 'Oh my god'.

''I'm making detective in a couple of months.''

''Nice work detective. I guess congratulations are in order.''

''Not yet, Castle. You should listen more carefully.''

''Sorry Beckett.'' He said with a soft smile on his face. ''I like this last name basis thing.'' He stated, switching to a more smug smile.

''Richard.'' Gina said stern. ''there are more people waiting.'' She then looked at Kate and gave her a smile. Kate was pretty close to punching that smile off the woman's face, he was just being nice to her. Why couldn't she see that? Interaction with fans 101.

''For God's sake Gina, we've talked about this.'' Rick said getting frustrated with her.

''It's okay, I'm late from my lunch break anyway. It was nice to meet you.'' Before he had a chance to answer or at least give her an apology, she'd walked away.


Lanie grabbed Kate's armed and pulled her to sit down at the table. ''What was that between you and writer boy?''

Kate huffed. ''Writer boy?''

''Yes, Richard Castle. You know damn well who I meant.''

''There was nothing!''

''Nothing? You call that nothing? Girl, that was die-hard flirting. And I know that you haven't had a date in a while, but really Kate… you forgot what flirting is? Come on!'' Lanie ordered her tea and looked back at Kate.

''Lanie, you're overreacting.'' The waiter stood by her table patiently. ''Yes, I'll have a Grande skim latte with two pumps of sugar-free vanilla to go please.''

''Kate.'' She mimicked Kate's voice ''I'm not. There was something going on between you two. ''

''Yeah, too bad he's number 7 on the celebrity bachelor list. Lanie, the guy is a freaking millionaire! And he always has super models on his arm… he has been married slash divorced two times! What would he want with a poor cop? Let's face it. I'm never going to see him again.'' The waiter put the coffee on their table and walked away after Kate had paid for the two of them.

''Uh-huh, that's what you think.'' Lanie looked over Kate's shoulder, obviously seeing something interesting. ''Listen. I need to head back to the morgue, Perlmutter just texted me saying he can't find … something.'' She said quickly. Almost too quickly.

''Wait. What about your coffee?'' Kate repeated the sentence in her head. ''Okay. Scrap that. Perlmutter knows how to text?'' Lanie chuckled.

''Anyway, are we still on for tomorrow?''


''Let me know how it went!'' Lanie grabbed her bag and quickly made her way to the exit, leaving Kate confused.

How it went? Kate grabbed her coffee and took a sip. She grabbed her new book from her bag and put it on the table. After Lanie had pretty much pulled Kate out of the bookshop and into the coffee shop, claiming that her caffeine level had dropped dangerously low, she hadn't even gotten the chance to watch what he'd written in her book. Not that Kate minded some extra caffeine though. With the heat of the summer, it was nice to find a coffee shop that actually had air conditioning, which was probably why the place was stamped. The door opened and she could hear two people arguing.

''Dammit Gina, I'm getting tired of your crap. Stop treating me like your ex-husband, I need you to act like an employer.''

Is that?... Yes, it is! Kate almost choked on her coffee when she saw him entering the coffee shop. He'd lost the suit jacket and had some sunglasses on, completing the outfit with a baseball hat. He was trying really hard not to get recognized. Definitely not what she was expecting from him.

''Richard, you were keeping the line on hold. And you still have a charity to attend to tonight.''

''Yes, I know since you won't let me forget. But I'm not going out with what's her name… Jennifer something?''

''You need to have a date Richard. It's been a while since you have been in the spotlight-''

''Just the way I like it.''


''No, don't you Richard me. I need to be alone for a couple of minutes.''

''I expect you back in 10 minutes. There are still people who-''

''I know Gina. I'm not blind.''


She always needs to have the last word. Rick sighed and walked over to the bar and ordered a regular coffee. Caffeine. That's what he needed now. He wasn't sure he was going to survive the day without it. He took off the sunglasses, realizing that they'd look stupid inside and rubbed his eyes. He was tired. And of course, the second he had come back from his tour, Paula had set up another signing just after he'd returned from his flight from LA.

He heard the barista call out ''Alex'' and took that as his queue that his coffee was ready. As he looked around the room, he only found one seat still vacant. He grabbed his coffee from the counter and walked over to the table.

''Mind if I take a seat?''

She looked up to find Richard Castle asking her if he could take a seat. Richard freaking Castle, asking if he could take a seat. She swallowed, suddenly feeling nervous for some reason.

''All the other ones are taken.'' He reasoned, pointing around him.

''Yeah, sure.'' She motioned for him to sit down and he did.

''So… Beckett, right?''

''Yes. And you must be?'' She said with her poker face on, catching him off guard.

''Oh, funny.'' She laughed, failing miserably to hide her smile. ''And a smile! But is that why you stood in line for three hours? For some author you don't know? Or have you already forgotten that you did that? Wasn't your lunch break over?''

''Wow, you really do pay attention.''

He shrugged. ''Comes with the job.'' A smug smile covering his face.

Kate chuckled. ''Uh-huh, of course it is.''

''So… Do you like my books?'' I do, I love them. I've read each one of them, some of them are pretty much falling apart. I've wanted you to sign one of my books forever. Never going to say that.

''I- uh, have read a few maybe.''

''Okay, so you're a big fan.''

''What?! What makes you say that.''

''Because you Kate, are a terrible liar.'' She opened her mouth to protest, but couldn't find the words. He got her. ''Anyway, I saw you sitting here and I just wanted to apologize for the way my publisher behaved during the meeting. She's been acting more like my blood sucking ex-wife then my publisher to be exact.''

''Ouch. That was your ex-wife?'' He nodded and took another sip from his coffee, shivering. ''Why do you keep her around then?''

''Because she's the best. And let's face it, she's my publisher. Doesn't make me like her more though.'' Kate chuckled. Pretty much everything she'd read about him seemed to be a complete joke. Here he was, simply talking to a fan, running away from his own book signing.

''So anyway, you're a cop right?'' She nodded. ''That's so awesome.''

''Really Castle? Awesome is the first thing that comes to mind?''

''Well… yeah. I mean you're a cop. I'm a crime writer. What are the odds?''

''Yeah, what are the odds.'' She repeated.

''What are you doing tonight?'' Kate looked up surprised.

''Probably eating take out with the boys, uh, I mean my co-workers and work on the current case. Maybe take a nice bath with your-'' book. She finished in her head. I should really use a filter when speaking before I give him the wrong idea.

''With my what?''


''That was so not nothing.'' She blushed.

''Castle. Let it go.'' She warned and he dropped it immediately. ''And what are you doing?'' Kate said, quickly changing the subject.

''I have this charity event that I have to attend.''

''Wow, you sound enthusiastic.'' She replied sarcastic.

''Yeah, well, getting set up with a blond bimbo just for some publicity just isn't up my ally.''

Kate tried not to act to surprised, but his entire image was just ruined by what he said. ''Is this really Richard Castle I'm talking to?'' She said wondering.

He laughed. ''Nah, this is probably Rick Castle speaking. Whole different person. Someone who'd rather spend the night on the couch watching a movie with his daughter eating popcorn. But hey, we can't have it all.'' A sad smile covered his face.

Kate felt a buzz in her pocket, indicating that she had a new text message. She opened it and looked at the time stamp.

''Oh, shi- Rick, I'm sorry but really have to go. I should have been back at the precinct 2 hours ago.''

''Really? That long ago? Why did you- Oh.'' Sudden realization hitting him.

''Yeah, yeah, rub it in writer boy. Anyway, I really have to go. It was nice meeting you. Again.'' Rick chuckled, but couldn't help it but give her a sad smile. He saw her copy of his book lying on the table and grabbed it.

Kate quickly grabbed her bag and quickly ordered another coffee. When she turned around, he was behind right her.

''You forgot the book.'' He said, waving it in front of her.

''How could I forget!'' She wanted to smack herself on the head once she saw that he was holding her copy.

''I'll see you, Kate.''

''Bye Castle.'' The moment she said it, his phone buzzed and he groaned. He mouthed 'Gina' and picked up. She smiled at him one last time and walked towards the exit. Definitely worth the wait.


It was pretty late at the precinct when she decided that they should call it a day. They weren't any further and the boys were getting kind of annoyed with each other, going over the same details every single time. She grabbed her bag and gathered her things. But when she opened it, the first thing that she saw was the latest Storm novel. She opened it and looked for the dedication. He'd written a few words in it, how nice of him.

Dear Kate,

Don't let the world bring you down. You've got a beautiful smile.

Yours truly,

Richard Castle

She blushed at the sight. What a great man. But then she saw that there was something else scribbled on the page at the bottom, written with a different pen.

''Give me a call, maybe?'' Followed by what she guessed was his phone number.

She let herself fall back in her chair, sighing. He could definitely scrap the 'maybe' part. She grabbed her phone and used speed dial 2.

''Hey Lanie? Yeah, listen, you're never going to believe this one.''