You're So Hypnotizing [prologue.]

He never really notices.

She supposes it's the fact that she's so ordinary that he doesn't really notice her. Sure, he has to talk to her and interact with her considering the fact that she's the vice president of the student council, but does he notice her? Truly notice her?

She doesn't really think so. All he does is speak, smile that smile he gives everyone automatically, and sometimes, when he is stressed he even hides the stress from her like he hides it from everyone else.

She guesses that she can't really do anything about it; can't tell him to open up to her because it's not right to do so. If he doesn't trust her fully then she can't force him to—she doesn't want to do that, either, because she wants it to be his decision to trust her.

But maybe she had always been too positive, too hopeful that something would come from the relationship they have. It is not one of friends, and certainly not one a boyfriend and girlfriend have—it's more of a work-related relationship, since the two of them are in student council and are president and vice president respectively.

However, she does know that he treats her differently than he treats others. He is more relaxed, almost, and tries out his "jokes" on her without much embarrassment or hesitation—she supposes that it's an improvement from how he used to be with her: awkward, hesitant at times, but rather strict and opposing when it came to running the student council and getting her to work. Although, his determination to make the school a better place for students was something she really liked in him and perhaps what attracted her to him in the first place.

Still, she can't help but wonder if things between them will ever change. From the way things are going right now, it doesn't appear they will change at all.

She must stay hopeful, though. She has to, because she doesn't wish to give up on him.

Not yet.