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Summery: this a rewrite of Dino Thunder it starts just after the teens go home after finding the Gems. This follows part of an episode but I added anything with Justin or Kim in myself.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon


Kira had just returned home after getting out of detention she was looking at the Gem she had picked up and wasn't looking as she went to cut across the bottom of the drive to shorten the route to the front door when she walked into a car. Kira put the Gem back in her pocket and looked up and saw two extra vehicles in the drive a Pink Sports car and a Blue jeep.

"I wonder who they belong too?" Kira said to herself as she walked round them and entered the house.

"Kira where have you been?" asked Karen.

"I had detention." answered Kira.

"What why?"

"Principal Randal gave me detention for playing my guitar on school grounds"


"She said I needed a permit to play it"

"Kira why do I feel like you aren't telling me the whole story?"

"What I just said to her that Kids who play instruments have a better chance of getting into collage. Then she insulted me and gave me detention"

"What did she say?"

"She told me I wasn't collage material"

"Kira I'll have a word with her tomorrow and straighten her out?"

"Mom don't bother I'll deal with it my own way. Any way who does the car and jeep belong to?"

"Oh Kira I want you to meet a friend of mine. Kira this is Kimberly Hart I trained with her at the Pan global games. And the jeep belongs to her adopted son Justin Stewart. I would like you to meet him as well?"

"Hi Miss Hart" said Kira.

"Hey Kira your mum tells me you're a musician, and by the way call me Kim everyone does even Justin"

"Cool I'll just put my bag in my room and then I'll meet him?"

"Oh Kira honey I told Justin he could share your room for the night he brought a Z bed out of the back of his jeep so you still have you bed, their both staying here for the night before they move in to their new house tomorrow"

"Ok mum is Justin in their now?"

"I don't know, but he is going to be starting School at Reefside High tomorrow and I was wondering if you could show him round?"

"Ok mum"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Kira went upstairs to her room and found a strange boy with long hair laying on a Z bed in her room. "Hey you must be Justin?" Kira asked.

"Yeah and you must be Kira, I hope you don't mind me laying hear your mum said it was alright"

"Yeah it's fine do you mind if I ask you something though?" asked Kira trying to get her mind of the Yellow Gem in her pocket that she had found while in detention with Conner and Ethan.

"Sure ask anything?" replied Justin.

"I was kinda curious my mum said that you were Kimberly's adopted son, I was wondering what happened to you proper parents?"

"They were killed My mother 8 years ago and my dad 6 years ago during the Alien Invasion of Earth, and Kimberly was the only person I was able to contact that could take me in and she adopted me"

"Oh I'm sorry Justin that must have been horrible for you?"

"Yeah it was bad thankfully Kim was there for me and I only had two friends at the funeral"

"Justin that's terrible?"

"Yeah but know I want to get on with my life"

"Is that why you're going to Reefside High?"

"Yeah I'm going through High School a second time but it's more of a necessity than anything else Kim did try to get me in to Reefside Tech but my qualifications were too old for them to accept me so I need to graduate again."

"Cool I'll show you round tomorrow and you can hang with me and my friends?"

"Only if I won't be in the way?"

"No chance Justin you'd be doing me a favor actually"

"How so?"

"Well we were in detention and our teacher took us to the museum which was shut but while he tried to find out when it would open we kind went for a walk in the woods fell in a sink hole found a hidden room and found three coloured Gems" Kira took her one out to show Justin.

Justin took a double take and had to make out he didn't know what the Gem represented.

"What does it do?" he asked.

"No idea" Kira answered not giving away too much info to a relative stranger yet some one she seemed to trust.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Justin had left Kira in her room so she could change and he went down stairs to sit with Karen and Kim.

"Hey Justin have you met Kira?" asked Karen.

"Yeah she's friendly I like her, for the first time in 6 years I feel like I belong" he replied.

"Oh Justin I know what you mean this place has a calming effect doesn't it?" Kim said.

"Yeah it really does when I close my eyes I see a future not the past"

"What do you mean what happened 6 years ago, Justin, Kim?" asked Karen.

"6 years ago Justin's father was killed in the Alien Attack on Earth" said Kim.

"Oh dear it's a good job you were there for him?"

"Yeah it was, since then wherever we've been Justin always sees the attack and the death of his father"

"Well they do say Reefside is one of the most relaxing places in the state of California?"

Just then Kira came down the stairs and sat beside Justin and listened to the Karen and Kim talking.

"Hey Justin" Kira said in a brief pause between Karen and Kim "Why don't we go out and I could show you some of the town?" Kira added after she had Justin's attention.

"Sure if it's ok with Kim and Karen?" said Justin.

"Yeah just don't be too long you know you have school in the morning" said Karen.

"Yeah Justin take Storm with you check it's working properly it hasn't been driven for 2 years?" said Kim.

"Ok, see you later" he said as he and Kira headed outside and got in Storm Blaster.

"Justin what did Kim mean when she said it hasn't been driven in 2 years?"

"Oh it was a gift from a friend from out of town and the engine started to play up so I learnt engineering on the net and tried to fix it but by then Kim had bought that little Pink sports car so once I started taking driving lessons she had it put in my name"


Justin pushed a button and the jeep started and could sense that Justin wasn't alone and that it was someone he didn't know so he played the normal jeep mode until Justin told it otherwise.

They drove round the town Kira pointing out some of the places she hung out they all seemed ok but not to Justin's liking. Then on the way back the passed a place called Hayley's Cyber Space.

"What's in their?" he asked.

"It's an internet café which also features a band sometimes I've never been in their" she replied.

"But I thought you were a musician?"

"Yeah but I never handed a tape in so they don't know what I sound like"

"Do they have any martial arts dojos around here?"

"I don't think so why do you any forms of Martial arts?"

"Yeah but it's been a while I haven't used any for 6 years so I could use a few session to get my martial arts back up to scratch?"

"It would be cool if you could kick Randal's ass"

"Who's Randal?"

"You'll meet her tomorrow she's the Principal at Reefside"

"I guess you don't like her?"

"It's not that it's just something seems off about her I don't know what it is but she feels wrong"

"What like she's putting on an act or something?"

"Yeah kinda like she has a second personality who is pure evil"

They both started laughing as they pulled back up to the house and Kira noticed a Red Mustang was parked out the front.

"Oh god why is he hear?" Kira asked.

"Who?" replied Justin.

"His name is Conner McKnight he was in detention with me, he's an arrogant Jock" said Kira.

"Do you want me to talk to him?" asked Justin.

"Nah but you could just stand with me in case he tries anything"

"Do you expect him to?"

"No but you can't be too sure"

"Ok let's go"

The two of them got out of Storm Blaster and approached the Mustang then Conner got out the car and saw Justin.

"Who's he, your boyfriend?" said Conner.

"No he's a friend he starts school tomorrow" replied Kira.

"Look Kira can we talk please?"

"Conner whatever you want to say you can say in front of Justin?"

"Does he know?"

What about the Gems from the sink hole? Then yes" said Justin.

"Fine I wanted to say that I thought I heard a noise coming from mine earlier and Ethan did to but what about you?"

"How much earlier are we talking about Conner?" asked Kira.

"Maybe an hour or so ago?"

"No we were listening to music" said Kira.

"In fact we were listening to Kira's newest song" said Justin.

"You actually like that sort of music?" asked Conner with distain.

Justin took a step towards Conner and both his hands became fists. Kira stepped between them as she was afraid Justin might either get hurt or hurt Conner either way wasn't very good.

"Maybe if you listened to it you wouldn't have such a negative view on it, Jock head" Kira said.

Conner was about to respond when he saw something behind Justin and Kira. So instead he said "Do you have that jeep on a remote control or something?"

"Why?" asked Kira looking confused.

"Well the fact its right behind you and moving by itself for one?"

Justin looked round as did Kira but the jeep was on the drive.

"Conner whatever drugs you might be on that jeep isn't moving now go we'll talk in the morning but don't expect me to stop Justin hitting you if you insult me, my music, or my friends again" Wrapping her arm round Justin they turned and walked back towards the house making sure Conner could see this until he got in his car and drove off. Then she moved her arm away then Justin stopped and looked round to Storm Blaster.

"Justin I want apologise for wrapping my arm round you" Kira said.

"It's alright Kira I understand why you did it and if you need to do it again you can" he replied.

"Are you coming in the house?" she asked.

"I'll be in soon I just want to check that I put Storms hand break on"

"Ok" Kira said as she walked through the front door and shut it behind her.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Once he was sure Kira was inside he turned back to the jeep.

"Storm what do you think your playin at?" said Justin.

"Beep-Beep" replied the jeep.

"Storm you know I tried to keep cool but Conner just hit the wrong button, I'll deal with him when it's needed but until then stop it I don't want to try an explain you to Kira"

"Beep" replied the jeep.

"Thanks buddy I appreciate that your standing up for me but you need to be careful, what happens if he identifies you"

"Beep-Beep" came the reply in recognition that Justin made a valid point.

Then Justin tapped the jeep on the hood and said "Good night Storm, and please behave in the morning?"

"Beep-Beep-Beep" replied the jeep as Justin headed back inside.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

The next day Kira and Justin were sitting in Storm Blaster on their way to Reefside High to get Justin started and to go to school in Kira's case. They pulled in to a parking space and noticed that Conner and Ethan were walking towards them.

"Hey Kira. Justin I'm sorry if I offended you last night it's just I wasn't thinking straight and my mouth started to talk without thinking" said Conner.

"Well nothing new there then?" said Ethan with a laugh and a smirk from Justin and Kira.

"So who else knows about these Gems then?" asked Justin.

"No one you're the only other person that knows we have them" said Conner.

"And I won't breath a word of it to anyone" said Justin.

"Have you registered for classes yet?" asked Ethan.

"Yeah Kim rang in yesterday just after we arrived in Reefside and got me started I just got to get my Time table" said Justin.

"Who's Kim?" asked Conner.

"My Adopted mother" came the reply

"Yo heads up McKnight" a voice interrupted them as Conner looked round and saw a Soccer ball coming at him but it was too fast for him to get to and he realised it was going to hit Kira.

"Kira watch out" he said but as he turned round he saw Justin had caught it an inch in front of Kira's face.

"Hey man nice catch" said the same voice as before.

"Whatever just watch where you're aiming next time" said Justin. As he handed the ball back. And then watched as the idiot with the ball walked off with Conner.

"Ethan we'll talk later but right now we have problems?"

"Huh who's that then Cass and Devin?"

"Spot on. Come on Justin let's get you to the office and then to your first class" said Kira as they walked away from Ethan and he in turn walked away from Cassidy and Devin.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

"I see what you mean she is an Evil bitch" said Justin as he and Kira walked away from Principal Randal's office.

"Yeah so let's see were you are first?" said Kira as she looked at his lessons.

"So how many do we have together?" he asked.

"Three today and three each day for the rest of the week. Come on lets go art class first"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Art class had been done with and second period he was with Ethan so he sat next to him after that they headed outside where they bumped into Kira again.

"What are you two doing after school?" asked Ethan.

"Going to a party" said Kira.

"What Party?" he asked.

"Justin's house warming" said Kira.

"Cool can I come?"

"I don't know I'll have to ring Kim and ask if can bring any friends besides Kira" said Justin.

"So who's class do we have next?" asked Kira.

"Science with Dr. Oliver" said Ethan.

"Oh great him again?" said Kira.

"Kira what's wrong with him?" asked Justin.

"Nothing really it's just we were in detention with him when we found these things" she indicated to the Gems that she, Ethan and Conner had found.

"Well Kira it's just coincidence nothing more than that I mean he ain't a super hero with a secret identity"

"Yeah Kira Justin's right I mean he's a teacher" said Ethan.

"Where is he anyway? He's supposed to be here before us?" said Kira.

Just then a teacher came into the room and the class quietened down ready for the lesson.

Justin looked at the teacher and immediately looked away hopping Tommy didn't recognize him, even with the short spiky hair Justin had recognized him.

"First thing class we have a new student luckily he only missed one class so we don't need to redo yesterday's work Mr. Stewart will just need to catch up when he gets the chance" Tommy looked round the class and saw the new kid looking down at his work book and thought to himself. 'Nah couldn't be' he continued the lesson only looking up once or twice and was still unsure about the new student called Justin Stewart.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

"Ok I'm with Kira I don't like him" said Justin.

"Wait a minute what happened to it's just a coincidence" said Ethan.

"I changed my mind once I saw him"

"Do you know him he said yesterday he came from Angel Grove and that's where you and Kim come from originally isn't it?" asked Kira.

"Yes I do know him he was my old Karate teacher, ok and he was twice as tough on me as anyone else"

"Justin why was he tougher on you?"

"Because I was the best in his class and he kept pushing me to do more"

"Then why do you hate him?" asked Ethan.

"It brought back old memories that's all, ones I'd rather leave in the past"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Half an hour later Conner had found them and the Four of them were talking about the Gems that three of them had found.

"So who do we tell about these?" asked Conner.

"No idea they seem to have dinosaurs in them so Dr. O might be a good choice?" said Ethan.

"We can't he's finished for the day and gone home" said Kira.

"Yeah we were his only class of the day" said Justin.

"Look guys" said Conner "can we just forget we found them?"

"I'll do one better than that" said Kira taking the Gem from her pocket. But before she could do anything the four of them were surrounded by the same reptilian things Conner, Kira and Ethan had fought yesterday when they found the Gems.

"Justin do you think you can help us fight them off" asked Kira.

"Sure thing Kira, but put that Gem back in your pocket for now if they see it they'll take it and I have a feeling that would be bad" said Justin as he delivered a spinning kick and took down three of them at once.

"Cool where did you learn to fight like that?" asked Conner.

"From Dr. O before he became a school teacher" said Justin. Then he was grabbed by several of them before he could fight them off they took him away.

"Justin, Shit what will Kim say about this" said Kira.

"Come on Kira lets go to Dr. O's those things that took Justin were the same things that attacked us when we found these resembled Dinosaurs a little so maybe he can help plus these Gems have Dino's in them" said Ethan.

"What about Randal she'll go ape shit if she finds out we've left school grounds?" said Conner.

"What's more important to you not getting detention again or someone's safety?" asked Kira in a P.O'd tone.

"What. Do you think I don't care about Justin's safety"

"No I don't think you do Conner"

"Whatever how do you think your gunna get to Dr. O's if we don't take my car?" asked Conner.

"Fine let's go I need to find Justin?"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

The three of them got in to Conner's Red Mustang and drove off, unawares that a little way behind them Storm Blaster followed in its camouflage mode.

"So where does Dr. O live then?" asked Conner.

"1993 Valencia Lane" said Ethan.

"How do you know that?" asked Kira.

"You don't want to know incase Randal finds out"

"Great so you hacked the schools personal file huh?" said Conner.

"Look can we get back to the business at hand we need to save Justin" said Kira.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

A few minutes later they turned on to Valencia Lane and found out that Dr. O lives a long way from anyone.

"Dude this can't be right?" said Conner.

"Yeah Conner's right this feels like a trap?" said Ethan.

"Come on boys don't be scaredycats" said Kira as she got out the car and headed up to the door of Dr. O's house.

Conner came up to her and Ethan reluctantly followed.

"I get to tell you guys I told you so if this turns out to be a trap?" said Ethan.

"Fine, but I'm going in anyway?" said Kira as she opened the door and walked in.

The other two both followed her inside and shut the door behind them. Conner walked over to a T-Rex statue and he moved his hands down to touch the head of the T-Rex.

"Uhm Conner you remember the last time you touched something like that" said Ethan who had opened the door again but this time he shut it just a fast.

"Ethan what's going on?" asked Conner.

"Uhm when did Justin's jeep get hear?" asked Ethan.

"It's not its back in the school parking lot why" said Kira as she opened the door and saw Justin's jeep. "Ok what's it doing hear" she said.

"I told you yesterday it was moving on its own" said Conner as he accidentally leaned on the T-Rex and a trap door opened in the floor.

"So what type of teacher has a trap door in their house?" asked Ethan.

"Don't say it Ethan we have no idea where it goes it probably just goes to a basement" said Kira.

She again took the lead and went down the stairs to see where they went.

"Ok now you can say it Ethan." said Kira.

"If you three are looking for extra credit you're in the wrong place?" said Dr. Oliver as he swung round in a computer chair to face the three of them.

"Dr O, before you shout at us, can we at least explain why we're here?" Ethan asked as he, Connor and Kira backed away nervously.

"Dude, he's just gonna laugh" Connor hissed.

"But it's the truth, and he's a teacher he'll listen" Kira interrupted.

Connor sighed. "Justin's gone," he said.

Dr Oliver's look changed from annoyed to shocked.

"He got taken by these weird-looking dinosaur things" Ethan explained.

"He doesn't look convinced" Connor whispered.

"They're called Tyrannodrones" Dr. O told them finally deciding to tell the truth.

"And you know that because" Ethan trailed.

"I helped create them," Tommy sighed, the guilt heavy in his voice.

"Oh, class project?" Ethan asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Wait Justin told me you were a martial arts teacher so how did you get involved with this?" asked Kira.

Dr. O closed his eyes and turned away. It had been the same Justin Stewart in his class that had been his former Turbo Team-mate. "It's a long story, but for now, we need to find out what they want with Justin" Dr. O said and the three looked a little guilty.

"It might have something to do with these," Connor said, pulling out his red stone and Ethan and Kira both pulled out one each and tried to avoid Dr. O's stare of horror.

"But Justin wasn't with you yesterday so why did they take him?"

"Well he did start to fight them and was grabbed by several of them and since then his jeep followed us hear?" said Kira.

"His jeep would be programmed to find me if something happened to him, that's the way it was built" said Tommy not wanting to reveal too much.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

"Give me the Gems" said a voice

Justin blinked as the words echoed in his head, he frowned and looked around the room. It was dark and looked like a decomposing science classroom, dark Purple and light Green tubes of bubbling liquid were hanging of the walls. Computers plastered another wall, and he finally noticed he was lying in what could only be described as a metallic dentist's chair.

"Who are you" he called. "Show yourself instead of hiding?"

"Give me the Gems" the voice said again.

"What Gems I don't even know what you're talking about you must have the wrong person"

He turned around to see a tall thing in a cloak coming towards her. His face was scaly and full of ridges, he looked like a Dinosaur. His eyes were golden and his teeth sharp.

"I have waited far too long to play games and allow an insignificant teenager get in my way. Now, where are the Dino Gems you must have them I can sense great power in you?"

"Do you mean those rock things that my three friends found?" Justin asked deciding to try and get some information out of this freak.


"You're out of luck then I never got one" Justin said. "Can I go now Kim's gonna freak if I'm late for the party!"

In a whoosh of air he was gone, and Justin looked round the room he was tied up in and then noticed something sitting on the side.

"Okay that's not what I think it is it can't possibly be?" he said to himself.

He smiled when he realised it was what he thought it was he managed to wriggle free of the cables that were tying him down only see a short woman dressed in black leather with heavy black eye shadow, lipstick and gelled back shortish black hair, hands on her hips blocking his path to the object.

"You'll be lucky if you ever see food again" she sneered walking forward, causing Justin to back away.

"Hey you look familiar?" he said. Instantly an image of Principal Randal came to his head. 'Nah that's impossible' he thought to himself

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

"We're sorry Dr. O" Connor said for what seemed the thousandth time "How were we supposed to know that these things have super powers and those lizard guys would be looking for them?"

Dr. Oliver sighed. "I guess it's not something you see every day" he said.

"Like a science teacher with the remains of an ancient civilization under his house?" Ethan said, as he wandered about the place.

"Not that this ain't cool, but dude, you gotta come clean" Connor told him, and Tommy frowned.

"Ok, first, don't call me dude," Tommy stated. "Second, as hard as this may seem, you three need to forget about this. I'll find Justin"

He turned away, causing Connor to speed past him with his Super speed. Dr. Oliver stopped away in his tracks as Connor skidded to a stop in the way. "The Gem's power is already melding with you," Dr. Oliver said.

"No shit Sherlock now you can tell us about it now," Connor said, slightly out of breath. "Or at my next parent teacher conference."

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