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Summary: this is a rewrite of Dino Thunder it starts just after the teens go home after finding the Gems.

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Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Chapter 48

In Newtech City Observatory two aliens were meeting.

"Ah Professor Cerebrum thank you for meeting with me" said Broodwing.

"This is highly dangerous Broodwing, Grumm wouldn't like it if he knew I was working for you" said Professor Cerebrum.

"That is why I'm paying you top dollar for your skills, and your silence"

"Let us proceed, do you have them?"

"Right here, I procured them on the planet Onyx for a considerable sum"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

In Reefside 1 Year after graduation.

"Ethan! Man, wait up!" called a voice.

Ethan turned around to see his old friend, Conner McKnight, walk through the hallways of Reefside High and catching up to him. "Conner McKnight, my ex-partner in crime fighting," Ethan grinned, as he high-fived Conner.

"I didn't think I'd see you at the reunion." Conner assumed.

"My schedule at Reefside Tech is pretty brutal," Ethan shrugged. "But there's no way I'd miss this."

"I know what you mean Kylee's waiting for us inside she told me earlier that she was helping plan a surprise for everyone" said Conner.

"Yeah Selena said the same, so what have you been up to?" asked Ethan.

"I've been trying to start a after school soccer program for kids you know give them somewhere fun and safe to go after school but it's been tough raising money though" said Conner.

"Sounds cool, do you think the rest of the gang will be here?" Ethan asked changing the subject.

Conner shook his head. "Doubt it," He responded. "I heard Trent and Andrea are at a meeting with Art Fortunes in LA about turning his Comics into a new season of Beetleborgs, Cassidy and Devin are out covering a news story for Rocky, What about Kira and Justin?" asked Conner.

"Well I know they moved to LA so Kira could work on getting a recording contract, and Justin was considering a job offer from NASADA" replied Ethan.

"Actually I got it" Kira said, as both Kira and Justin entered the corridor and saw their friends.

"Kira, Justin!" The other two grinned, before all of them hugged each other.

"So, when can we hear your first big single?" Ethan asked the former Yellow Ranger.

"I'm already all over the radio," Kira stated, before rolling her eyes. "Singing the cat litter jingle."

"And you may hear a blast from the past later today" added Justin.

"How's NASADA treating you?" asked Ethan.

"Great were currently attempting to make first contact with a race calling themselves the Troobian Empire" said Justin.

"Do they seem friendly?" asked Ethan.

"We're not sure, I did recommend that we ask Andros what he knows of the Troobian Empire but the other scientists think we should make contact ourselves and not bring KO-35 into all our dealings" replied Justin.

"You don't sound optimistic" said Conner.

"I'm not I have this feeling in the back of my mind that this is trouble"

"Well let's not worry about it now if they are violent there not going to attack today, so let's spend the afternoon together, and have some fun" Conner pointed out.

Justin held out his arm for Kira. "Shall we?"

"We shall," Kira smiled and kissed Justin and linking her arm with his, and then Ethan stood on one side of Kira and Justin and Conner was on the other end.

The four former Dino Rangers smiled at each other, and just as they were about to walk down the stairs, they all disappeared in a flash of light.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Justin ended up appearing in a large futuristic looking laboratory, which they all stared at in confusion. "Okay, at least this isn't Mesogog's fortress but where are we?" asked Justin, as both he and Ethan began looking around the lab.

"Welcome to the future," A bat-like monster with a glass over his head, Broodwing, greeted, which gained the former Rangers' attention. "Now, you will help me destroy the planet!"

The four Dino Thunder Rangers looked behind them and noticed their Dino Gems and Justin's Power Coin sitting in a machine for some reason. Conner and Justin nodded at each other and kicked the bat monster away, before the four of them grabbed their Dino Gems and the coin.

"Let's get outta here!" Ethan said, before he and his friends ran out.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

"This is strange" said Kat.

"A Troobian energy reading?" asked Cruger.

"No a Ranger energy reading, an intense surge in the Morphin grid is spiking in the downtown sector" said Kat as the screen showed rings of Red, Blue, Yellow and Green energy.

"But I didn't deploy the Rangers I thought they were here in the base" said Cruger as the door to the room opened and in walked Jack, Sky, Syd, Bridge and Z.

"What new in the SPD Zoo?" asked Jack.

"Narrow in on the energy reading" said Cruger.

"What energy reading sir?" asked Sky.

"I'm detecting an alternate Ranger energy downtown" said Kat.

"But I'm not downtown, I mean I don't think I am" said Bridge.

"Don't look at me, I'm all here" said Z. as everyone had looked to her.

"Then it could be the A-Squad" said Sky.

"They made it back" said Syd.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

The four Dino Thunder Rangers started to walk around the town they were in trying to work out where and when they were, when they were surrounded by Krybots.

"Uhm anyone else getting a real bad feeling?" asked Kira.

"Yeah I think we now know what time we are in, they are Krybots like we faced that time when the SPD Rangers came back in time, right?" asked Conner.

"Yeah and I'm so glad we decided to not forget the memories of that day, so we at least know how to fight them so let's do it" said Justin.

"Come on, down here!" Conner called, as they ran down some steps into an opened up area where they had more room than before.

"Any ideas on how to get out of this and get back to Reefside?" Conner asked.

Ethan just shrugged with a clueless look on his face. "I'm still trying to figure out how we got in it."

The Krybots charged at the former Rangers, who got into stances before fighting them. As they fought, the four of them discovered that they were able to use their Dino Powers again. Conner fought with his Dino Gems Speed, Ethan used his Dino Gems Strength, Kira used her Gems Ptera Scream, and Justin used his Dino Gems Teleportation ability to teleport in behind the Krybots and fight them from the back.

Once the fight was over, Ethan looked down at one of the Krybots and noticed the circuitry in it. "Yeah they are Krybots look at the circuitry" said Ethan.

"Justin you are the only one of us that might be able to Morph if the stronger Krybots arrive, are your Turbo powers still active?" asked Conner.

"No I don't have my Turbo Morpher it's in Storm Blasters Glove Box back in Reefside" replied Justin.

Suddenly, all of them were blown back by a blast and looked over to see Broodwing standing. "Fools!" He laughed. "Do you think you could get away from me that easily?"

"We've run away from a lot worse than you, buddy," Ethan stated, as Conner glanced at him. "That didn't come out right at all."

"What do you want with us?" Justin asked after the Dino Thunder Rangers got back to their feet.

"Your power is legendary throughout the galaxy," Broodwing explained, as more Krybots appeared. "Fight alongside me, and we'll bring down this wretched planet."

Conner rolled his eyes a bit. "Maybe you're suffering from lack of oxygen for being in that punch bowl too long," He started, offending Broodwing slightly. "But in case you didn't notice, we're the good guys."

"Yeah," Kira agreed. "We're not exactly about destroying our own planet."

"Next time you want someone to join the side of evil, try brainwashing them," Ethan suggested.

"Don't give him any ideas" said Justin.

"Thanks for the idea and I think you will soon agree to my way of thinking with a little persuasion," Broodwing threatened sending out more Krybots, as the Dino Rangers got into fighting stances.

Suddenly, five people wearing grey uniforms that were inside a black and white Jeep with a police siren drove over to the scene, before they got out of the car and began fighting the Krybots, as the Dino Thunder Rangers watched.

It wasn't long until the fight was over, and the SPD Rangers regrouped.

"Back off, Broodwing!" Jack demanded.

"Fly back to where you came from," Z glared at Broodwing.

"SPD, always getting in my way," Broodwing growled, before he flew off. "I'm not through with any of you!"

The SPD then glanced over at the former Dino Thunder Rangers, before running up to them. "Are you guys okay?" Z asked them.

"A little confused, but we're okay" Justin replied.

"Broodwing's bad news, but attacking innocent civilians?" Sky shook his head. "That's just low."

"Wait, so you've fought that freak before?" Justin asked having fun since the SPD Rangers didn't seem to know who they were.

Jack nodded. "Oh yeah, all in a day's work," He said, before pulling out his Morpher and opening it, as he showed it to the Dino Thunder Ranger. "We're Power Rangers, Space Patrol Delta."

"Wait a minute, you can't be the Power Rangers," Kira insisted.

"Why not?" Z asked.

"Because we are, Z" Conner stated, as he, Ethan, Kira, and Justin raised their Dino Bracelets.

"Wait a minute how do you know her name?" asked Jack.

"The same way I know you are Jack" said Justin.

"Who are you?" asked Sky.

"We already told you Sky we are the Power Rangers" said Justin.

The SPD Rangers were unsure about what to do how could these people claim to be Rangers and know their names.

"Look let's make this very simple, Bridge scan us with you enhanced ability and it will prove we are what we say we are" said Justin.

Bridge did his thing and after a few minutes went over to speak to Jack, just when Jacks Morpher went off.

"Jack what is going on?" asked the voice of Commander Cruger.

"Uhm we have four people claiming to be Power Rangers, they know our names and they fought off an attack from Broodwing and the Krybots" said Jack.

"Bring them in" said Cruger

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Later on, the former Dino Rangers arrived at the SPD Headquarters with the SPD Rangers. "So let me get this straight," Ethan started. "Somehow we've been transported years into the future?"

"And this is your command center where you train elite warriors to become Power Rangers?" Kira added.

"Plus, Earth is under attack by an army of aliens and Giant robots?" Justin asked.

Syd nodded. "That's about it."

"Good to know there will still be Power Rangers around in the future," said Conner.

Eventually, all of them walked into the main room of the SPD Headquarters. "Okay, not that I'm complaining, but our command center was a cave under our teacher's house," Ethan stated, looking around the room.

"Hey the Command Cave was perfect for us and the bad guy's never found it that is the biggest positive" said Justin.

Conner then noticed a dog-like man and a cat-like woman walk over, and he and the other Dino Thunder Rangers got into a fighting pose "No, that's okay. He's our commander," Jack told them. "This is Anubis Cruger, and our lovely technical expert, Kat Manx."

"Welcome to our base, Rangers," Cruger greeted.

"Uh, he's a dog," Kira noticed, looking over at Bridge.

The four of them then looked at the employees, noticing how all of them were aliens. "Aliens and humans live in harmony here," Kat explained.

"Well, for the most part," Sky added. "Broodwing is after them."

"I can see why," Kat said, as some clips of the Dino Rangers played on a monitor. "The archive says that the Dino Rangers faced off some of the most treacherous villains in all of history."

Conner grinned as he watched the monitor. "Ah, memories."

"That was years ago," Jack stated, before looking at the Dino Thunder Rangers. "What I don't get is how did you guys get here?"

"Well, some things are fuzzy, but we were at the 2005 reunion at Reefside High," Kira said.

"I'm sure Broodwing went through a lot of expense to bring you here," Doggie realized. "He won't give up on you so easily."

"We'll take him on and anyone else that gives us trouble," Conner volunteered.

Z scoffed slightly and shook her head. "You haven't met Broodwing's boss, Grumm," She pointed out. "He's as nasty as they get."

"Trust me, Mesogog was pretty nasty too," Justin said thinking back to some of the encounters they had.

"Yeah, bring it on," Kira agreed. "We're Rangers, we can deal with it."

"Correction, you were rangers," Sky informed them. "We've been specially trained take on Grumm's army."

"And no offense, but fighting dinosaurs is so over," Syd added, receiving an odd look from Kira.

"If you know anything about Ranger history you will know we have fought more than just dinosaurs we can handle anything the enemy throws at us" said Justin.

Ethan nodded in agreement. "Yeah, besides, weren't you guys ever taught to respect your elders?"

"We just don't want you guys to get into any more trouble," Jack insisted. "We have enough problems to deal with."

Suddenly, an alarm went off and showed another attack in the city. "My hunch is that Broodwing is trying to draw you out," Cruger told the former Dino Rangers.

"Just cause we're not Rangers anymore doesn't mean we can't fight!" Conner insisted.

"Okay you guys chill until we get back," Jack said, ignoring the former Dino Rangers who were starting to get annoyed, before he pulled out his Morpher from his belt. "Ready?"

Sky, Bridge, Z, and Syd grabbed their own morphers and raised them. "Ready!"

"SPD Emergency!"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Justin were stuck at the SPD Headquarters watching the fight the monster quickly left but instead of the monster was thousands of Krybots.

"I could be wrong, but they look like they're in a lot of trouble," Kira noticed, watching the SPD Rangers' battle on the monitors.

"They've never encountered this many troops at once," Cruger stated.

"Clearly you don't know what Ranger teams can do when they work together" Justin said, looking up at Cruger.

Conner turned around and faced Cruger. "You gotta let us in on this."

"No, I won't put your lives in danger," Cruger refused. "If anything happens to you in this time, the results could be catastrophic."

"Well if your cadets lose, none of that matter anyway," Kira pointed out.

Another image appeared on the screen of a giant monster appearing in the city. "I see some things never change," Ethan muttered.

"I wish we still had the Dino Zords," Conner sighed.

"Speak for yourself Conner the Cenozoic Zords are ready if they are ever needed as is the Dragonzord" said Justin.

"Dispatch Omega Ranger to the scene," Cruger instructed to Kat, before looking down at the former Rangers again. "This is not your battle. I'll help the others. You are to stay here, and that's an order!" He snapped, making Conner roll his eyes, before getting out his own Morpher.

"SPD Emergency!"

"SPD Shadow Ranger!"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

The Dino Thunder Rangers continued to watch the battle from the SPD Headquarters. "Let me guess, that's Grumm?" Ethan assumed, looking at the large red-eyed monster on the monitors.

"That's it," Conner shook his head. "I say it's time to get prehistoric on Grumm and his goons."

"Cruger ordered us to stay here," Kira reminded him.

"I don't care what happens in the past or future," Conner insisted. "All I know is that the others need us now."

"He's right." They need back up and we are their only chance" said Justin.

"Let's do this," Ethan decided.

"Right," Kira nodded.

Before any of them could leave, Kat interrupted. "Before you go out there, at least go prepared," She told them, before holding out her hand. "Give me your Dino Gems."

The four friends exchanged glances, and Justin nodded first removing his Power Coin and handing it to Kat then the others removed their Dino Gems and handing them to Kat.

Kat placed them into a machine that started to glow and reenergized their Dino Gems and Power Coin while pulling their Morphers from the system as well, then once they were given them back Kat gave them the coordinates where the fight was happening.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

The Dino Rangers arrived just in time to see the SPD Rangers demorph form exhaustion and regroup with each other. "At last, no more Power Rangers," Grumm growled, just as the Dino Rangers ran over.

"Think again, bone-head," Conner told Grumm, as he and his teammates stepped forward.

"This is not a good idea," Jack shook his head.

"Get out of here!" Z demanded.

Sky nodded. "You have no idea how much power Grumm has."

"Well then it's a good thing we brought a little power of our own," Justin said as the four Dino Thunder Rangers showed their Morphers to the SPD team.

"Kat's the coolest," Ethan stated with a small grin. "She pulled out morphers up from the archives and regenerated them."

"Don't get mad Commander," Kira said, looking at Cruger. "You have done the same thing before."

"You will have to tell me how you know that later but for now let's show Grumm what we can do together. Power Rangers, Suit Up!" said Cruger

The Rangers nodded, before all of them got in a line. "Power Rangers," Jack started, as he and his teammates pulled out their morphers. "You guys ready?!"

"Ready!" All the rangers nodded, as they raised their morphers too.

"Dino Thunder Power Up, Ha!" called Conner, Ethan and Kira together.

"Green Ranger Dino Power" called Justin

"SPD Emergency!"

In a flash of light, the rangers morphed into their suits. "Super Dino Mode!" The Dino Rangers cried, as spikes appeared on their suits.

"SWAT Mode!" The SPD Rangers called, as they gained new armour.

As the rangers got ready, an explosion went off behind them. "Attack!" Grumm ordered, as his army charged first.

"Okay everybody, let's give it all we got," Jack said, as he stepped forward. "Together, we can do it!"

"Yeah!" The Rangers nodded, before all of them flipped into action.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Ethan charged with Bridge and Sky, who used their Delta Enforcers to shoot down some of the Krybots. "Okay, Ethan, do your thing!" Sky said, looking back at the Blue Dino Ranger.

"Yeah!" Ethan grinned, as he jumped up and used Bridge and Sky's shoulder as a boost, before kicking down two Krybots.

Bridge was able to avoid some blast, before he ducked and leapt upwards, shooting down some of the Krybots. Sky rolled over and kicked against one of the Krybots, before he jumped up and shot some of them.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

"Let's show them some girl power!" Kira said as she Z, and Syd got ready to fight.

"Right!" Syd agreed.

"Fire!" The girls cried, as Z and Syd used their Delta Enforcers, while Kira used her Thundermax Laser to shoot several of the Krybots.

Kira stood up, before all of them noticed Morgana shoot a purple beam in their direction. The girls yelled, as Kira flipped backwards, while Z and Syd flipped sideways to avoid the explosion, before Z and Syd landed safely on the ground.

As Kira kicked against a rock and used her wings to fly, as she flew by, Kira used her Ptera Grips to slash Morgana.

"You with me?" Syd asked Z.

"Oh yeah!" Z nodded, before she and Syd used their Delta Enforcers and shot down Morgana.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Meanwhile, Conner, Justin and Jack were running towards the Krybots while avoiding the blasts from the Krybots, while Cruger drove the SWAT Truck behind them. Using their Thundermax Lasers and Delta Enforcer, Conner, Justin and Jack were able to shoot down some of the Krybots.

Jack avoided some hits before he flipped onto the ground and shot several Krybots. Once he was back on his feet, Jack shot down one of the Orange Head Krybots too. Conner rolled over and continued to use his Thundermax Laser to shoot some more Krybots, and kicked one down too. Cruger used the SWAT Truck to finish off the rest of the Krybots by activating the lasers and shooting them down.

Grumm growled, as he rode over on his motorcycle and avoided the lasers Cruger shot at him. "You're mine, Cruger!" He yelled, as he jumped off his motorcycle and onto the SWAT Truck, where he and Cruger fought each other.

"Get of my truck!" Cruger demanded after a short moment, before he slashed Grumm and knocked him off.

Grumm rolled on the ground and stood up, before he spotted Conner, Justin and Jack charging, so he shot a large laser at them, but the two red rangers avoided it and Justin with his Dragon Dagger in hand played a tune on it that sent the blast back at Grumm knocking him down.

"Nice work!" Jack commented.

"Yeah I forgot you could do that" Conner agreed.

"Thanks I'm glad I remembered

It wasn't long until all the rangers regrouped. "Good job, Rangers," Cruger told them, before facing his own rangers. "Omega Ranger needs help B-Squad go and assist we candela with Grumm and the last of the Krybots."

"Let's go, B-Squad," Jack said before Justin topped him.

"Commander B-Squad should stay here Kira and I will help Omega Ranger" said Justin.

"But your Zords are gone the records show the Thundersaurus Megazord despite not being used in the final fight is un usable since the Zords that combine with it were badly damaged" said Cruger.

"We still have one Megazord that we can use that your enemies will never see coming" said Justin.

"You sure you guys are up for it?" asked Jack.

"Yeah we're good" said Kira as she and Justin pulled out their Cenozoic Saber's "Here Conner take these for the Z-Rex Blaster" added Kira.

"Thanks and guy's good luck show the monster what the Dino Thunder team are capable of" said Conner.

Kira and Justin nodded and raised their Cenozoic Sabers in the air and Kira called "I need Megalodon power now"

Justin followed and called "I need Hydrazord power now" the two Zords came out of the sea and the Two Rangers jumped aboard.

"Cenozoic Megazord power up" called the two of them together.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

The Omegamax Megazord was down and the monster was slashing at it with its swords until it was knocked back with a kick from the Cenozoic Megazord.

"You ok in there?" asked Justin.

"Yeah thanks for getting here in time, but who are you" said Omega Ranger.

"All you need to know is that we are also Rangers but from the past"

"Ok so here's the plan I'll attack first then you finish the job, sound good to you?" asked Omega.

"Perfect" said Kira.

With that the Omegmax Megazord transformed into its bike mode and charged at the monster and at the last second transformed back to its battle mode and spun through the air hitting the monster.

"Cenozoic Megazord Saber full power" called Justin and Kira together and as it hit the monster it exploded leaving the two Megazords standing victorious

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

The two Dino Thunder Rangers, the SPD team and Cruger continued to fight the remaining Krybots, and eventually won. "Cruger, using Rangers from the past may have won this battle, but I have a surprise of my own in store!" Grumm glared at Cruger.

"Let's put it together!" Conner exclaimed, as he and Ethan combined their weapons forming the Z-Rex Blaster.

"Z-Rex Blaster fire!" Conner commanded, before and Ethan fired their weapon at Grumm, who staggered back and disappeared.

"Gather around, rangers," Cruger called, as the SPD Rangers returned. "Rangers that was great teamwork it really showed what two teams can do when they work together"

Conner and Jack high-fived each other and nodded. "Yeah!"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Eventually, both Ranger teams demorphed and returned to the SPD Headquarters. "I still think you need us here to deal with Grumm," Justin said.

"Right," Ethan nodded. "He's gonna be madder than ever."

"And what about Broodwing?" Kira added. "He's still flapping out and about somewhere."

"It's obvious we should stay," Conner said, before adding "We work great together."

"We appreciate your offer to stay, Rangers, but that's not possible," Cruger stated.

"Besides, Kira, if you don't get back, you'll never start your recording career," Kira pointed out.

Kira furrowed her eyebrows. "My recording career?"

"Of course! You become a huge singing sensation," Syd told Kira, who smiled. "I grew up listening to your songs."

"And everybody knows about the Conner McKnight Soccer Camps," Sky added. "They're all over the country."

Conner's eyes widened. "For real?" He asked. "Wow!"

"Plus, Ethan, you have to go back," Bridge insisted. "You developed some software we still use here at SPD."

"You mean I'm a genius?" Ethan asked, a slow grin appearing on his face. "Sweet."

"And Justin, if you don't return the Troobian Empire will invade Earth much sooner than they will in the correct timeline you go behind NASADA's back and contact Andros it will lose you your job but it will keep the earth safe until SPD make contact in your future and ask to talk to you by name" Cruger said.

"Really?" asked Justin.

"Yeah it is thanks to you that Earth is a free planet for all species that the Troobian's have attacked.

The four Dino Rangers just smiled at their futures, before paying attention to Doggie again. "Your lives as rangers have made a difference," Cruger started. "But you all go on to live exciting insignificant lives after you hang up your helmets," He finished, as the four of them smiled again at their futures.

"I think we're ready to go back, Commander," Justin accepted.

"Your courage and dedication will live on in Ranger Legend," Cruger stated. "Thank you all."

"Goodbye, Dino Rangers," Kat told them. "This time your memory of us will be erased, but we won't forget you," She added, before activating the device and sending the Dino Rangers back to the past. "Thank you"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

In a flash of red, blue, yellow, and green, Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Justin appeared back in the hallways of Reefside High, only having been gone for a second instead of the several hours it felt like to them. The four of them exchanged glances, ignoring the déjà vu feeling they all shared.

"You think Tommy's down there?" Kira asked her friends.

"Let's go find out," Ethan decided, as he, Conner, Justin and Kira walked down the stairs.