Finally married, Virginia Dare and Dr. John Dee kissed as the priest said 'You may now kiss the bride'. It was a quiet wedding, Billy the Kid and Nicollo Machiavelli being the only two people there. Later that night as the sun went down, the two immortals walked hand and hand down the beach, Virginia kicking at the waves as the traveled up shore and covered their ankles

"John?" she asked quietly

"Yes, love?" John said, combing his steel grey hair out of his eyes

"Were you nervous?" John blinked at Virginia's question


They walked for a bit longer, stars coming out when they got back to John's beach house. The American immortal threw herself onto the couch while adjusting her white dress.

"John!" Virginia called, sitting up

"Hm?" He asked, standing in front of his wife. She held up her arms to the doctor, clearly tired

"Carry me to bed?" John picked her up bridal-style taking her up to the room they shared and placed her on their bed. Virginia was asleep as soon as she hit the pillow. John quietly climbed into bed with her, brushing her dark hair out of her face so he could study her expression. So calm, at peace than when she was awake, the British immortal thought. He smiled at how young the shadows from the moon's light made her look. John used the back of his hand to run against Virginia's cheek softly. Those were the best years of their lives

Until about seven years in. Trouble happened. They fought, screamed, and threatened each other. Dee moved to America while Dare stayed living in their home in London. Neither of them had taken off their wedding bands.

Virginia stood on the edge of Alcatraz Island, trying to hold back tears. She clutched her wedding band in her hand, remembering the happiest times of her life with the man she loved. She quickly stole a glance over her shoulder at John and the others, before she chucked her ring into the water. Virginia Dare never cried. She would've told Billy it was from the salt from the air, or her allergies, but she didn't

"Virginia?" he asked quietly from behind her. The female American Immortal clutched onto Billy and wept silently, shaking. She pulled back, her eyes red-rimmed and she smiled weakly

"You are my only friend… Please join me, John, and Dee" Virginia begged. But Billy shook his head

"I can't… Machiavelli" Billy began, but Dare nodded, understanding

"You always do what is right." She kissed his cheek "Now leave me, I want to be alone" Billy nodded, turning and leaving. He wanted to stay with his friend, but it would be wrong to not listen to her. Nicollo started to ask what was wrong, but the Kid just shook his head. Virginia was heartbroken, because John was slowly losing his mind