How could this happen?

How could it be that her perfect other half had chosen to be with someone else? How was it possible that he had chosen her roommate over the lovely Galinda Upland of Gilikin? She was his Galinda and he was her Fifi…no matter what anyone else thought. We were perfect…perfect together…

"You're perfect," he had said, smiling and kissing her on the cheeked

"You're perfect," she had responded, wrapping her arms around his neck and looking deep into his eyes. His beautiful eyes…

"So we're perfect together…born to be forever…"

Fiyero had said this to her not a week ago. Forever. They were supposed to be forever…and yet he was sitting with Elphaba. The green girl and the Vinkus prince…the idea was ludicrous. Except…as Galinda looked at the pair, they were smiling, laughing even. They were perfect. She couldn't be with her Fiyero; he truly was Elphaba's other half. Separated, each of them were sullen and moody, but together…they could rule Oz. Metaphorically, of course, because that was to be her job, she reminded herself.

Looking at the two, Galinda's feelings changed. She was happy for her friends.

Elphaba glanced over to Galinda, who was sitting across the room with her head lowered morosely. She looks rather sad…but she would be, seeing that Fiyero was supposed to be her boyfriend. Making good flitted across her mind, so she called over to her roommate, "Galinda, are you all right?"

Galinda looked at the two and made her decision. For once, her green friend felt wanted, loved. So she arranged her perfect features in a smile and replied, truthfully, "I couldn't be happier."