Hey guys, this is your writer friend!

Anyway, I am thinking of adding new characters. Such as faithful clones like Fives, maybe Jesse, and bringing Rex back... For those who are not familiar, It was those three that disobeyed direct orders before. They thought for themselves other than listening to a program or a chip inside of them where they must obey a direct order... They can break the rules, and that is why I want to bring them back. Because they rebelled with the rebels.

I also want to bring back choice characters like maybe... Kidd Kareen, or Lux Bonteri? I want to bring Mr. Bonteri back very badly but I don't know if that's a good idea... And Kidd and Ahsoka had little chemistry but they liked each other on the tracks... So, good ideas? If you have suggestions for who to bring back from the TV show, please brighten me with them...

Thank you for listening! A new chapter will be up soon! Stay safe and avoid all glass windows and unlocked doors!