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"Andy!" Traci yelled letting herself into her apartment.

"What Trac?" she yelled back from the bathroom.

"Hey you have a new neighbour and he is hot! And I have food!" Traci called back.

"Good for him," Andy said coming out of the bathroom wrinkling up her nose carrying a diaper in one hand and a small baby in the other " you shouldn't be looking you have a boyfriend, can you hold him for a sec while I get rid of this."

"Hey I can still look hey stinky come here," she laughed and took him from her "does JJ not wanna play nice for mommy?" She cooed.

"Cleary not he screamed the place down when I put him in the bath and then he does this," she said holding up the diaper, throwing the dirty diaper into a diaper bag she moved to the door "I have to get rid if this or I'll be sick I'll be back in a sec," she said and ran out her door in just shorts and a string top.

As she finished at the garbage disposal she turned and walked towards her apartment only for a guy to step out of the new apartment and freeze when he spotted her "Andy?" He said staring at her in shock.

Andy stared back in shock for a few minutes before darting her eyes to the stairs, without thinking she ran up one flight and banged on the first door "Nick!" She yelled "Nick open up!"

"Andy what the hell where's your key?" he groaned and pulled it open.

"Really? You were asleep? It's six thirty in the evening it's still bright out," she said slamming the door shut behind her.

"What's going on?" Nick asked "where's JJ?"

"Traci has him in my apartment," she replied.

"So why are you here half naked and out of breath?" Nick asked amused.

Andy looked down at herself "uh saw someone and ran anyway I'll see you in the morning," she said and hurried back out and down the stairs.

"Hey Andy!" Nick called leaning over the rail waiting until she looked up "put some clothes on," he chuckled and flung her down one of his shirts.

She giggled and caught it "thanks," She called.

"I'd listen to him," the guy next door said leaning on his door "…so it's nice to see you it's bee what over a year?"

Andy slipped the shirt on and hugged herself "hey Sam and yeah it has been 'sixteen months to be exact' she muttered to herself "uh how's things?" She asked awkwardly.

"Good good transferring to a new job well an old one I just haven't been there in a few years- you?" he asked walking closer to her.

"Uh yeah still have the same job," she said and looked to her door "I better go I have a friend over," she said and hurried by him "guess I'll be seeing you around I gather you've moved in there," she said nodding to his front door.

"Yeah it was the closest I could get to my new job anyway I'll let you get back to whatever it was you were doing," he said and stepped out of her way.

She nodded and walked by him "night then."

"Oh and Andy?" She stopped and turned around "it was nice to see you- you haven't changed a bit."

Andy smiled the familiar butterflies were bubbling again "yeah you too… I better…" she said nodding to her apartment.

Sam nodded and smiled "yeah I better get back to moving my things inside."

Andy hurried inside and slammed the door leaning back on it "what took you so long? I finished bathing him for you he's in his crib," she said walking to the kitchen to get herself a drink.

"I-I just ran into Sam! Trac! He's the new neighbour!" She shrieked.

Traci spit her drink out and began to choke "S-Sam?" She said shocked "Sam as in Sam JJ's dad?" she shrieked.

"Traci keep your voice down! And yes that Sam," Andy replied through gritted teeth.

"What are you gonna do?" Traci asked in a softer tone.

"I have no idea I saw him and froze then like the idiot I am bolted up the stairs to Nick's."

Traci chuckled "I'd say he wasn't impressed, was Sam still in the hallway when you came back down?"

"He wasn't at first but then he appeared behind me," Andy said and walked to the sofa "what am I gonna do Trac JJ's Sam all over he'll know right away."

Traci sat beside her "I don't know Andy but this is what you wanted right- for JJ to meet his dad and have him in his life."

Andy nodded and sighed "yeah I guess so but what do I say to him hey remember that weakened we spent together in Vancouver well you kinda got me pregnant oh here's your son he's seven months old."

Traci threw herself back on the sofa "I don't know there won't be a right way to say it I don't know Andy maybe let him settle in get used to him being around and see what happens from there," she suggested.

Andy groaned "my heads melted I need wine we can deal with everything tomorrow," she muttered and pulled herself up.

In Sam's apartment he was sitting on his sofa with a beer thinking about Andy she was the most amazing woman he'd ever met, he was undercover up in Vancouver when he ran into her. She was at some conference for her Job- which he never found out what it was- she'd asked him and he had told her he was on a business trip. They hit it off and he asked her out, she said she was only up for the weekend so he took her out there and then they had a great time which ended with him walking her back to the hotel. The next night she asked to meet up before she went home so he went, they had drinks played pool and flirted like mad before ending up in her bed.

He smiled as he thought about it best night ever, the next morning she woke him up saying she had an eight am train to catch he asked for her number and email which she gave he kissed her and left promising to keep in contact, he'd already told her he was from Toronto as was she- at the time he couldn't wait to finish up his operation and get back down there.

Three weeks later was when it went all wrong Boys showed up in the middle of the night- the night of the successful bust saying he needed to be moved to Ontario for a new case and he had to leave right then. He agreed and made Boyd help him pack only for him to scrunch up and throw away her number and email thinking it was rubbish he was gutted- but had no choice but to move on. He even drove back down to the internet café he used to email her from to see it her address was in any of the browsing history on the computers, unfortunately they had been wiped clean.

He smiled now he had a second chance and hopefully she still liked him, he was pulled from his thought when a baby screaming from next door got louder. The walls were pretty thin so he sat and listened he smiled again when he heard Andy "hey it's okay buddy it's okay," he heard her say.

After ten minutes of her trying to calm him and Sam listening to her he decided he'd check in on her just to make sure the baby was okay. Walking to her door he tapped quietly and heard rushed footsteps to the door and it flung open.

"Thank god Nick I'm freaking out here he wo- oh Sam," she said when she looked up "sorry I thought you were my friend Nick, uh sorry if he's keeping you up he's a little cranky his third tooth is coming through."

"Nah it's fine I was up I just wanted to make sure everything was okay he seems in pain," he said looking down at the baby whimpering in her arms- before he burst out crying again. Andy groaned and threw he head back "here let me try," he said.

"It's okay I can settle him myself," she replied- her heart was racing she was so nervous she kept turning slightly so he couldn't get a proper look at him.

"Andy just give him to me I have nieces I'm great with kids," he said holding out his arms.

Andy sighed he wasn't going to give in "fine but you asked for it he has a right set of lungs," she said and handed him over.

"Now buddy," Sam said smiling down at him and rocking him gently, JJ stopped crying and snuggled into him closing his eyes "see I have the touch," he whispered to an amazed Andy.

"Wow he only ever does that for Nick you have got it," she giggled and gestured for him to come in.

He walked to the sofa and gently lowered himself into it "is he yours?" He asked after a minute.

"Uh yeah," Andy nodded biting her lip she had no idea what she'd say if he asked more questions.

Sam nodded "he's beautiful Andy looks so like you- how old is he?"

"Uh five months," she said quickly she felt guilty lying to him but he'd work it out straight away if she'd said he was seven months.

Sam nodded again seems she moved on not long after they lost touch he sighed and looked back up at her "where's his dad?" he asked.

"Uh not around and I don't want to talk about it if you don't mind," she said quickly darting her eyes to the floor.

Again Sam nodded asshole probably bailed as soon as she told him she was pregnant he said bitterly to himself "okay I understand," he said and looked back down at JJ "what's his name?"

"JJ- Jonathan but we call him JJ," she answered.

"We?" Sam asked happy she had people around.

"Me my mom my dad my friends people at work basically everyone," she giggled.

They both looked up when the front door opened "hey just got your text but I see he's asleep now is there any Coff- oh hey sorry didn't know you had someone over," Nick said stopping halfway into the kitchen when he spotted Sam.

"It's fine, Nick this is Sam he's just moved in next door and Sam this is Nick he lives a floor up we work together," Andy said.

"Nice to meet you Sam," Nick said walking over to him he shook his hand and shoved Andy over and squeezed into the chair with her "hope you're settling in alright," he said.

Sam felt a pang of jealousy watching them "yeah it's alright so far,"this guy turns up and practically sits on top of her she had moved her legs over him and settled back into the chair like it was no big deal "you guys good friends?" Sam asked before he could stop himself.

"Yeah we're best buds," Nick laughed "yeah we are," he said more seriously "have been for years there's a group of us that all hang out- there's me, her, Traci, Dov, Chris and Gail- she's my girlfriend we all work together- you should come here one night we're all here all the time anyway," he chuckled.

Sam nodded his head he was relieved they weren't together he looked back down at JJ "I better get back still have a few things to do, do you want to show me where his crib is and I'll put him down?"

"Sure," Andy heaved herself off Nick- with a little shove from him she was on her feet and walking into her bedroom.

Sam placed JJ in the crib and pulled the blanket over him "he looks wrecked maybe he'll sleep for the rest of the night for you," he said while looking around the room- he doubled back when he saw a photo attached to the mirror it was of him and her the night he walked her back to the hotel, she'd been a bit tipsy and insisted on taking a photo to show her friend Traci. He smiled and walked to it "I remember when you took that," he said looking at it closely she really was beautiful.

Andy was panicking he probably thinks I'm a stalker loony or something she said to herself and walked over to him "yeah I um I got it printed when I got home guess I just forgot about it," she walked to her bedside locker "I have another if you want it?" she said pulling it out.

Sam smiled and took it from her "Andy look I need to explain what happened- there's a few things I need to explain, I start my job tomorrow I finish at six would you be able to meet me for a drink or coffee?" He asked.

Andy looked at him in shock what was there to explain? He stopped calling texting stopped emailing what more did he need to say? She wanted to hear it though "if I can get my dad to hold onto him for an extra hour I will I finish at six too so," she grabbed a pen and paper "here's my number, um text me when you're done and I'll let you know if I can make it," she said and handed it to him.

"I will," he said and folded it walking closer to her he kissed her on the cheek "for what it's worth I thought about you every day," he said and walked out of the room calling bye to Nick as he slipped out the front door.

Andy stood frozen to the spot tears sprang to her eyes this was getting more complicated all the feelings were back she had the night she met him only ten times stronger then he goes and tells her that now she had no idea what the next step was going to be.

Nick watched her from the doorway "everything okay?" he asked walking over to her.

Andy sighed and sat on her bed "no, that was JJ's dad; remember I told you what happened?"

Nick sighed and sat beside her yeah "I remember," he swore if he ever met the guy his fist would be going into his face numerous times, he remembered the night Andy told him she was pregnant apart from Traci he was the first to know. She had filled him in on her time with Sam and the messages and emails- he was happy for her when Sam told her he would be back in Toronto soon, then two days later nothing not a peep he just disappeared off the face of the earth. She was devastated but tried to put on a show for everyone- but everyone close to her knew the truth she had fallen in love and had gotten her heart broke leaving him and the others to pick up the pieces and help her with the baby- not that they wouldn't have if he was around they all loved JJ. They all argued over his name, his middle name, and who his Godparents would be- Traci had won right to Godmother, he had won the right to Godfather, Chris and Dov had won with his first name and Gail had won with the middle name- but of course for Andy that wasn't enough she wanted a couple as godparents so dragged Gail and Traci's boyfriend Jerry in as the second set.

He smiled and looked over at the Crib Jonathan Oliver McNally had sure changed their lives. "So what's next?"

"I'm not telling him until I know he's sticking around for good, Nick I have-had- no still have deep feelings for him I can't help it so for now I'll have to push my feeling aside and focus on my sons best interests- it'll be nice and polite neighbours/friends until I build up the courage to tell him. He asked to meet me after shift tomorrow so we'll take it from there," she said and crawled into her bed "you wanna sleep over since you're here?"

He didn't need to be asked twice he was gonna stay anyway whether she asked or not "sure," he said and climbed in beside her. They lay facing each other- something they did a lot- not just them the whole gang… it was normal for them- each rarely slept alone "it'll be okay you know it'll all work out."

Andy nodded "eventually- I know it will, night," she smiled and closed her eyes.

The next morning both woke to the alarm and rolled out of the bed luckily JJ was still sleeping, Nick shoved her back down onto the bed "you get a few more minutes in I'll bring you in coffee," he said and walked out of the room before she could argue he knew she very rarely got a full night's sleep.

Ten minutes later he walked in and placed a cup on her locker "Andy," he said softly "I'm going up to mine to get ready I'll be back in about fifteen minutes."

"Okay," Andy said sleepily and sat up "I guess I should wake him."

"Nah leave him just put a blanket over him and put him in his car seat he'll be fine… I'll be back in a bit," he said and slipped out of her room.

Andy sat there and smiled he was really great if people didn't know him they would think he was JJ's dad- he was always there so helpful he really was a great friend. People had commented on what a great father he was and how cute they looked together when they were out with the baby, they got so used to it they gave up correcting people and just smiled and said thanks. She rolled out of the bed and took her coffee to the living room- she took her phone too in case her dad called he seemed to do that a lot when he was minding him- calling to make sure she was up. Her phone beeped beside her and she giggled "finally learned to text dad," she laughed and opened the message.

She looked at the message again and smiled did mommy get sleep last night?

It was Sam she smiled again and willed the butterflies to go away and replied yes thanks to you he didn't wake up once.

That's good you looked tired anyway I just left for work let me know if you can meet later. She didn't bother replying she had yet to ask her dad. Walking into her room she pulled on sweats and a hoodie until she got to the station. Getting the car seat ready she gently lifted JJ from the crib and placed him in, strapping him in she threw a blanket over him and went to get his stuff ready.

Ten minutes later Nick was back and carrying JJ down to the car while she followed with his stuff and their bags. Nick already knew how to strap the seat in so Andy just climbed in the front and put on her belt. Nick climbed in beside and started up the car.

They had dropped JJ off at Tommy's and were on the way to the station Tommy had agreed to watch him for and extra hour Andy had told him she wanted to meet Gail she said that so he wouldn't ask questions he was another one that wasn't impressed with the whole thing and she knew that.

Pulling into the station Andy and Nick climbed out and walked to the entrance she had already text Sam to say she could meet up "so what are you gonna say to him?" Nick asked as they walked to the locker rooms.

Andy shrugged "wing it I guess… I'll see you in a few," she said and went into the locker rooms.

Five minutes later she walked into the parade room with Traci "Andy I swear we're getting a new guy Jerry told me himself he actually told me it was this Sam Swarek guy- he's Jerry and Ollie's best mate remember they talked about him non-stop for months? Anyway seems his undercover gigs are up and he's back for good Jerry is like a big kid he couldn't wait to see him this morning."

"Aww good for Jerry he really missed him I'm glad he's back maybe they'll lighten up now," she giggled and sat down.

"Alright everyone settle down," Frank said walking to the top of the room "first things first I'd like you all to welcome back one of fifteens finest most of you will remember him and as for you who don't you'll get used to him so welcome back Sam Swarek stand up Sammy," he called to the back of the room.

Sam stood up "thank you thank you good to be back," he said and sat back down.

"You alright McNally?" Frank chuckled as she choked on her water she took a sip just as she looked back to see who he was.

Gail burst out laughing while Traci slapped her back "I'm good," she breathed and sunk into her seat. She couldn't believe he was here, she couldn't believe he was a cop a damn cop! In her station! She was pissed now he had told her was on a business trip.

"Good because you get the pleasure of riding with Sammy today," he smiled and went back to everyone else "Collins Diaz- Patrol, Peck Epstein-desk Shaw and Williams- solo, Andrews- booking everyone else is on the board, serve protect and make new friends Sammy," he chuckled and walked out of the room.

Sam was yet to see Andy but he knew she was here his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Nick in the locker room, he slipped out before he could see him and hid in Jerry's office until parade. Waiting at the back of the room while everyone cleared out he didn't miss the glare he got from Nick as he passed and for some reason one of Jerry's girl he looked back and his eyes landed on the back of her head she still hadn't move. Finally she sighed and roughly stood up and walked to him.

"You're a cop!" Both said together Andy smacked his chest and shoved him "you could have told me Sam! I feel like such and idiot!" She hissed and shoved by him.

"Hey," he said catching up with her "you never told me you were a cop either so don't blame all this on me." Andy glared at him as she got the keys for the cruiser "I'm driving," he said and went to grab the keys from her.

She pulled them back "no you're not- I always drive," she said and walked by him.

"That was before I came back- that car is mine," he said from behind her.

Andy walked back to him "15-05 has been mine for the last three years I am driving!" she practically spat and stormed off.

"Wow looks like you pissed her off already," Jerry chuckled from behind him "don't worry buy her that muffin with all the crap on top from Timmy's and she'll be fine- Ollie always buys her them."

"That's her Jer," Sam sighed.

"Andy what about her?" he asked walking beside him and watching her vent to Traci by the car yeah she was pissed.

"That's the girl I've been telling you about the one I asked you to find," he sighed.

"What!" He yelled "her- Andy- our Andy?" He asked shocked.

"Yeah," he replied "and what do you mean our Andy?"

"Well Traci is my girlfriend she is Trac's best friend we're… close… we're all family," he said slowly.

"Wow seems a new gang has formed I better go," he said when he saw Traci walking back in.

"Chin up buddy I know why she's pissed you better have a damn good excuse!" Jerry chuckled and followed Traci to the D's office.

Andy sat in the car and waited for him to climb in she took off as soon as his belt was on "are we gonna talk about this?" He asked after a few minutes.

"No let's just do our jobs and talk later… you've already distracted me enough," she said looking at him briefly.

"What is that supposed to mean?" he asked.

"Nothing," she sighed "we'll talk later," she said flipped on the lights and sped up as a car sped past them.

Later that day they arrived back at the station for Lunch Andy had promised Traci she'd meet her and Sam told Jerry he'd stop in on him. They parted ways only talking to agree a time to meet back at.

"So?" Traci asked curiously as soon as she sat across from her.

"Nothing happened we're not talking about anything that's not work until later I need to focus," Andy groaned.

"So is it awkward?"

"Yes very he keeps looking at me like he's willing me with his eyes to talk to him Trac it's so uncomfortable I just feel like blurting JJ out but I can't I really don't know anything about him he could be a crazy person or on dugs I don't know him- do I even want him near my son?"

"Okay I know this is hard but you need to bite the bullet and talk to him, it doesn't have to be about JJ start off with why he cut contact and then move to why he never told you he was a cop then go from there," Traci suggested.

Andy laughed "Trac I have an hour after shift and I sure as hell won't get to say all I want to in an hour- ugh this is so messed up," she said and huffed back into the chair.

Traci stood up "right how about this- we're all meeting at Chris and Dov's later how about you have your hour with him get JJ from your dads and drop him up to us skip the movie and I'll watch him that way you have more time to talk and we won't be far away."

Andy thought about it and stood up "I'll think about… we'll see how the hour goes first I still have no idea what to say… what he's gonna say- Trac what if he tells me he has a girlfriend and I was just a fling while he was away?"

Traci scoffed "Andy he wouldn't tell you he was still thinking about you if he had a girlfriend all this time just hear him out you've nothing to lose right?"

Andy nodded "I have nothing to lose but what about JJ?"

"Okay he'll always be JJ's dad nothing will change that, if things go bad or whatever between you two tell him about him and tell him you have no problem with him seeing him."

Andy groaned again "can't we just run away?" She asked.

Traci laughed "afraid not time to man up McNally," she laughed and slapped her shoulder "now get outta here I have real work to do."

"Yeah yeah I'll see you later so," she said and hugged her "oh and thanks for listening to my whining Trac," she called on her way out.

"What I'm here," for she laughed and sat back at her desk.

"Hey dude there you are," Dov said as she rounded the corner.

"Hug," Andy groaned and held out he arms.

"Is this a I ate too much and now I'm lazy hug?" Dov asked wrapping his arms around her.

"No this is a I'm freaking and need my friend hug," she said and buried her head in his chest.

"What's up" he asked concerned.

"Nothing she sighed just having a bad day."

"Not liking the new guy?" Dov chuckled.

"No he thinks it's his damn car he keeps touching things and messing them up," she grumbled.

Dov mock gasped "oh no- he touched stuff in your cruiser the bastard!" He laughed "relax Andy he hasn't been here in a long time he's trying to fall back into it I'm sure he'll lighten up when he gets back to normal."

Andy pulled back "I feel better," she giggled "what did you want me for anyway?"

"Oh yeah your dad called and said his meeting has been moved so he can't watch JJ for the extra hour- so me being the best uncle have decided to take him so you can go 'meet Gail'" he air quoted.

Andy laughed again "I didn't wanna tell my dad I was meeting up with a guy so Gail was the first name that came into my head."

"Ooh hot date?" He asked excitedly.

"No… I'm going to see JJ's dad, "she said quickly.

"What! No way- are you serious?" he said his excitement now gone.

"Yeah," Andy sighed "I want to get to know him a bit more before I tell him about JJ. I ran into him last night he's moved back for good so…" she trailed off.

"Right wow okay… well good luck I guess," he dropped a kiss on her forehead and stepped back "call me of you need anything and don't worry about JJ take as much time as you want!" he called as he walked away.

In Jerry's office they were having a similar conversation minus JJ of course "so Sammy have you explained why you lost contact yet?" Jerry asked as they ate.

"No she won't even look at me she said she's not talking about anything in work so I have to wait till later she totally flipped that I never told her I was a cop."

"Well I can understand where she's coming from but I also understand where you're coming from, you were both undercover you couldn't give real names you couldn't say you were cops I get it and eventually she will too."

"She was under?" Sam asked surprised.

"Yeah," Jerry nodded "it was funny Boyd picked her and Ollie totally flipped only agreeing to let her go if I was her handler," he chuckled as he remembered that day "he pinned Boyd to the parade room wall Frank had to pull him off."

"Wow I never would have guessed she was under she was so… natural like she'd being doing it all her life."

"That's what I love about her she so easy going she'll do whatever she's asked without complaint… unless it's traffic duty she really hates that, anyway, what are you going to say to her?"

"I have no idea I guess I'll start with Boyd being a moron and throwing her number in then bin then go with I got you to find her but of course I didn't even have her real name I had Andy Jackson."

Jerry nodded and "what after this talk I mean when you guys get it all out of the way are you gonna ask her out?"

Sam nodded "hopefully Jerry I still like her- not a day went by when I didn't think about her."

"Um Sammy I don't know if you know this but she has a baby so don't expect too much from her she's not the same party McNally she used to be."

Sam chuckled "I know I moved in next door to her I've meet him… what do you know about his dad?"

"Not much but I'm sure Traci knows the full story- me and Andy we're close but she won't tell anyone as far as I'm aware it's only Traci and Nick that know the full story. The story Ollie and I were told was she was seeing a guy for a few weeks he knocked her up and then she couldn't find him to tell him so it's safe to say he'll be dead if he ever comes back."

Sam nodded as anger raised in him what kinda guy bails on his baby? He sighed and stood up "hours up my man better go find her hopefully in a better mood- see you at the Penny at eight," he called as he left the office.

Walking back to the car her found her sitting on the hood lost in thought with two cups of coffee "nice lunch?" He asked causing her to jump and spill the coffees.

She stood up and handed him a coffee then wiped the spilled coffee off her vest "yeah got a lot off my chest," she said and sat back on the hood "about later I-"

"You're not coming," he sighed and sat beside her.

"No I am what I was going to say was my dad called, something came up so I have to go get JJ after work and bring him to Traci, she's gonna look after him up in Dov's- they'll all be there so I was going to ask you to just meet me at my place we have a lot to talk about and it will take more than an hour," she said glancing at him.

He nodded and sipped his coffee "yeah that'll work… you remembered the way I like my coffee," he said smiling at her.

She shrugged and stood up "not a big deal I'm gonna sit in the car it's kinda cold now," she said and walked around to the passenger side.

"The driver's side is the other door." Sam called after her.

"Figured you could drive for the rest of shift," she said and slipped into the passenger side trying to hide her smile.

Sam smiled and walked to the driver side slipping in he turned to face her "you never told me you were undercover why?"

Andy looked over to him "neither did you and I couldn't trust you I didn't know who you were that's the whole point of it being undercover no one knows anything about the real you thought with your experience you'd know all this- and I already said we weren't talking about any of this here," she said and turned to look out the window.

Sam sighed and sat back in the seat alright "McNally I'll say one more thing about it I didn't bail on you if that's what you think I even had Jerry trying to track you down but of course I didn't have your real name."

Andy looked at him in shock "he never said he was trying to track anyone- why didn't he tell me?"

"Because he didn't know it was you he was looking for," Sam replied looking at her like it was obvious.

Andy shook her head "not that it was me you idiot that he was looking at all he always asks for my help."

"I told him to do it under the table I couldn't have Boyd finding out I was in contact with him that wouldn't have been a pleasant conversation," Sam replied.

Andy nodded "alright I'm getting worked up here so let's just leave it that and finish shift, we have plenty of time to talk later."

Sam nodded " right-deal," he said and started up the car, he was glad she wasn't too pissed at seeing him again he did understand what she was thinking and he didn't blame her- now he was counting down the hours until he got to explain himself.