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It was now Saturday morning and Andy shot up as an alarm that wasn't hers started blaring throughout the room. Disorientated she looked around sleepily and stopped at Sam looking back at her "morning baby," he whispered and leaned in to kiss her.

"Morning," she muttered and lay back down "what time is it?"

"It's nine go back to sleep," he said dropping a kiss on her forehead and rolling out of the bed "sorry I forgot you were coming here from work or I'd have set the alarm on my phone," he said as he pulled clothes out of his wardrobe.

"It's fine," she yawned and snuggled deeper into the covers she had just finished her last night shift. She opened her eyes again when the bed dipped on her side to find Sam looking down on her again "can I help you?" she asked with a smirk.

"Mmh maybe," he said and dipped his head to kiss her "you still wanna go out with me tonight?"

Andy smiled "of course I do," she said and sat up "I can't wait… where are we going?"

"That would be telling- all you need to know is to be ready at seven," he replied and stood up.

"Saaaam," she groaned "how will I know what to wear?"

"You look sexy in anything… but wear a dress just to be on the safe side- ouch," he chuckled when she punched him in the arm "I'm kidding wear whatever you feel comfortable in."

"So I can wear my pjs?" She laughed.

Sam shook his head "fine wear whatever you want that's all you're getting now I gotta move if I wanna get a shower before work I'll see you later," he said and stood up again. Walking to JJ's crib he looked in and smiled "hey buddy," he said and picked him up "lets let mommy get some more sleep- I'll call you later," he said and walked out of his room "I'll give him his breakfast before i go."

A few hours later Andy was woken by JJ babbling away, yawning she rolled out of the bed and walked to his crib. "Hey sweetie," she said and picked him up "did you sleep well huh?" she asked as she carried him back to the bed and sat back on it "tonight's the night lil man- the night mommy and daddy finally get that date," she said with a smile "so you're going to be on your best behaviour for Uncle Ollie and Aunt Zoe aren't you?" she giggled when JJ looked up at her and opened his mouth like he wanted to say something back. "You wanna talk to mommy? Come on say it mamma- mamma," she said chancing her arm "okay how about dada?" She asked.

"How about sexy momma?"

She looked up to see Sam leaning on the doorframe watching her "hey what are you doing here? And no Sam I will not teach our son to say sexy momma as his first word," Andy giggled.

Sam pulled a bag from behind his back and walked towards her "thought I'd have lunch with you this can be part of the date," he said and sat on the bed "hi," he said and leaned in to kiss her.

"Aren't you supposed to be with Ollie today?"

"Yeah he went home for his lunch so I've to pick him up in an hour," Sam said settling back beside her.

"Great so we can have a nice fam-" Andy started but…

"Mamma!" they both snapped their heads to JJ.

"What did you say baby?" Andy asked excitedly.

"Say it again buddy," Sam said just as excitedly as Andy was "say mamma."

"Mammammam!" JJ babbled.

"That's my boy," Sam laughed and picked him up "that's right mamma."

"What a clever boy," Andy said beaming down at him "oh my god! I can't believe he said his first word!" she shrieked.

Sam smiled and sat looking at her "I'm so glad I was here for it," he said pulling her over to him.

"So am I," she said shakily and dropped her head.

"Hey, what's the matter?" He asked.

She sniffed and laughed slightly "nothing I'm being silly," she said and wiped her eye "it's just I always thought about this day- his first word, then after what happened with us I thought I'd be alone when this happened… I'm just so happy I'm not," she said giving him a watery smile.

"Andy you two will never be alone again do you hear me?" he said titling her chin up to meet his eyes "I told you I wasn't going anywhere and I meant it," he dipped his head and kissed her "all those thoughts you have, they will happen and I'll be there for each and every one." Andy smiled and leaned in to kiss him he pulled her closer and deepened it.

"Mmmamma!" JJ squealed causing them to break apart.

"Yeah buddy we hear ya," Sam chuckled and lifted him onto his lap "so is this the way it's gonna be? Daddy can't kiss mommy anymore?" he said tickling his stomach.

"Okay let's eat before you have to go again," Andy said pulling him to his feet.

Dragging him to the sofa Andy sat down on the sofa and pulled him with her, she giggled when Sam sat with JJ facing him "JJ can you say dada?" he said "dada da-da."

Andy giggled again "he's just got the hang of mama will you give him a chance."

Sam chuckled "yeah you're right mama it is buddy," he said and sat him in his chair "now let's eat before Ollie calls," he said reaching for the bag.

They ate together having meaningless conversation until Sam's phone rang, sighing he stood up and answered it "Ollie?" he greeted.

"Hey buddy I'm ready to head back please hurry," Ollie said quickly.

Sam chuckled "what's Zoe asking you to do?"

"Put a damn shelf up in Izzy's room brother if I mean anything at all to you you'll get here fast with sirens blaring."

"Be five minutes," Sam chuckled again and hung up "I have to go now," he said turning to face Andy "Ollie said he'll pick JJ up after shift so you can get ready in peace," he leaned in to kiss her "I'll see you at seven," he said he dropped a quick kiss on her head before doing the same to JJ and grabbed his coat "bye," he called.

"Yeah bye!" Andy called after him and smiled.

It wasn't long after Sam had gone when there was a knock at her door "hey," she smiled seeing Nick on the other side "why didn't you use your key?" She asked walking back into the living room.

"Uh I knew you were here," Nick said walking in behind her.

"So I haven't seen you in a few days where've you been?" She asked looking up at him- she noted he looked nervous "everything okay?" she asked now worried.

"Uh yeah," he said slowly and sat down beside her "I…um…I… uh…" he stopped and blew out a breath he had no idea what to say.

"Nick what is it I'm getting worried- did something happen? Oh god is Gail okay?" she asked panicked.

"No, no Andy nothing's wrong everyone is okay just give me a minute to get it out," he said trying to calm her. Standing up he began to pace the small space around the sofa "okay… here it is," he said while pacing "Gail and I were talking the other night and she kinda suggested that I move in there… since she had a house and I've a one bed apartment hers is the obvious choice so… I'm moving in."

"Oh Nick! That is so great!" Andy squealed and jumped up she went to hug him excitedly but stopped when she saw the look on his face "you don't want to?" She asked confused she knew how much he loved her.

"I do that's not what this is about- well I had to tell you anyway but there's something else," he said quickly.

"Okay go on," Andy said and abandoned the idea of hugging him and sat back down looking at him waiting for him to continue.

"Okay," Nick said and sat beside her "I need you to help me with something… we also talked about getting married- but…" he said as the excitement crossed Andy's face again "…after the disaster last time in Vegas I want to do this properly so I need you to find out from Gail herself is she wants to get married or if that conversation was just pillow talk."

"Oh my god I can't believe you're getting married!" she squealed and clapped her hands.

Nick rolled his eyes "were you not listening to a word I just said?"

"I was yes and Gail will so say yes- you're getting married oh I can't wait to tell Trac," Andy rambled.

"Andy this is serious!" Nick said and stood up "I left her the day of our wedding… alone, we were in Vegas she didn't know anyone and I left her because I was scared we were eighteen and I wasn't ready I broke her heart we've fought hard to get back here- I need to know she wants this as much as me."

"Nick," Andy said and stood up "Gail forgave you she loves you it's all behind you now you know that like you know if you ask her she'll say yes."

Nick sighed "please Andy I need you to do this for me you have no idea how much the thought of her saying no hurts me- I mean what if she brings up Vegas then what? We can't come back from it a second time," he mumbled and walked to the kitchen.

Andy picked up JJ and walked into the kitchen "I just think you're afraid Nick but when you actually do it she'll say yes and you'll wonder why you were so worried- but I will help you out, I'm meeting her and Traci for lunch tomorrow I'll bring it up then okay."

Nick smiled "thank you Andy I knew I could count on you."

"Mama!" JJ squealed causing both of them to jump.

Nick stood open mouthed "did he just…." He trailed off and a huge smile crossed his face "he can talk!" He laughed.

Andy giggled "yeah Sam was here a while ago and he sorta just blurted it out didn't you buddy?" she cooed.

"Mammam," JJ babbled seeming pleased with himself.

"That's my buddy," Nick said and took him from her "now say mommy can I have some real food."

"Nick," Andy giggled and swatted his arm "he gets real food."

"Nah buddy tell her to bring you to McDonalds," he said tickling him.

"No way! The last time we were there we were asked to leave because you and Dov go into an argument over the stupid happy meal toy," Andy giggled.

Nick chuckled "he was putting it on backwards I still say I was right the first time."

"It was a cape for a plastic superhero how can you put a cape on backwards?"

"Easy- the big S on the back should be on the back not on the inside," Nick said and walked back to the living room and put JJ back in his chair "I better go I'm going out with Chris in a while- see ya later buddy- oh and my name is Uncle Nick you better say that next time I see you."

"Where's Dov?" Andy asked following him to the door.

"He's going out with Sue- Gail is gone to her parents and Traci is doing something with Jerry and Leo so we're going the penny wanna come?"

"Nah I got a date," she smiled.

"Wow already you sure work fast," he smiled at the look on her face "I'm kidding I hope you have a great night," he hugged her and pulled the door open "glad to see things falling into place for you Andy no one deserves it more," he smiled again and walked out the door.

Andy smiled and stuck her head out "thanks Nick you'll be fine don't worry about Gail… I'll see you in the morning!" She called after him and went back inside.

She sat back on the sofa and looked at the clock it was after four not long now until it was just her and Sam she smiled at the thought her mind drifted to where he could be taking her she didn't really care as long as she was with him she was pulled from her thought when her phone rang "hey," she greeted.

"Hey," Danny said from the other end "so any good places for a first date?"

Andy chuckled "you didn't book a table somewhere?"

"I'm doing it now aren't I?

Andy giggled "yeah a few hours before I'd love to be going out on a date with you- Danny you're supposed to book a few days ahead so you're guaranteed a table you dummy."

"Okay one that would be gross and two I know it's short notice but I kinda forgot until she text me like ten minutes ago."

"Danny!" Andy shrieked.

"Aww come on sis help me out," he whined.

"Okay okay but don't blame me if this blows up in your face- take her to little Toni's you know the Italian on main, my friend Connor works there tell him I sent you and he'll look after you, but Danny if he can't ask him can he get you in somewhere else they own a few places close by."

"Thank you you're an angel- so what are you doing this lovely Saturday night?"

"Um I'm going out with Sam… on a date," she muttered.

"What!" Danny yelled.

"What?" She asked back.

"I mean are you sure it's not too soon?"

"No Danny I've waited nearly two years for him so yes I'm sure it's not too soon," she hissed back.

"Hey hey all I'm saying is you guys don't need to move fast, after all you've been through Andy please take it slow I don't want you hurt again," he said his voice full of concern.

"Thank you for your concern but I know what I'm doing Danny I love him and he loves me that's all there is to it."

"Okay you win just be careful gotta go I love ya and I'll call you tomorrow."

"Oh hey before you go have you heard anything else on dad?"

"Uh yeah, his group leader called yesterday seems he wasn't wasted that night just dancing a little wildly so we're all good I gave his leader what for and he apologised about a hundred times so don't worry dad's in the clear and he's fine."

"Okay," Andy smiled "I'll talk to you tomorrow I wanna know how this date went."

"Likewise go on bye," he said and hung up.

Looking down at JJ she saw he was asleep sitting back into the sofa she sighed happily before standing up and unclipping him from his seat. Carrying him to her room she placed him in his crib and walked to her wardrobe, pulling it open she stood looking in with her hands on her hips her eyes trailing the rail "what to wear what to wear," she said as her eyes moved back and forth- landing on a blue dress she pulled it out and held it up against her "hmm too short," she said and flung it on her bed. Next her eyes fell on a purple dress "too long," she sighed and threw it on top of the blue one. She did this several times before she took out a yellow knee length dress, holding it up to her she saw something peeking out from underneath it, pulling it aside she smiled "I forgot I bought this," she said slipping the yellow dress off the hanger to reveal a knee length multi-coloured dress holding it up against her she walked closer to the mirror and smiled "perfect," she said and laid it on her bed. Grabbing the other dresses she shoved them back in- grabbed a pair of simple black heels and closed the wardrobe. Walking to her dresser she opened the top drawer and rummaged around until she found what she was looking for, since the dress had more orange in it she went for her orange dangly earrings and bangles along with a sliver chain, placing them beside the dress she pulled out her matching underwear from another drawer and laid them beside them- all she had to do now was shower do her hair and make-up throw on her dress and she was ready to go.

Looking in on JJ she smiled and dropped a kiss on his forehead before grabbing a towel and heading to the small bathroom attached to her bedroom. Quickly shedding her clothes she turned the shower on and stepped under the water as she let the water trail all over her she couldn't help the smile that appeared she was excited and nervous they were a couple already… well sort of, she was staying with him he was staying with her they had already said they loved each other many times but this was different this was their fresh start and she didn't want to screw it up.

Turning off the shower after washing herself and her hair she wrapped a towel around herself and walked to the mirror- looking at herself for a minute she smiled again and dried herself off. Pulling on pyjamas she walked across the living room and into the kitchen she screamed and jumped back.

"Geez McNally calm down it's me," Ollie said from her fridge.

"Ollie you scared the crap out of me! How did you get in," she asked once her breathing returned to normal.

"Arrived the same time as Diaz he lent me his key," he said holding it up "you were in the shower so I came in here."

"You're early," she said walking by him and clicking the kettle on.

"Yeah well Sammy's excited so I gathered you'd be just as excited Frank saw it too and let me go early, so you might wanna be ready before seven," he chuckled "sandwich?" He offered holding out some bread.

"No thanks," she giggled and shook her head his mind was always on food.

"Okay while I eat this you go get JJ's stuff ready Zoe's already called three times to see what time he'll be over… where is he anyway?" He asked looking around.

"He's asleep he should wake up soon," she replied handing him coffee and walking by him "I won't be long!" She called as she walked back to her room with her own coffee.

"Take your time!" He called after her.

She laughed and shook her head again when she heard her tv go on. Going to JJ's wardrobe she pulled out all he would need and lay it on her bed to make sure she had everything, once she was sure she had everything she folded his clothes and put them in his travel bag going to his changing table she pulled open the drawer and grabbed a few diapers and wipes placing them in the bag. She walked to his crib and gently pulled his teddy bear from him she couldn't forget that- since the night he was born he had slept with it, Gail had bought it from him and he clung to it. She didn't put that in the bag as she knew he'd be looking for it the second he woke up, going to her dresser she opened the bottom drawer and pulled out two blankets placing them in the bag she walked to the toy box she had in her room and pulled out a few toys that would keep him occupied. Placing them in the bag she walked through the living room with the bag and walked to the kitchen grabbing a few snacks and jars of food and his bottles she put them in and looked around she was sure she had everything.

"I'll be ready in a sec," she said and walked back into her room going to her wardrobe again pulling a chair over and stood up on it pulling down his travel cot, she carried it back to the living room and placed it beside the sofa.

"I coulda got that down for you," Ollie said without looking at her.

"It's fine it wasn't that high up- I'll just go wake JJ, are you ready?"

"Yep all ready," he said and stood up "I'll get these in the car while you get him ready," he said slinging the bag over his shoulder.

"Okay!" Andy called and walked back into her room, walking to his crib she scooped him up and grabbed his teddy and walked back to the living room "going to Uncle Ollie's now buddy," she said softly and sat on the sofa.

"Mmmam," JJ mumbled sleepily.

"Yes it's mommy," she said and sat him on her lap- she felt bad for waking him, he looked back at her sleepily "I'm sorry baby but you won't sleep for Aunt Zoe if I let you sleep any longer."

She smiled when he smiled back at her like he knew what she was saying "there's my happy boy," she said and lifted him up "you're gonna be the best boy aren't you?"

"Of course he will he'll have plenty to do," Ollie said appearing behind her "hey buddy," he cooed and tickled him "Zoe has plans for you my man."

"Mamam," JJ babbled excitedly when he saw him and jumped up and down.

"Oh yeah he's talking," Andy giggled at his surprised look.

"Wow way to go buddy- can you cay Ollie? Ol-lie," he said.

Andy giggled "you're exactly like Sam," she said handing him over "I'll just grab his car seat!" she called running into her room.

When she came back Ollie had put his coat and hat on "okay say bye to mommy," he said waving his hand towards Andy.

Andy held out her hands and took him from him "bye baby I love you and I'll see you in the morning," she said and placed him in his seat clipping him in she done up his straps and put a blanket over him "alright you look after my baby and we'll be over first thing," she said and handed over the seat.

"Yeah about that we're taking them all to the zoo tomorrow so you sleep in and we'll drop him off after- oh and we're taking Leo too so Traci wants to know if we can drop Leo back here until she or Jerry is finished work."

"Yeah yeah tell her that's fine thanks again Ollie," she said and hugged him quickly "call if you have any problems wont you?" she asked slightly worried she always hated leaving him with people for the night.

"No worries now I want you to have fun tonight and don't worry about him at all alright we have three kids we know what we're doing," he chuckled "bye," he called and walked out the door before she could say anything else.

She sighed and walked into her bedroom and began doing her make-up once that was done she began with her hair deciding to style it up she pulled her curler out and began. Once that was done and all the loose bits were up she pulled off her pyjamas and put on her underwear before slipping on the dress. Looking at herself in the mirror she thought she looked okay, going to the kitchen she pulled down a glass and went to her fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine the nerves were eating away at her she was still curious to know where he was taking her filling a glass halfway, she walked to her sofa and sat down she almost jumped when her phone beeped from the table picking it up she smiled it was Traci have a great night tonight be yourself no over thinking just enjoy it love ya I want all goss tomorrow x oh and thanks for taking Leo just spoke to Ollie I have to go in after we meet for lunch again have fun ;) Andy laughed and replied with just thanks. Placing the phone back down she took a large gulp of her wine she was more nervous than she thought.

In his apartment Sam had just finished getting ready it was only twenty to seven and he was ready, deciding he wasn't going to sit there until seven he grabbed his keys and wallet and slipped out the front door. Walking to her door he reached for the handle but pulled back deciding to knock, he smiled when he heard the click of heels across the floor he looked up when the door opened and his mouth fell open as he looked her up and down she was stunning.

"Hey," she said nervously and stepped back to let him in "Sam?" She said raising an eyebrow and smirking.

"Yeah right," he said and cleared his throat "you look… wow… you look amazing," he said looking her up and down again.

"Thank you you're not so bad yourself," she smiled looking him up and down she had never seen him in a button up shirt before. The night she met him he wore a long sleeved shirt and same again when she went out with him the second night.

"JJ get off okay?" he asked following her to the kitchen.

"Yeah he was fine I think Ollie was more excited," she said nodding her head and opening her fridge, taking out a beer she handed it to him and walked back to her glass "so where are we going?" she asked when he sat beside her.

"You'll see," he said and leaned in to kiss her.

She pulled back when his hand slipped around her waist "hey we haven't even left yet," she giggled.

"What can I say you're too hot- can't keep my hands to myself," he said and took a sip of his beer.

She blushed and looked down "Sam," she giggled "you're making me blush just as well I have make-up on."

"You don't need it," he said squeezing her knee "you're beautiful the way you are," he smiled.

Andy blushed again "okay you need to stop that," she said standing up with her empty glass.

"Shall we go?" He asked and stood up with her.

"Yeah if you're ready!" She called as she put the glass in the sink.

"I'm ready," he said placing the empty beer bottle on the counter "get a coat," he said and walked back to the door. Andy followed him and grabbed her black coat that stopped at her waist "a heavier coat," he said.

Andy frowned but pulled down her black puffy coat "okay where are we going?"

"You'll see but trust me you'll need it," he said opening the front door.

They walked down to his truck in silence passing Nick and Crison the way Nick winked and smiled at her and Chris called "have fun and behave!" before both disappeared up the flight of stairs.

Helping her into his truck Sam smiled and shut her door walking to his own side he climbed in and started up the engine "you cold or anything?" he asked as he pulled off.

"No I'm fine thanks," she said and smiled at him she was nervous as hell part of her wanted to jump out and run off.

"Okay," he said and focused back on the road.

Ten minutes later they pulled up and Sam shut off the engine "we're here" he said and took off his belt and climbed out.

Andy did the same and followed him she shivered when she was hit with a gust of wind thanking her decision to put her hair up "so where exactly is here?" She asked as Sam walked her towards the beach.

"Well I wanted to do something different than booking a table somewhere so I came up with an idea, I know you like outdoor stuff so I hope you like this… you might wanna take off your shoes," he said stopping- dropping her hand.

Andy giggled and pulled off her shoes she slipped her hand back into his as they walked onto the sand. "What is that?" She asked a few minutes later looking at something that glowed like it was on fire not far ahead.

"That is where we're going," he said and continued to walk on.

"Wow Sam," she said and stopped "is this… did you do all this?" she asked looking around.

"Uh yeah do you like it?" He asked nervously.

Andy looked around before answering him- on the sand he had a blanket by the cliff walls surrounded by candles and lights, beside the blanket was a hamper basket which held food she assumed, she spotted another blanket folded next to it she smiled "yes I love it it's perfect thank you," she said happily.

"Great," Sam smiled and led her to the blanket, once they were settled he leaned over her to the basket "now I wasn't sure what you'd eat so I made a bit of everything," he said and began to pull stuff out.

"You made this?" she asked looking into it.

He nodded "well with some help from Zoe and Traci," he chuckled.

Andy laughed "you got my friends to help you cook?"

"No I made the stuff in Ollie's and they just heated it up and packed it up for me while I had to work, I couldn't let you see me doing it," he said handing her a tray "if you don't like it there's other options."

Andy smiled and pulled off the lid she looked into it and smiled again "pasta bake?" She asked looking up at him.

"Yep I made it from scratch I take it by that smile you like it?"

"Yes Pasta bake is one of my favourites," she replied as she picked up some with her fork.

"Mine too," he chuckled.

Andy giggled "can't wait for you to cook for me again- but don't expect me to do much- if I ever wanted a proper meal I went up to Chris's and Dov's or they'd make me something and bring it down to me… but don't worry I cook for JJ," she added quickly hoping he didn't think he wasn't eating properly.

"I know he's well fed Andy you've done a great job," he said moving closer to her "…so tell me how you came up with his name."

"Funny story actually," she giggled "the morning after he was born we were all sitting around in the room I couldn't think of a name so he was just baby McNally. Chris and Dov came up with some crazy names like Butch and Rocky but in the end and after about a thousand names and many arguments they came up with Jonathan and Chris called him JJ it suited him- then Gail suggest Oliver after Ollie- he was my TO, when I put it all together it sounded nice so I went with it."

Sam nodded "and what about godparent how'd you end up with four of them?"

Andy shivered and pulled on her coat "good idea to bring this," she said snuggling into it. "Well I couldn't decide and I hadn't heard from Danny in about four months he was my first choice I wasn't sure when I'd see him again so I was afraid to wait too long. Nick was always there for me we're really close-closer than the others it seemed right to pick him and of course Traci is my best friend so she was godmother- but I felt something was missing I thought of Jerry and Traci and if anything happened to me I knew they would look after him- I mean don't get me wrong I love Nick and Gail and I know they would too but Traci and Jerry have more experience… I don't know, they were my first choice as a couple so I asked him and he said yes Gail agreed too- they even talked about it between them another funny story but anyway the gist of it was if anything happened to me they would take turns taking care of him."

Sam chuckled "you had It all planned out."

Andy shrugged "I had to but I was missing one thing," she said and looked over to him.

"Andy," he sighed.

"No no I'm just saying I needed to be prepared- I even wrote out a letter to JJ after I got shot explaining what happened, I put it away and told Traci where it was and to give to him when she felt it was right- being a cop you never can tell when your time will be up. I just didn't want him thinking I didn't care or that you were a horrible person and left him."

Sam nodded and sighed "…you got shot?" he asked after a few minutes.

"Yeah JJ was four months old I was only back a week- I talked Frank into letting me back I was going crazy sitting at home alone, the others were in work Danny was still missing and my dad was doing his own thing I hate my mom so never went near her she's only seen JJ a handful of times. Anyway it wasn't bad it hit my vest and I had a few bruised ribs, Frank desked me for a month after it he wasn't happy at all he flipped at Luke for sending me on a lead for one of his cases."

"Jackass," Sam muttered "I never liked that guy has a new rookie every year."

"Yeah he asked me out like a week after I started- Jerry warned me to stay away… but I said no before Jerry even said anything," she said quickly as Sam looked at her with raised eyebrows. "Enough about work, it's just me and you now" she said moving closer to him leaning in she kissed him softly "thank you I'm having a great time."

"The nights not over yet," he said pulling her closer to him dipping his head he kissed her deeply.

Wrapping her arms around his neck she lay back and pulled him with her she giggled when his hand moved to her leg just under her dress. He pulled back and chuckled "what, your hands are cold," she giggled again and pulled him back to her.

After a heavy make out session Sam pulled back "I'm thinking a walk on the beach before we head home?"

Andy nodded "sounds good," she said sitting up "what are we gonna do with all this stuff?" she asked looking around.

"Don't worry about it I'll come back for it tomorrow no one ever comes around this part," he said pulling her to her feet.

They walked in silence beside the water- Sam laughed the first time the water hit Andy's feet and she shrieked before smacking him and glaring. He pulled her to him and kissed her before wrapping his arm around her shoulder and pulling her into him. She wrapped her arm around her waist and leaned into him "Sam?" she asked a few minutes later.

"Hm?" He asked looking down at her.

"Would you like JJ to be a Swarek?"

He stopped and turned to face her "he already is a Swarek," he replied.

"No, I mean on paper do you want to change his name to JJ Swarek?"

He thought about it for a moment "Andy, I don't need you to change his name to make me feel better I love him I love you I know he's my son and I like McNally it suits him."

"What about McNally-Swarek you know double barrelled name? And I wasn't asking to make you feel better I thought you might have wanted it."

"Babe all I need to know is that he's here his name could be… Rocky Epstein for all I care."

Andy giggled "now that would never happen… but seriously what do you think?"

Sam sighed he did want him to be a Swarek but he was settled with McNally he didn't want to take that away from him "okay McNally-Swarek it is," he smiled.

"Great, next day off we'll go down to the court house and do it," she said leaning back into him.

"Great," he repeated "now I think it's time I got you home," he said as she shivered and led her up towards his truck.

"You staying with me?" she asked as she climbed in.

"Yep," he replied and shut the door.

Like the drive over the drive home was in silence both lost in thought. They pulled up outside and Sam shut off the engine, both climbed out and walked hand in hand up to her apartment. As soon as they were inside he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply, after it heated up Andy started to lead him to her bedroom not breaking the kiss. "You sure?" Sam mumbled as he moved onto her neck.

"Are you?" Andy asked she pulled back and looked at him "are you ready to take the next step?"

He nodded "but I can wait if you're not," he said slipping his hands onto her hips.

Andy bit her lip she just wanted to scream out yes! She nodded "I'm ready," she said and slipped her hands back around his neck.

"I love you," he said and kissed her softly "and I want you to know I'm here for the long haul, forever can never be long enough for me and that's what we have forever," he said before pushing her back onto the bed.

Andy giggled and looked up at him as he climbed on top of her "I love you too baby," she said and pulled him down to her.

not the last chapter in case anyone is wondering- may have to wait a while for the next chapter I have to work for the next few days anway hopefully I'll have it up soon :)