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"For crying out loud, hurry up Yui!" Ritsu shouted to Yui. The taller girl puffed out a cloud of visible air for the freezing cold weather as she struggled to keep up with her classmate. The pale-blue uniforms were not helping, even with the optional long-sleeve add-ons. The special white fur gloves that Tsumugi had given Yui were helping, but Ritsu had a cute fur-beret from Mugi-chan that probably kept her warmer. It was like Yui tried as hard as possible to believe she was more cold than Ritsu to explain her tardiness. Not like Ritsu would side with her, of course. She seemed to have developed a system to blame anything and EVERYTHING on someone else. The darker brunette though, somehow couldn't bring herself to fix or get rid of her friendship with the girl, even if it was hard to consider them simply half-friends.

The girls finally reached Clemins Elementary and Middle school. This caused Yui's stomach to churn. She wanted Ritsu to run ahead, but it obviously wasn't going to happen. This was her method. If the lighter brunette walked into class alone, she couldn't give Yui the blame. Yui thought of this new Ritsu as a bully in disguise. Though, she had belief that if someone could stand up to her and talk some sense into her, Ritsu could change back. Sadly, it seemed like the most ridiculous thing in the world at this school. Trust and friendship were a lie here, at least, Yui had almost fallen into that illusion. The one exception was Azusa, Tsumugi, and herself; a bond between a 6th, 7th, and 8th grader. But it was getting cracked too. Yui and Ritsu quietly walked into class. "Girls, why are you late?" Ms. Yamanaka asked. Ritsu quickly formed words. "I live further away from the school, and today my parents were out, so Yui offered me a ride. Yui ended up being late, so therefore, I'M late." If they weren't in class, Yui would have lost it and destroyed her. However, Yui was a very obedient girl.

Yui took the blame, causing Ritsu to smirk.

A/N: This is an alternate universe story based on the K-ON! MOVIE's ending them Singing!, which I wrote awhile ago and have been meaning to put up. After getting and watching the movie, I got willpower to continue! So, I present to you the prologue, written only by myself, Enastasia! It may not make sense, but this is a month or so before the real story starts. So, please review and favorite, and thank you for reading!