Title: After Oblivion

Words:Actual chapter 1,838

Summary: This is the continuation of Oblivion. Not sure if I'll keep specifying who is specifically saying what kinda taxing and a bit pointless in away. But if you like it that way I'll keep it. Let me know.

Rated: T I guess. Pretty much just swearing for now. Still no yaoi. Sorry for people who want yaoi. Yes there will be yaoi. Just building up to it slowly sorry but Shizuo can't just jump in bed with him after what his mind has been through.

Disclaimer: I don't own Durarara! Or it's charcter's just love them.

Chapter One of After Oblivion:

I hear a voice in my dreams. "Is this what you want? Are you happy with this outcome Shizuo? Did you expect something else when you left the darkness?" It's not what I expected truthfully but, I am happy and this is what I want. Is it real? Or was that my dream and I'm still here in reality with you in my thoughts stuck in this endless darkness? "No this is not your future anymore. This is now your dream. I'm just a passer by checking in on you." Who are you what are you?" Maybe one day you'll find out. Maybe one day I'll come back and tell you. But, for now I think I'll keep it to myself. It's more fun that way don't you agree Shizuo? It feels as tho the voice is smirking in my head. As long as you brought me back I don't care who or what you are. Thank you for doing it tho. "You might regret it later who knows. This is goodbye for the time being I'll be back every once in a while to check up on you and have some fun while I'm at it." The voice is gone now I slowly start to wake up from the dream. What the hell was that all about? I look around its now dark out it must be late at night or early morning by now. Of which I can't tell I hear voices in the next room. I slowly start to move to get out of the bed. My muscles are stiff from the eight weeks of lying there not moving. I force them to register the movement. Sliding my feet and legs out of the bed I move them over the edge. I feel the floor under my feet its cold and welcoming all at the same time I wiggle my toes getting the blood to flow more freely. My feet seem to have adjusted to the new movement. I slowly start to stand feeling my legs resist a bit. I stay firm tho. I stand there for a few more minutes getting used to the feeling of standing up once again. I feel light headed but, it's not too bad. I slowly move one leg forward trying my best to stay up. I succeed. Slowly moving the next one. I manage not to collapse to my knees. Continuing to the door I reach it after a few minutes. Grabbing the door frame as I reach it. I look around the hall. No one is in the small passage way. I hear the voices more clearly now they all seem to be in the living room. I slowly start to walk toward it. Finding it easier with carpet and not tile. I get to the living room and hear the voices stop. Shinra: Shizuo your awake! You should have just called out. You shouldn't be trying to move so much now even if it's you; your body still needs more time. It's okay Shinra I wanted to come out here on my own. He shakes his head sighing. Shinra: Okay Shizuo I know I still wouldn't have been able to stop you. But sit down at least now. Gesturing to the couch with Izaya and Celty on it. I nod walking over and sitting in between the two. Izaya smiles over to me closing the laptop in his lap and moving closer to my side wrapping his arms around me. I stiffen up at the sudden unexpected movement. He pulls away with a sad expression dusting his face. Izaya: Do I make you uncomfortable Shizu-chan? He looks up into my warm honey eyes with his sad maroon ones. No Izaya I just ...didn't expect you to do that...he wraps his arms around me again. I lean into the embrace this time smiling at the contact from the small informant. Izaya: Why didn't you expect it? I don't know I just didn't I guess...I rub the back of my head embarrassed. Shinra interrupts us clearing his throat. Shinra: I am happy to see that Izaya was finally able to tell you the truth Shizuo...I realized it sometime after the first year of introducing you two. I just couldn't tell if you really hated him or not so I kept quiet. You should be able to leave in a few days' time. I nod smiling over to the self-proclaimed doctor. Thank you Shinra. You really are a good friend. He smiles at me walking over to Celty's side. Shinra: We would do anything for you Shizuo your like family to us after all we've been through. Celty nods her well shadows I guess. Can shadows nod? Well she doesn't have her helmet on cause she's in her own home so, shadows it is. She leans over to hug my other side. I wrap my other arm around her. Thank you so much for everything. I don't know what my life would have been like without any of you. Shinra: We feel the same way Shizuo. There is no need to thank us. We're all here for you and always will be. I made everyone else leave not knowing how long you would sleep they're coming back later today to check in. Kasuka was here again briefly to see you. But left not wanting to disturb you. He's at his apartment complex now. I nod my head closing my eyes. Shinra: If you're going back to sleep let's get you back to bed Shizuo. I shake my head. No I was just resting my eyes I don't want to sleep anymore right now. Shinra nods his head as I open my eyes again. Shinra: Okay Shizuo but, your body has been through a lot don't overdo it. Okay I won't Shinra. Celty pulls out her pda with her shadows still holding my side with one hand typing. [Are you hungry? I can make you something to eat it won't be any trouble.] She shows me her pda. Thank you Celty I would love something to eat. She types out a reply. [It's not a problem Shizuo. Not sure if it will be good but, I don't mind at all. What would you like?] She shows me the new text. Anything you make will be good Celty. Just something simple. She nods again typing out a response. [Okay just give me a few minutes and it will be done.] She shows me the last text. Then slides her pda back into the shadows before bringing her other arm around me once more as she leaves to go make the food. Izaya sits up quickly. Izaya: No I want to make Shizu-chan something to eat. Pouting as he says it. Izaya...why would you want to cook for me? Izaya blushes looking down .Izaya: Be...because I like you Shizu-chan and I want to make something just for you. He looks up into my eyes. Izaya: Do you not want me to make food for you? No that's not it Izaya...I just... Shinra: Achem...I don't think Celty would mind you helping Izaya...you can if you want to. Izaya: Really?...Would you mind Shizu-chan? He looks back into my eyes. I want to melt into them their so mesmerizing. Of course not Izaya. He kisses my cheek dashing off to the kitchen to help Celty prepare the food. Shinra sits down next to me on the couch. Shinra:...He really does love you Shizuo...I know Shinra I know now at least. Everything is going to change so much between us...Shinra: But some change is good...and, this is good. He looks over at me taking one of my hands reassuringly. Yes it is. Celty and Izaya walk back out with four bowls of food. Izaya: It's stir fry. She wanted to make instant noodles since your always seeming to eat them. But I said that wasn't a real meal. Celty hands Shinra one bowl sitting next to the two of us and Izaya hands me one as he sits next to my other side. Thank you Celty, Izaya. It smells great. I take a bite of the stir fry. Wow this is great you guys. I take a bite of the stir fry. Wow this is great you guys. I shovel some more in my mouth. Izaya chuckles... Izaya: You don't have to eat it so fast Shizu-cha. I'm glad you like it tho. I slow down finishing. It was really good thank you again. Celty nods and Izaya kisses my cheek. Anytime Shizu-chan. I want to be with you now...not like the past but actually together...Shizuo. He blushes looking at me...Do you want to be with me? Yes Izaya I don't want anything else. I pull him into my arms kissing his forehead. You've always been mine and I've always been yours since the first day we met. I take his hand tracing the scar he made that first day we met. You marked me as yours I just didn't realize that until now. I love you Shizuo. I love you to Izaya. He kisses my forehead gently. Then pulls away. Izaya: You should get more sleep Shizu-chan. The more natural sleep you get the sooner you'll recover. I nod my head sighing. Okay I'll go and sleep more...I slowly start to stand up as Celty helps me to the guest room. Sitting down on the bed I sigh once more at the feel of it. It's indented with my frame from all the time I've spent in it. Celty pulls me into a hug. I wrap my arms around her. She whipped out her pda to type out a message. I pull away to read it. [Don't worry Shizuo you won't go back into a coma I won't let you. And Izaya has been sleeping on the couch ever since he called Shinra telling him he found you on the ground. He won't leave when you're sleeping.] She grips my shoulder reassuringly. Thank you Celty...I just wish I didn't feel so pathetic...she shakes her head typing a new message. [You thought one of the biggest things in your life was going to leave you forever. And more importantly you thought they wanted you gone. It was a normal reaction Shizuo. Just never do anything like that again.] I read the message slowly. Looking back up to her hugging her once more. Thank you Celty you've always understood me. She types one last message [And I'll always be here for you along with everyone else.] She wraps her arms around me slipping her pda back into her shadows. Then pulls away slowly lying me back on the bed pulling the light blanket up over me. She doesn't type out a message this time just sternly looks at me. In a demanding way telling me to rest. Okay Celty understood I'll go to sleep. Satisfied with herself she nods exiting the room. I drift off into sleep.