Title: After Oblivion.

Words: Actual chapter 1,692.

Summary: Finally the sex. I'm so sorry that I took so long finally putting this part up even after I said I was going to post it right after the last chapter, so I wouldn't leave off with just the light smut. I had it on my phone just hadn't had the drive to get it to my laptop to post. Have no idea when I'll post the next chapter. I have it finished, but I'm currently trying to work on the next one and haven't had much luck actually writing it out. But it shouldn't be more than a mouth. Sorry of the long dribble.

Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Duararar! ,or any of its characters.

Chapter Twelve: Of After Oblivion.

He nods his head taking the three digits into his mouth coating each one in a generous layer of saliva. As he's sucking my fingers I unzipped and buttoned his paints yanking them off. He jerks back from the sudden movement continuing to coat the fingers. Okay Izaya that should be good. Lay down he nods pulling the digits out of his mouth with a small pop. He lay's down on the bed after doing so. Taking his boxers off exposing his erection to the chilling air. Damn Izaya you're harder than I thought. Shut up Shizu-chan. He try's to cover up his aerosol instantly. I grab his head before he can he moans out to the sudden touch of my warm hand to his needy member. Sh-Zu-Chan...he arches into the touch. I slowly pump his member moving the three fingers coated with his saliva to his entrance. Putting one of the fingers into the tight space. He hisses out clenching his teeth at the feeling. Just do it faster Shizu-chan please. He whines out. I nod my head. Okay Izaya. I start thrusting the finger in and out faster trying to find his prostate as I do so. Finding it after a few thrusts. Ahhhh Fuck there Shizu-chan please keep hitting that spot. I nod my head sticking another finger into him scissoring the two fingers as I thrust into his prostate viciously. He thrusts his needy member into my hand wanting more attention to it I smirk down starting to pump the shaft once more. As I thrust into his tight hole. Haaa aaah Shizu-chan...please just fuck me. You're not loose enough Izaya...it'll hurt. He whines. Please Shizu-chan. I sigh pushing the third finger in loosening him up as much as I can quickly. I pull out all three fingers. He whines at the loss of my touch looking up at me with lust filled eyes. I take off my paints throwing them to the floor. He takes his shirt off throwing it to the side. I pull my boxers down exposing my erection placing it to his entrance as I lean back over him adjusting myself to thrust in. I smear the precum down my shaft to act as some lubrication. Looking down at his face.

Are you ready Izaya? He bites his bottom lip grabbing onto my shoulders pulling himself closer. God yes Shizuo please I want you in me. I nod my head pushing the tip and shaft in slowly. He digs his nails into my shoulders and bites down on his lip harder. I push myself into him fully loving his warmth surround me fully. I stay still waiting for him to signal he is ready for me to start thrusting. He opens his eyes nodding his head...I'...I'm ready Shizu-chan you can thrust now. I nod kissing his forehead. I pull nearly all of my length out before slamming back into his warmth. Ahhh Shizu-chan... He screams out my name at the movement. I start to thrust in him harder hearing him scream out my name. Haa aaah Shi-zu-chan... He digs his nails deeper into my shoulder as I thrust into him trying to find his prostate like before. I hit the small bundle of nerves after a few thrusts. He arches his back as I hit the spot. Ahhh Fuck yes Shizu-chan right there don't stop keep hitting that spot. I nod my head thrusting hard into that spot. He moans out loudly as I thrust into that spot with more force. Nnnngggghhhh Aaaah Sh-zu-Chan... gonna cum...cum then Izaya. I thrust in harder hitting his prostate viciously. He cums on to both of our abdomens and his walls tighten up around my erect member. I thrust in a few more times cumming inside of him and pulling out shortly after.

Painting from the exhaustion. I lay down on the bed next to Izaya putting one arm around his small waist. As I catch my breath. Was that as good for you Izaya? Fuck yes Shizu-chan! You shouldn't have to ask. That was definitely worth the wait. He rolls over to face me kissing me aggressively on the lips pulling away to leave a saliva trail between our mouths. But next time I think I won't be so impatient... Heh I kiss his neck. I told you Izaya... So, what I didn't want to wait any longer after you said you were ready Shizu-chan. He presses himself up against me. I hold him closer running a hand through his hair. It's all sweaty and wet now. Not soft and silky like before. I like the feel of this as well just knowing it was me that put him in this state. But I prefer the feeling of his hair dry and clean. I let out a small sigh. Let's get cleaned up Izaya. I don't want to pass out covered in sweat and cum. He nods snickering. I told you it was pointless to wash your bedding. Tsk shut up louse. I can wash it again later. I pull away from him getting out if bed he whines. Ahhh Shizu-chan. I said let's get cleaned up Izaya. I'm going to shower you join me if you want.

He smirks up at me. Round two Shizu-chan? I snicker walking out of the room and to the bathroom. I'm game if you are flea. I enter the bathroom turning on the water stepping in as it gets hot. Letting the water run down my body rinsing off the cum and sweat. Izaya lays in the bed thinking then gets up coming to join me in the shower. He steps in wrapping his arms around my waist. Almost thought you were gonna sit this round out Izaya. Do you want to go again? He thinks for a moment...would you mind Shizu-chan? I laugh down at him. Of course not Izaya...how sore are you?...He looks down...pretty sore. I look down to see the water turning pink from the blood that's seeped out of Izaya. I sigh putting a hand on his shoulder. Shaking my head at him as I do so. Then no Izaya...you're already bleeding...I'm not going to cause you any more pain...Shizu-chan...you didn't cause me any pain...I was the impatient one. He places his hand on my cheek looking into my eyes. But okay I understand and don't mind. He wraps both arms around my waist again. There's nothing that could make this moment better than it already is Shizu-chan. You've already slept with me once is enough for tonight. I wrap my arms around him. Holding him in my arms smiling. Okay Izaya. We'll have sex again when you're no longer sore 'kay? He nods his head. Okay Shizu-chan that sounds good to me. He stays in my arms just letting the water wash down our bodies. I pull away slowly earning a whine from the small informant. I chuckle at him. Come on let's just clean up then go back to bed before the water gets cold. Fine, Shizu-chan even tho I wanted to spend more time with you in the shower. Why? I like seeing the water run down your toned muscles...Heh...whatever you say Izaya. I turn around grabbing the body wash and pouring some into my hands lathering it and washing my body off. He presses himself against my back wrapping his arms around me. It's true tho Shizu-chan...I want to spend as much time with you doing the things we've never had the chance to before now...and seeing you in the shower is something that I really enjoy...your so relaxed and clam I've never seen you so relaxed before I like it.

Oh...is that why? Yeah...Shizu-chan...he pulls away slowly. Sorry... No Izaya...you don't have to apologize. That makes sense. I turn around letting the soap rinse off my body as the water washes it away. Wrapping my arms around his small frame. I bring my lips to his kissing gently. We can stay in till the water runs cold okay. He smiles up at me pressing his lips to mine once again. I nip at his bottom lip deepening the kiss. He moans out as my teeth dig into the sensitive skin. I push my tongue into his mouth as his lips part. Twirling my tongue around his aggressively. He presses his body against mine wanting to deepen the kiss even more. He runs a hand through my dyed blonde locks tangling his fingers into the now wet hair. I suck on his tongue as he pulls on my hair. A low growl leaves my mouth echoing into his. He pulls away panting. Ahhh sorry Shizu-chan... I shake my head. No Izaya its okay. But, the waters starting to get cold. We should get out now. The bed will be warmer. I smile down at him. He nods pulling away from me. I turn around shutting the water off and opening the shower curtain stepping out grabbing a towel. I hand it back to Izaya he nods taking it and drying off in the process. I reach for a towel to dry myself. I'm stopped by the touch of soft cotton wrapping around my hips.

I turn to see Izaya wrapping the towel around both of us pressing himself closer to me. There's no reason we can't both us this one Shizu-chan... I look down surprised. Well yeah that's true I just didn't think of that...I scratch the back of my head as water runs down my back and chest dripping from my hair. He wipes my chest off with the towel. I stiffen up. He sighs backing up. This makes you uncomfortable. No Izaya...it's just not something I'm used to... So, you don't dislike it? No it's just different...he nods handing me the towel. I take it drying my hair first then whipping the rest of my body with it wrapping it around my waist once I'm finished. I hand him a new towel he takes it drying his hair then wraps it around his waist. I smile down at him. I'll get used to all the affectionate things in time Izaya...he smiles up at me wrapping his arms around me. Okay Shizu-chan...I can wait.