My friend Daniel once again gave me an idea, so thanks where ever you are! I read Hetaween 2011 and I liked it. It seems almost as though Hidekaz-sempai is on hiatus because I haven't read or heard of any upcoming Hetaween for this year as of yet, so I made my own… I'm excited for Halloween because I'm going as Masquerade from Bakugan! So is my brother (not the little one, mein bruder/personal Masquerade only few people know about)! Yeah, 2 Masquerade's, so what? Okay, well here we go… Wish me luck! MANADA is featured here, so WAHOO!

Prolouge: Japan gave America a new way to make little kids beg their parents for toys

"This series isn't really* going well…" Japan sighed.

"HEY JAPAN DUDE, I WANT THE RIGHTS TO DUB THAT SHOW IN ENGLISH!" America appeared, loud and boistrous as ever. "That show is so god damn cool!"

"You really like Bakugan that much?" Japan asked, looking at the items he knew wouldn't sell well. "So you really want to make an English version of the show?"

"Yeah, plus those toys are awesome!"

Bakugan isn't as popular in Japan as one might think. Mon shows like Pokemon, Bakugan and Beyblade are more well-known and more popular in America. So naturally America wanted to make English dubs of the shows and sell the merchandise! Bakugan came out in 2008 and America thought it was just that awesome… (this Author and her Bruder have the how to draw book, the videogame for the PS2 and Masquerade's mask, it's just that good.)

Another thing about Bakugan is that it was dubbed in Canada, not America.

"This show is pretty cool, eh?" Canada looked over at America, who was eating hamburgers at 9 a.m. while he settled for pancakes.

"I know right?" America sat on the couch, turning the volume up. "I LOVE THIS EPISODE!"

"Yeah, this is the best show ever!" Canada said, Manada's personality beginning to resurface. "My voice actors are the best!"

"Oh come on, mine are great too!"

That's the prologue… Next is the Halloween party at America's place!