"Dude, this halloween's gonna be great!" America shouted. "So what are you guys supposed to be?" He looked at Puerto Rico and Mexico, who were helping out.

"I'm a mariachi like I always am…" Mexico started, putting his sombrero on. "You said I could, don't you remember?"

"Oh, right… But you dress like that on a dialy basis!" America shouted, teasing his shorter Hispanic friend. "You should go as something cool! I'M GONNA BE CAPTAIN AMERICA THIS YEAR!"

"Si, that's good for you."

"So you should be something cool!"

"I still don't know who to go as…" Puerto Rico looked in the mirror. "Maybe I'll be a Vocaloid this year!"

"No, that idea's already taken… Someone's going as Miku this year…"


"I know, how about we all go as super heroes?!"

"Well I did always like Wonder Woman…" Puerto Rico mumbled.

"Can I be Superman?" Mexico asked.


Both Hispanic countries gave America a swift kick to the nuts. "WE'RE GOING AS WHO EVER WE WANT!" Both shouted in unison.


"Who are you supposed to be?" Canada asked, looking at his papa (France) and England, who seemed to wear coordinating costumes.

"I'm Sebastian Michealis and he's Ciel Phantomhive!" France shouted. "You see, I am simply one hell of a butler, non?"

"I hate this bloody wig…" England scratched his head. "I suppose having to wash out hair dye wouldn't be fun though… Hey France, get me something to drink will you?"

"Of course." France bowed, getting into the role. He went to get drinks.

"So who are you supposed to be Canada?" England asked, adjusting the eye patch on his right eye.

"I'm Spider Man!" Canada shouted as loud as he could.

"Oh, that's nice…"

"Everyone seems to ignore me…" Canada sighed, feeling a pat on his shoulder.

"It's allright, your costume is still awesome." Prussia said. "Although, I thought you were going as Robin… You made me dress as Batman for nothing mein vogel…"

"I'm sorry Prussia."


"Where in gott's name did Italy go?" Germany looked across the dance floor, Italy no where to be found.

"HEY GERMANY~!" Italy's voice, he ran over with his brother Romano.

"What took you so long?" Germany asked. "I was going to look stupid standing around wearing a turtle shell on my back…"

"Don't insult Bowser!" Romano shouted. "We're the Super Mario brothers! Although…"

"This time I'm Mario and he's Luigi!" Italy shouted.

"If I'm the older brother how come I'm Luigi?" Romano argued.

"We made a bet and I won, but I told you we can switch roles later on!" Italy said, beginning to panic.

"Mein gott…" Germany thought. "We should try to find Japan."

All three went to search for the Japanese man, but only ran into Prussia, Spain and France.

"You have really cool costumes!" Italy shouted, looking at France and Spain. "Hey Francy Pants, are you supposed to be a butler?"

"I'm one hell of a butler." France said.

"Hey West, you teamed up with these guys this year?" Prussia asked. "You know the contest is coming up soon, right?"

"Don't brag East… I don't see anyone on your team yet…"

"Wrong! I have an awesome side kick!" Prussia looked around for Canada, but he was no where to be found. "Oh well, he's probably getting dressed…"

"At least we have some order in our team…" Germany sighed, watching the Italy's argue amoungst themselves.


"Allright, what's up guys? Welcome to my Halloween party! I'm America, it's good to see you all!" The crowd cheered. "This year's costume contest there was a theme: You had to be in a team of at least 2 people. The costumes had to coordinate! The contest will start-!"

The screen turned black as another image took over. Someone had hacked into the system. "Hello suckers." A blonde wearing a blue mask appeared. The mask covered almost all of his face, making it impossible to tell who it was. "I'm taking over this party. It's my way or the high way!"

"What's going on?"

"This is scary"

"Is this apart of the script?"

"There's no way you'll be able to find me in time." The screen began to blur. "Unless I'm found by midnight, everyone at this party will die. I've set up a little surprise in the air vent that will detonate at midnight exactly. You have three hours." The screen shut off.

"Whoa… That's creepy…" America dropped the microphone. After watching Bakugan with Canada every Saturday morning, he knew the person who'd sent this message was dressed as Masquerade. So whoever decided to send out this message was clever enough to hide his face with his mask and hack into the system which America was using. Whoever it was, they had until midnight to find out…

I dedicate this chapter to mein bruder/personal Masquerade, Rags. Masky and Alice forever, da? I'm even learning some Russian words! But until I remember how to say I love you in Russian, I'll say it in German… Ich liebe dich, Bruder Ragnarok.

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