Izaya walked barely out of Shizuo's sight. It was almost time to put his plan into action. His plan was simple; kiss his Shizu-chan, then run away like hell. It would freak the monster out and he would finally be able to kiss him! Izaya had always had a secret crush on Shizuo, although he didn't act like it.

When Shizuo and Tom stopped at an intersection, Izaya ran up. He moved right in front of the huge blonde man and before Shizuo could react, he pressed his lips to his. Shizuo blanked. He didn't know what to do, the flea was kissing him! It was soon over, and he came to his senses.

"Iiiiizaaaaayaaaa!" He roared as the flea started running down the sidewalk.

Shizuo followed him, absolutely enraged. How dare the flea kiss him? How dare he tease him? Shizuo had thought he was over the flea. That he had finally stopped loving him. He was wrong. That kiss made his heart burn with passion, so he was going to capture the flea and take him back to his apartment. Anyway, the chase was on.

A few blocks ahead, Erika and Walker were hanging out near one of their favorite shops. It sold the absolute best selection of manga. They were waiting to be picked up in the van, but were currently talking about real-life yaoi pairings.

"You know, Masaomi and that Mikado kid seem to be perfect for the childhood friend turned lover scenario." Erika said excitedly.

"Yeah! Mikado-kun has a lot of moe," Walker grinned.

"Masaomi seems so experienced too! He is such a seme!"

"Yeah, Mikado-kun is a total uke."

"But I like Shizaya much better. We need to take action on getting them together!" Erika cried.

Before Walker could reply, they heard Shizuo yell. "Dammit flea! Get back here!" Said flea was currently pushing his way through the clogged sidewalk, sometimes hopping on cars in the street and sometimes propelling himself with street signs. A vending machine was hurled close to him, so Izaya was forced onto the sidewalk a few steps away from Erika and Walker.

Erika looked at Walker and yelled really loudly, "Yumacchi! Plan Alpha Blue Seven!" No one else understood but Walker.

They rushed toward Izaya and grabbed each of his arms. The arms were forced behind his back and he was pushed to the ground, and held there. They wrapped him up in his coat, almost like a straight jacket, then Erika sat on him.

"Dammit! I'll get back at you for this you two!" Izaya screeched.

Shizuo ran up, took in the scene of Izaya tied up and pinned to the ground, and started to laugh. "Damn, flea. You look so stupid."

"Shut up! I don't need to here that from you, brute!" Izaya yelled back, he was very sour about now.

"Shizuo~!" Erika called, "Fumacchi and I present you with a gift!" She gestured to Izaya, who was now kicking and struggling beneath her.

"You're going to hand that flea over to me?" Shizuo asked skeptically.

"If you promise to tell us what you did to him after," Walker smiled.

"Deal," Shizuo said.

As Erika stood so that Shizuo could pick up the struggling louse and put him over his shoulder, Izaya yelled, "You're really going to let him take me? Fuck you! Fuck you!" Erika and Walker waved goodbye giddily as Shizuo walked back to his apartment with the screaming, struggling Izaya on his shoulder. Once inside though, Izaya's screams turned very...erotic.

A few days after that, Erika and Walker found Shizuo sitting by the fountain in the park. He told them everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Erika had to go to the hospital due to blood loss from the epic nosebleed that she got when she listened to his story.