A/N: Hello friends Darth Edocsil here with another fan fic. I recently started playing Star Trek Online with a character called David Riker. I also found a star trek skin for Minecraft. This got me thinking of a story where David gets stranded in the Minecraft, referred to herein as Minecraftia. This is that story. I own nothing except my characters and the plot of this story. Please R&R and enjoy.

David's communicator beeped, "Captain Riker to the bridge!"

Captain David Ian Riker hurriedly ran to the turbolift. "Main bridge," he said when he was inside. As the lift rose to the bridge he closed his eyes and reflected on the past year. It had been the beginning of the year 2409 when the Borg attacked and caused the deaths of countless Starfleet officers at the Battle of Vega IX. It was during that battle where he was forced to take command of the U.S.S. Wave of Shadow although he was just an Ensign. It was now 2410 and David was a full Captain and in command of the Vigilant class starship, U.S.S. Mjolnir. He emerged onto the bridge to the wail of the red alert alarm. "Report," he said. The Captain was answered by his brother and first officer Ethan Riker, "Two Romulan Warbirds decloaked directly in front of us and immediately started attacking."

"Have you tried hailing them?" David asked Lieutenant Commander Yesul, his wife and Chief Science Officer.

"Several times Captain but they are ignoring us." She said.

"We had just enough time to raise shields before they fired and we're hitting them with everything we have. Unfortunately we haven't been able to make a dent as they seem to have some very advanced shielding," he added.

"But the Romulans shouldn't even be here, this is Federation territory!" David exclaimed angrily.

Just then a heavy plasma torpedo hit the ship. "Sir, we've lost our forward shields!" shouted Lieutenant Commander Tala from tactical.

"Bring her about, attack pattern Beta three!" David commanded as he sat down and the ship shook violently. The Mjolnir let off a burst of disruptor and plasma fire along with several quantum torpedoes but the Romulan ships remained untouched.

One of the Romulan ships shot off another torpedo which scored another hit on the Mjolnir. "The warp core has been hit!" yelled chief Engineer Lieutenant Fass over the intercom.

"Evacuate main Engineering Lieutenant," ordered David.

"Aye sir," replied Fass.

"Five minutes to warp core breach," said the computer.

Tala looked up, "There is a hull breach on decks 21 through 30 and minor structural damage on decks 15 and 16."

David swore as the ship was hit with a round of disruptor fire from the Romulans. Lieutenant Aleema looked up from the conn. "Orders sir?" she asked.

David looked at Ethan with desperation in his eyes. Ethan nodded. Both of them were thinking the same thing. "Prepare to separate the ship."

A/N: So that was the first chapter, be aware that updating might take a while as I am now a senior in high school. Live long and prosper my friends.