Into the Rush

Summary: Ethan finally gets the courage to tell Sarah how he feels, and Benny and Erica are...making cupcakes together? Of course, good things that happen never come back good in Whitechapel, now do they?

Rated: T

Pairings: Etharah and Bennica

A/N: Because of my extreme lack of Etharah goodness, I've decided to make another story centered around them. ^.^ I'm loving season 2 soooo much right now!

Chapter 1

"E! Hey, E, wait up!" Benny called, now catching up with his best friend.

"Hey, B, what's up?" said Ethan as Benny fell into step with him. They were on their way to the auditorium for the pep rally. It was Friday, the last day of Spirit Week at Whitechapel High. The first day, which had began on Tuesday, had been Neon Day, then Twin Day, then Movie Character Day (Ethan, Benny, and Rory went as triplets, while Sarah and Erica went as twins. For Movie Character Day, the geeks got wedgies for dressing up as their favorite superhero). Today was Spirit Day. While some, like Ethan, Benny, and Rory, kept it simple with a school t-shirt today or something along those lines, many students took it over the top-painting their faces, dying their hair red, black, and white, body glitter, school-themed tattoos, etc.

"Ready for this?" Benny rubbed his hands together, a huge grin on his face. "I hope we get good seats."

"And by good seats, do you mean one right next to Erica?" Ethan teased.

Benny frowned, his cheeks pink. "You take that back."

Ethan laughed.

"You're the one to talk anyway," Benny said, now mischievously smiling. "I bet you'd like to get all nice and canoodly with Sarah. You know how we all have to squeeze together in these pep rallies."

It was Ethan's turn to blush, and he didn't reply.

They, along with the rest of the sophomores, entered the gym. It was already crowded, both sides of the bleachers a sea full of red, white, and black.

"Hey, guys! Over here!" Rory called, waving them over from where he sat. Ethan and Benny weren't surprised at all; their fanged friend was always the first to pop out of nowhere.

"Thanks for the save," Ethan said, sitting down next to Rory, and Benny sitting down on the other side of Ethan.

"No problem," said Rory. "I had to get us good seats-we've got a good view of the cheerleaders!" He pointed ahead, and Ethan and Benny followed his gaze. There were the cheerleaders, warming up with their stretches and such. This year contained new, nicer and curvier recruits-and for once, there were less blondes and more of a variety of everything-brunettes, redheads, sandy brownheads, and a couple of African American females.

Ethan looked over at Benny, who started to wag his eyebrows suggestively, and rolled his eyes.

Somebody tapped Benny's shoulder.

"Have any room for us?"

At the sound of Sarah's voice made Ethan's head snap up quickly. Sarah, the love of his life, was standing with Erica, her best friend. Sarah was wearing a school jersey, fitting her perfect curves; it was red, black, and white of course. There were rips along the sides, and the cloths hanging off were tied in cute knots. Along with that, she wore dark jean shorts that came up mid-thigh, and black wedges. Her makeup consisted of three layer eyeshadow (red and black), soft pink lipstick, and body glitter sprinkled along her cheeks and arms. Her hair was in a ponytail, her bangs framing her perfect face.

Erica was wearing the same school jersey as Sarah, except that she cut it and turned it into a tube top. Also, she was wearing black jean shorts that came up mid-thigh, and black boots. Her makeup consisted of black and a darker red eyeshadow than Sarah's, red lipstick, and body glitter on her cheeks and arms as well. Her hair was curled, with the occasional black or red streak in it.

Ethan, realizing that his mouth was hanging open stupidly, just nodded quickly.

Sarah smiled at him, stepping over Benny's feet and squeezed herself between him and Ethan. Erica took up the end reluctantly next to Benny.

"Hey, there," Benny said flirtatiously, smiling at the blonde.

Erica rolled her eyes.

"So, uh…You guys look…nice…" Ethan told them, his eyes on Sarah's.

"Thanks," Sarah said with a giggle at the end. "We had fun doing it."

The pep rally finally began, opening up with the cheerleaders doing their routine. Both Sarah and Erica couldn't help but roll their eyes at the guys' ridiculously pathetic facial expressions. For some reason, Sarah had got really annoyed with Ethan's gawking.

The football players came next, the captains saying that they were going to beat the Lions in tonights game. Sarah exchanged a knowing glance with Erica; then they started screaming and being over-dramatic when the time was appropriate. And this time, Ethan got especially annoyed.

The band, which consisted some of Ethan and Benny's good friends from laser tag and chess club, rocked the house with a couple of school anthems, then some popular rap songs that they could pull off. This caused everyone to get to their feet and dance. Sarah had gotten Ethan to dance with her, leaning from side to side to the beat, winding their hips at each side; at first, Ethan was very awkward and Sarah was giggling, but she managed to help him get the hang of it. Benny and Rory were doing who knows what, and Erica just kept shaking her head.

"Babysitting tonight?" Ethan asked Sarah. It was afterschool now, and she was walking with him and Benny.

"Yep," Sarah said. "You don't mind me coming over early, do you?"

"Not at all!" Ethan said eagerly, then stopped himself. "I mean, uh, yeah. Cool."

Benny snickered. "Smooth."

"Shut up, Benny," Ethan mumbled.

They reached Ethan's house.

"I'll, uh...see you later on tonight, E," Benny said, backing away as casually as he could. When Sarah wasn't looking, Benny winked at Ethan.

"You're not c-coming?" Ethan stammered.

Benny shook his head. "Naaaah, my grandma needs me for...something."

And with that, he ran away as fast as he could before Ethan or Sarah could ask anything else.

Ethan and Sarah exchanged glances.

"Um...after you?" Ethan said, opening the front door for her.

Sarah smiled. "Oh, aren't you sweet?" She walked in, and a grinning Ethan walked in after her.

"Hey, Sarah!" said Jane from the couch. "Wanna watch TV with me?"

"Not now, Jane, but later okay? Ethan and I...have homework to do," Sarah lied smoothly.

"We do?" Ethan looked at her in bewilderment and Sarah gave him a look. "I-I mean yeah, we do! Yep..."

Jane arched an eyebrow. "O-kay..."

Sarah pulled Ethan by the wrist upstairs, almost quickly.

Now Ethan was confused. Why would Sarah lie about them having homework? They didn't have homework...

Coming in, Ethan closed the door behind himself. He watched as Sarah dropped her backpack on the floor, then ran her fingers through her hair. She seemed deep in thought about something.

"Is...everything okay?" Ethan asked her in concern.

"Everything's fine!" Sarah said. I think, she thought. Lately, the geeky 15 year old was all she could think about. Vampire or not, she had been getting butterflies when she was around him, yet she kept her cool, and she started to really like the idea of them being alone together whenever they could be alone. Erica, of course, kept telling her that she was 'in love with the geek and you should just marry him and have vampire geek babies'.

That would clear a few things up; in fact, it explained a lot. During their recent adventures and shenanigians, she'd get shivers running up and down her spine whenever he touched her shoulder-like electricity. She was becoming more like him, laughing and snorting, suddenly getting a little curious about comic book characters. In battle, she always wanted to make sure that he was safe and out of harm's way.

And that vampire car...and Ethan putting himself in harm's way like that on purpose...

And she overhears people calling him 'her boyfriend', or in Ethan's case, 'his girlfriend'.

Sarah was starting to like the way that sounded. Ever since then, when someone would mention boyfriends and girlfriends, Ethan would automatically pop up in her head. She didn't know why. Why the thought of him wrapping his arms around her seemed like a perfect feeling. Why the thought of him kissing her whenever he liked and vice versa nearly made her knees buckle.

"Actually, I...could use some help studying," Sarah said finally, smiling at him, and he gave her his cukey (cute and geeky-that word comes up every now and then) lopsided grin. "I have a history test next week."

6:31 p.m.

"Alright, Sarah, we're leaving," Mrs. Morgan said, peeping in on her and Ethan.

"Okay," said Sarah. She and Ethan were sitting across from each other on his bed, books and stray papers scattered around them; she was laying down on her side while he was sitting up indian style.

"And...we're taking Jane with us," Mrs. Morgan added, making Ethan and Sarah exchange glances with wide eyes.

"Really?" said Ethan.

"Yeah, she convinced us to take her to the movies with us," Mrs. Morgan said with a roll of her eyes. "Anyway, do you think you two'll be okay studying here by yourselves? I think it'll be good for tonight so Jane won't disturb you."

"Yeah, we'll be fine," said Sarah, writing something down in her notebook.

Yes! Ethan cheered in his mind.

Mrs. Morgan nodded. "Okay." She looked at her son. "Behave."

"Mooom!" Ethan moaned.

"Love you!" Mrs. Morgan said innocently, and she closed the door.

Ethan leaned to the side, listening for the front door to open and close. When it did, Ethan sighed heavilly.

"God, she's so embarrassing..." he muttered.

"Aww, I'm sure it's not that bad," Sarah said with a small smile, and she resumed her work.

Ethan nodded meakly, his eyes darting from her to his lap. They were alone. Finally. And this was the perfect opportunity for him to tell her how he felt about her; even though she had said that she was done with romance for a long time.

Here goes nothing...He thought, chewing his bottom lip.

"Hey, um...Sarah?"

"What's up?" Sarah looked up to meet his gaze.

Ethan swallowed nervously, his palms getting sweaty. "U-Uh...well..." He then chickened out. "Can we take a break?"

Sarah looked a little confused. "Oooookay. Let's take a break."

With vampire speed, she cleared out his entire bed, placing their things on his desk; three seconds later, she plopped back lightly on his bed.

"Now what?" she asked.

"U-Uh..." Ethan mentally kicked himself in the butt. "Wanna get a snack or something? I'm kinda hungry."

"Sounds good!" Sarah smiled at him before standing up. She made her way over to the door when-

"Sarah, wait."

Sarah, with her hand on the doorknob, turned around to see Ethan standing up; as he walked over to her, his eyes slowly drifted up from the floor and met her gaze. She could hear his uneven heartbeat.

"I've been meaning to tell you this, but..." Ethan licked his dry lips. "I just...didn't know how to tell you."

"Tell me what?" Sarah asked, crossing her arms.

Ethan looked down at his feet. "I'minlovewithyou."

"I'm sorry, what?"

Ethan took a deep breath, weighing each word carefully, forcing himself to look her in the eyes.

"I' love...with you, Sarah," he said, and he heard her gasp. "It's okay if you don't feel the same...I just...Sorry." He turned around. "Forget I even mentioned it. I should've never said-"

"Ethan..." Sarah interjected, her hand now on his arm, and he turned back around.

"I know. You don't feel the same. You can save me the rejection speech," Ethan said, hanging his head.

"Why...would I give you the rejection speech if I do feel the same?" Sarah asked carefully, and Ethan's head snapped up.

"Y-You do?" His eyes brightened.

Sarah nodded and smiled up at him. "Mhmm."

Ethan smiled.

She was closer now. Her half-lidded eyes started to slowly close as her lips puckered a little.

Oh God, she's leaning, Ethan thought. What do I do what do I DO!?

Stop thinking for once and just let out that inner animal! Benny's voice echoed in his head.

Slightly creeped out, Ethan leaned in too, tilting his head; as soon as their noses touched, he closed his own eyes.

Their lips met softly, lips yielding and feeling the other set of lips in pure bliss. Sarah uncrossed her arms, wrapping them around his torso, bringing them closer together. Ethan reached up until his hands found her cheeks, smoothing out the soft texture with his thumbs...

The door swang open, making them jump apart.

"Hey, E, guess what I-MOTHER OF GOD. Dude, score, haha!"

The two scowled.

"Sorry, bad time?" Benny grinned cheekily, now using his Betty Voice. "You guys need some snacks? A condom? Let me know! Oh, God love ya..." He closed the door.

Ethan and Sarah blushed feverishly.

"I'm gonna kill him..." Ethan grumbled.

Mean Girls reference! Hehe xD

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