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"Aaaare you ready for that mask to come off? Lemme hear you!"

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"You're everything I ever wanted...Everywhere!" Sarah confessed lovingly.

"And you're...all the nothing I ever have to loose!" Ethan replied back just as sappy and dramatic, and he grabbed her hand and ran off with her so they could be alone.

"Manos el├ęctricos?" Benny looked at his hands, then placed a hand behind his ear expectantly.

The girl behind him got it, letting out her inner rock star.

"Aaaare you ready for that mask to come off? Lemme hear you!"

Cheers were heard, and Benny was pleased. As he finished Rory (who wasn't himself) off, Ethan and Sarah were already by the door. Ethan's hand at her neck, making her smile as he leaned in, and she leaned in too...

Right until Rory was back to normal.

The two snapped out of it, realized what they were doing, and awkwardly separated after surprised sounds came from their mouths.

"What're we doing?" Sarah asked, her voice hysterical.

"I don't know, but..." Ethan stepped closer to her, a little shyly. "Must've been for a good reason, right?"

Sarah hesitated, licking her lips subconsciously as she stared at her best friend's lips. They looked so inviting. She was a vampire, so all of her emotions were heightened. Her urges were so strong that-

Her lips crashed on his, her hands reaching up to tear through his hair. Ethan stumbled back at the force but he kissed her back just as fiercely, gripping her waist and pulling her closer. His back hit the door.

The scene changes and, still kissing her, Ethan closes his bedroom door. She barely lets him breathe, but he's okay with that. He lets her take off his jacket, and he does the same in return. She finally let him breathe, remembering he was human after all, and helped him unbutton his maroon shirt quickly, cute little pants and slightly whiny moans escaping her lips. His shirt finally hits the floor, and he turns her around abruptly, her back facing his bed.

Their lips reunited again passionately for a few more moments, and soft "I love you"'s were exchanged. She moaned as his head lowered so he could kiss her neck, her body arching upwards against him. Without tearing his lip contact from her neck, he slid her jacket off her shoulders and threw it somewhere. She could really appreciate him now and his warmth, running her fingers up and down his back, chest, and abdomen.

Sarah ripped her shirt open, knowing that would take too much time. Ethan's fingers found the hem of her white shirt and he pulled it over her head just as she raised her arms to help him do that. Then with her vampire speed, she managed to take off her pants and shoes; Ethan takes off his shoes just in time for their lips to reunite again. Another impatient moan escapes her as she got on her knees and unbuckled his pants, yanking them down his legs. Ethan lifted one leg, then the other, before they were free.

He launched himself at her, and her arms and legs wrapped around them as they fell on his bed. Sarah used her vampire speed and strength to flip Ethan over on his back. Her back arched as she continued to kiss him, cupping his face. Her hair got in the way, so she sat up and flipped her hair over to the other side. This made them both giggle and kiss each other again. Sarah kissed down Ethan's body, going as far as his navel, then back up to his neck, where she let her tongue slip and trace the length of it. Ethan's moan was quiet.

He switched their positions, hovering over her. He could really appreciate her now, really loving the light pink bra and panty set she had with black lace. She smiled up at him, knowing that he liked what he saw, and gladly kissed him back when he leaned down to join their lips. His mouth went back to work on her neck.

"I've been wanting this for a long time," she whispered and panted.

"Me too," Ethan murmured.

And as the scene started to slowly zoom out, Sarah's bra hit the floor next, followed by her underwear and his, and her moans-deliciously mixed with his groans- echoed as the scene blurred...

"Ethan...Ethan!" a male voice that wasn't Sarah's boomed through Ethan's eardrums, making him jerk away.

"Agh, what?" Ethan snapped sleepily. His vision finally cleared, and he saw Benny leaning over him.

"You were dreaming about Sarah, weren't you?" Benny asked with a sleepy grin.

"No I wasn't..." Ethan lied.

"Oh yeah? Then why were you moaning her name in your sleep?"

Ethan blushed. "Oh. I was? see, what had happened was-"

"Save it, dude, I know you better than anyone," Benny interjected, sitting down on his bed. "Must've been a pretty good dream."

"You idea," Ethan said as he sat up, wiping his eyes. He balanced himself on his elbows. "Of course, if you hadn't woke me up for another five minutes..."

"Oooooh, so it was about that?" Benny scooted closer to him, using his Betty voice as he rested his chin on his fists. "Tell me the deets!" His smile was wide and toothy, his eyes tightly closed for a second.

"That's none of your business," Ethan grumbled with a chuckle, pushing Benny back making him guffaw.

"Aw, c'mon," Benny said. "Sarah's officially your girlfriend. 'Bout time, eh?"

Yesterday replayed in Ethan's head, making the Seer smile dopily. "Oh. Right. She' girlfriend..."

He remembered last night, when she had to leave. The two were practically inseparable that night, but kept it cool around Jane and his parents.

"Well," Sarah sighed as Ethan walked her to the door. "Looks like I gotta go." She opened the door, and the cold night air blew in.

"Can I...see you tomorrow?" Ethan asked, burying his hands in his pockets.

"Of course," Sarah said with a smile, turning around to face him.

"It's cold outside, so..." Ethan took off his jacket.

"Ethan, I'm a vampire. I don't get..." Her voice trailed off as he wrapped his jacket around her shoulders, his fingers lingering on her neck as the collar circled around it. She smiled, sliding her arms through the sleeves; it smelled so much like him, and she loved his scent.

"I know, but..." Ethan gave her a lopsided smile and shrug. "I just thought...that maybe you...-"

Sarah put a finger to his lips. "No. Thank you. Forget I mentioned it." She lifted her finger with another smile, realizing how close their faces were.

"Okay," Ethan said with a wider smile, and she leaned up on her toes to reach his lips. He wrapped his arms around her, picking her up a little as he met her halfway and kissed her. Once. Twice. Three times.

Sarah giggled. "G'Night, Ethan."

Ethan watched her leave, noticing the extra switch she put in her hips. When she reached the sidewalk, she looked both ways, and looked over her shoulder at him; he waved at her, she gave him a smile, and she flew off into the air.

"G'Night, Sarah," Ethan whispered.

Ethan sighed, getting out of bed and stretched.

"Well, dude," said Benny, laying back on Ethan's bed, his arms behind his head. "We've got the whole weekend with no homework. Whaddaya wanna do?"

"First, I wanna get a chance to wake up," Ethan said, and as he passed Benny again, he pushed his head back as Benny tried to sit up. Benny laughed again, and Ethan sleepily headed to the bathroom to freshen up.

"Dude, lemme in! I need to brush my teeth!" came Benny's impatient voice from the other side of the door. Ethan, who had just finished showering and was now brushing his teeth,, rolled his eyes; he was wearinig a graphic tee and jeans (he had decided to bring his clothes with him in the bathroom). Walking over to the door, he opened it to reveal Benny wearing his usual polo and jeans, toothbrush in hand.

Ethan stepped back as Benny came in, spitting out his toothpaste.

"You could've waited another five minutes," Ethan said before putting his toothbrush back in his mouth. Benny snickered, putting the toothpaste on his own toothbrush, running it underneath the sink water, and brushed his teeth as well.

When the two best friends were done, they walked back into Ethan's room.

Everything was normal up until they saw someone laying on Ethan's bed.

"GAH!" they both yelped, holding onto each other.

Sarah giggled. "Sorry, did I scare you?"

"A fair warning would've been nice!" Benny said, he and Ethan releasing each other. "Great. You're here." He looked at Ethan. "Now you and Sarah get to do all boyfriend and girlfriend stuff, while I just sit here and watch you two."

A muted thud sounded in the room, causing the trio to look up. It was Erica.

Benny's eyes lit up and he grinned. "Is it Christmas already?"

Erica rolled her eyes, looking at her best friend. "So why am I here this early again? Some of us like our beauty sleep on weekends!"

"Well..." Sarah started as Ethan sat down next to her. She looked over at him, and smiled just as he kissed her.

"Hey," Ethan smiled at her.

"Hi," she said, her smile still there.

"Uh, Sarah!" Erica waved her hands back and forth. "Did you forget to tell me something?!"

"So for once, you don't know something..." Benny said thoughtfully, rubbing his chin, and Erica shot daggers at him.

"I didn't tell you?" Sarah asked in an innocent tone. "Oops..."

Ethan chuckled.

"Yeah, you forgot to mention," Erica said, crossing her arms.

"They forget a lot of things, but they don't last long" Benny said. "Ethan sure as hell would remember that naughty dream he had about him and Sar-"

"Benny!" Ethan hissed in embarrassment.

"What?" Benny grinned.

"You had a dream like that already?" Erica grinned too.

"Already? He's been having those dreams ever since he met-" Benny started right before Ethan smacked his hand over his mouth.

"One more word," Ethan nearly growled in warning, "and I'll tell Erica about those 'wizard accidents' you have whenever you have dreams about you and her having se-"

This time, Benny smacked his hand over Ethan's mouth, his eyes shooting upward. If they weren't covering each other's mouths, the girls would've seen them blushing.

"Oh," Sarah giggled, and Erica looked creeped out, her mouth hanging open at an odd angle. Ethan and Benny exchanged glances before releasing each other's mouths.

"In. Your. Dreams!" Erica said.

"You know you want me," Benny said, trying to act cool. "Don't deny your undying love for me."

"As if! I wouldn't fall in love with you if you were the last dork on earth!"

Benny frowned. "I beg to differ."

"I would never-EVER date you!"

"Looks like we found a reason why no one would date you nowadays. You're always bitter and mean and-"

"No one wants to date you because you're a Star Wars GEEK and-"

"Star Trek-"

"Like I care!"

"You never do!"

"Of course I don't! I never liked you!"

"Well, I never liked you either!"

"That's fine with me!"










"Wannabe ladies man!"

"Gold digger!"


"Bra stuffer!"

Erica gasped, looking down at herself before glaring back at the spellmaster. "Take. That. Back."

"Make me," Benny said, stepping closer to her, and they were almost nose to nose.

"Gladly," Erica snarled, her irises flickering, threatening to change color, her fangs ready to shead-

"Guys!" said Ethan and Sarah, and Benny and Erica looked over at them-slightly coldly since they were still mad at each other.

"You're gonna wake up the entire house!" Ethan said.

Benny and Erica glared at each other briefly.

"Look, this fighting is getting old," Sarah said, standing up. "I'm not having it this weekend!"

"Me neither," Ethan agreed.

"I try to be nice," Benny said, pointing at his chest, then jabbing his thumb in Erica's direction. "Miss Fancy Prissy Pants always starts it!"

Erica growled at him.

"Can't you see? She can't afford to be nice to me," Benny said, crossing his arms. "Never."

"I too can be nice, dork!" Erica snapped.

"No, you can't."

"Yes, I can."

"No, you can't."

"Yes. I. Can!"

"Guys!" Ethan nearly yelled.

"She started it!"

"He started it!"

"Both of you started it!" Sarah snapped. "If you think that you can't be nice to each other, then let's make it a bet. You two have to be nice to each other for the entire weekend. Whoever says something mean first looses."

"What if I win?" Benny demanded.

"If you win..." said Ethan, thinking about it. "Erica has to...make cupcakes with you afterschool."

Benny grimaced, but couldn't deny his secret love for making desserts. He just loved food. Erica made a face.

"And what if I win?" Erica demanded next.

"Then Benny has to..." Ethan said. " Erica's servant for a week."

"No blood slave," Sarah told Erica firmly, and the blonde almost pouted. Benny took a large step to the left.

"And on Monday, you better get yourselves together, because you have to act like best friends. That'll determine who'll win and who'll loose," Ethan chuckled at the end.

"What?" Benny and Erica said. They opened their mouths to bicker at each other when-

"Uh-uh-uuuuh!" Sarah singsonged with a sly grin.

Ethan smiled too, tapping his watch. "The bet starts now."

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