Neat little words inked in with black pen glared up at him as he heaved a heavy sigh. He would be staying late after school for a student council meeting according his planner.

Shion had been extra busy lately now that the debate club had started back up. He already had a part time job to manage without the stress of extracurricular activities. Every night he would come home to an awaiting porch light and his mother asleep on the living room couch. With a kiss to the exhausted woman's temple, he would drape a blanket across her body. As he surveyed the house he would normally see a plate of food on the table for him, covered in Saran wrap, and then topped off with a pink Sticky Note. The contents of the note were usually something along the lines of 'Don't forget to eat and shower. Finish your homework and get to bed soon. –Love, Mom.' When he saw the little heart scribbled beside his mom's signature he nearly cried. Guilt plagued him as he carried out the note's instructions, making sleep evade him when he actually had the chance. The cycle would start back over when he awoke in the morning, tired as ever.

He snapped the leather bound book closed and shoved it into his backpack. The bell already rung but he stayed in his seat, not wanting to go to his meeting. Still, if he was too late Safu would ream him out for it. With a heavy heart, Shion trudged down the empty hallways and listened to the distant voices of students in other clubs. In his head he listed off all of the different activities going on today. After all, he was in charge of making sure things were planned out correctly. Art Club, Drama Club, GSA, and the Wrestling Team were all supposed to be staying until five o'clock maximum. Normally the teachers would leave him to lock up after everything finished since they had full faith in him. He resented the fact that they trusted him so much, and that he couldn't say no to them.

The door to the student council room was already open, everyone seated inside and awaiting their president. Safu had taken his place at the podium and tried to get things started but nobody was really listening. She often complained that they didn't respect her they way they did him, and it irritated her to no end. Shion walked in and cleared his throat. The chattering silenced and all eyes were on him as he calmly moved to his usual position.

He nodded towards Safu in acknowledgement. "Thanks for starting things off for me," he said, then addressed the other council members, "now let me start off by reviewing the agenda."

And so it went. Another meeting started, another meeting adjourned. The clock read 5:45 when the final student had left the room. So much for getting to work early, he thought bitterly. Shion made his way towards the front doors and tried to enjoy the silence. He only got to sit in a quiet environment at his part time job at the library. Otherwise, he was stuck surrounded by people that all looked to him for advice and direction. So when he heard talking, he was less than pleased. Not only was this person ruining his solitude, but they were at school past the designated time.

Shion followed the sound until he was at the door to the auditorium. Pushing the large wooden door open, he found himself at the back of the large room, staring down the middle isle at a lit up stage. A figure stood illuminated under the spot lights with a folded over script in hand.

"Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing," the person said with a voice so full of emotion that Shion found himself moved by the performance. Whoever it was on stage was going over the script again, finger following their line. "I know that you're there, so go ahead and come out."

Shion was startled from his thoughts and walked nervously towards the stage. How did this person know he was watching? He hadn't made a single sound!

When he made it close enough, he could tell it was a boy in his grade, with cobalt blue hair that was up in a complicated looking knot. His grey eyes were studying Shion closely and so openly that it made him squirm. He opened his mouth to speak but the boy cut him off.

"So how did you enjoy the show?"

Well he certainly hadn't expected that. He thought that he was going to be reprimanded for not making himself known sooner. "Wh-What?" he squeaked, wishing he could control the tone of his voice.

"It was a monologue from Macbeth. That's the play we decided on for this year," the boy continued, stuffing the worn out script into an equally worn out backpack. "If you want to see more then you have to wait until the fifteenth."

With those last words, he jumped off the stage and sauntered past Shion, out the double doors. Shion stood there absolutely dumbfounded. He couldn't exactly comprehend what just happened to him, and standing alone in the auditorium made the entire thing seem somewhat surreal. Shaking his head as if to dislodge these bothersome thoughts, he dimmed the lights and locked up the doors before taking his own leave.

The sky above him was painted a deep orange which faded into a light purple, with pinks thrown into the mix as fluffy clouds. For the second time that day he was simply caught up in the moment. But his phone was buzzing with a call from his boss, and it just served to remind him that he forgot to tell the Macbeth kid that he couldn't stay at the school that late.

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