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= Chapter 1: The Initial Encounter =


A brown haired teenager, with one emerald green eye, the other a deep purple color, muttered as he set a crate loaded with ores of various metals down, outside of his father's blacksmithy. He wiped his brow, and looked around. It was a peaceful day in the land of Ionia. He looked at the crate and thought to himself; [Well... Guess I'm done for the day. That was the last crate Father wanted me to move.] He brushed his hands together, wiping off any stray dust that had gathered. There was supposed to be a woman, around the same age he was, coming by later in the day to obtain the weapons his father created for the Guards.

He thought it a little strange that they were sending a woman. He didn't mean to implicate a sexist opinion with that, but he was expecting a new recruit, or a younger man, to grab the weapons. The teenager turned to his left, and picked up a spare sword his father had crafted for the Guard last time. Time flew by, as he practiced swinging the sword. His one goal was to always join the Ionian Guard, and to defend everyone he knew and cared about. [I'll admit...] He thought to himself, as he sat down and gazed up into the beautiful afternoon sky, [It's a childish goal. But it's a start.] He raised the sword above his head, as he heard footsteps approaching. The footsteps were not loud and heavy like his Father's were, but rather, they were soft and gentle, as if someone was walking with refined grace and style.

"Excuse me..?" A modest, yet commanding, voice called out.

The teenager bolted upright, and stood up while turning around, coming face to face with a woman with long silvery hair, wearing the traditional uniform of an Ionian Guard. She carried herself with such elegance and such confidence, the teenager was left speechless in her presence.

"Ah, there is someone here. Good. My name is Irelia. I am the Captain of the Ionian Guard. I've come here to pick up the weapons for the Guard?" Her voice became a tad less soft, and more commanding.

"Oh, sure." The teenager said, "Uhm... Lady Irelia, was it?" He asked, as Irelia raised an eyebrow.

"There's no need for such formality, though seeing people can still have good manners nowadays is a reassuring sign... But yes. That's my name. Is there something you would like to ask?" She offered, as the teenager nodded.

"There is, milady. How do you intend to carry well over a dozen swords with you back to the Guard..?" He asked, as Irelia smiled.

"Haha. You really are an polite young man." Irelia spoke, as she held her hand out... with fifteen or sixteen blades flying towards her, and levitating around her.

"This is how I shall carry them." She said, giggling as the teenager looked at her dumbfounded.

"I... What..? That's... that's amazing!" The teenager shouted, laughing.

"Actually, would you care to accompany me to back to the Guard? It's been a while since I've actually had someone to talk with, that doesn't just stare at me, or insult me." Irelia asked, half hoping that the teenager would accept. The teenager blinked, and nodded vigorously.

"Yeah, I would love to do that!" He exclaimed, picking up two swords, and carrying them back to the Guard with Irelia.

The walk was long, but enjoyable for both parties. Townsfolk bowed out of the way for Irelia, as the teenager looked around.

"Wow..." He muttered, half astonished by the sights, "My Father generally keeps me cooped up around the Blacksmithy..." he muttered, as Irelia looked over her shoulder and smiled at him.

"You'll have to forgive me. I never asked for your name." Irelia said, feeling a slight bit ashamed she had never asked for the person's name, ever after how polite and helpful he had been to her.

"Oh!" The teen said with a sleepy smile, "My name is David. David Firebrand."

"That's a nice name, David." Irelia said, as David's face turned slightly red. He never expected such a beautiful woman to compliment him on anything, let alone his name and manners.

"Tell me, David..." Irelia asked shyly, not sure how to properly ask this without making it seem like she was too interested in him, "Well... How old do you think I am?"

David blinked. Was she trying to hint at something?

"I... Uh... I want to say 20... 22... Something like that. I'm only 18, and I heard the woman coming to pick up the blades was... Well around the same age as I was..." David said, as Irelia only smiled at his intuition.

"I am actually 21. A very astute guess on your behalf however." David's face turned a slight bit more red, as Irelia smiled.

[He's getting embarassed? Or is he just shy..?] Irelia pondered, as the duo arrived just outside of the Guardhouse. The time was just a moment or two past sunset, and the sky had changed colors to reflect the day.

"I... Thank you." Irelia said, as David blinked, and shook his head.

"No, thank you, Irelia. You didn't mind me tagging along, even if I just slowed you down..." David's voice trailed off, as Irelia allowed the blades to rest on the weapon rack outside of the armory, and began to walk towards David. "Irelia?" David asked, as Irelia smiled, and held out her hand.

"You really are a kindred soul, David Firebrand. Pray tell, have you heard of the League of Legends?" Irelia asked, as David took her hand. It was soft and gentle, as David had come to expect.

[Everything about her is graceful and beautiful...] David thought to himself, half hoping the handshake would turn into a hug.

"I have heard of the League of Legends actually, Lady Irelia. I do not know much about it however..." David muttered, as Irelia smiled sweetly.

"Did you know I am a Champion in the League of Legends, as is the Dutchess of Ionia, Lady Karma?" She asked, as David's eyes widened. He had been walking with a Champion of the League, and he hadn't even realized it. His Father would curse his boy's ignorance if he ever found out.

"I... Uh... er... I..." David stammered, as Irelia put a single finger to his lips.

"Hush, David. There's no need for apologies or nervousness. I'm still the same Irelia that you met today, am I not? Besides, I rather enjoyed our time together today, you know. When I mentioned earlier that others always stared at me, or insulted me, this is reason why. Truly, David Firebrand, I thank you for treating me like a normal girl, and not a freak with powers..." Irelia's voice trailed off. On the outside, she was completely confident with her powers. But many had constantly insulted her powers within the league, many of which were Noxians and Zaunites nonetheless. However, before Irelia could say more, David now put a single finger to her lips, and smiled.

"Hush, Irelia. You're not a freak of nature. You're a beautiful woman, with an amazing ability. I don't care wha-" David said, and stopped abruptly, realizing what he had just said. Irelia gently pulled David into an hug, and held him close to her.

"Thank you David. Promise me you'll at least come by and visit me in the Institute of War from time to time? I would rather enjoy seeing you around there, you know..." Irelia said, as David picked up on the hint this time.

"Well, y'know. Maybe i'll drop by for a visit. I mean, I'd like to see what kind of weapons those within the league use. My father would be very interested in that, you know." David said, acting as if he was going to be casually going, if only to divert any attention the two would bring to themself.

"Then it's a date." Irelia said, as she finally let go of David, albeit reluctantly, turned and began walking towards her living quarters. She didn't want him to see her crimson-colored face, or hear how fast her heart was beating. [He's just another citizen of Ionia... But why do I feel so strongly about someone I just met...] Irelia subconciously asked herself, as David waved to her.

"Good night, Irelia!" David shouted.

With a rather proud and large grin on his face. In truth, David had been exceptionally nervous throughout the hug. He couldn't believe such an incredibly beautiful woman was actually interested in him. Him! A blacksmith's son, and nothing more! Irelia looked back at David, and smiled while waving to him, before walking into the Guardhouse. David laughed quietly, and began his trek back towards the Blacksmithy happily... As two golden eyes fixated on him.

Eyes almost like that of a Fox...