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Chapter 1: The New Comer

One sunny day at a digimon orphanage three in-training levels were playing together. They were a Gigimon, Viximon, Gummymon. They didn't know it yet, but a strange egg was going to change the orphanage forever.

"Madame Angewomon!" A young voice cried out.

"What is it my child?" The angelic figure asked looking down on a young gigimon.

"Me, Viximon, and Gummymon were playing in the field when we found this." The small dinosaur replied pulling a small basket from the shade containing a digi-egg.

"Well That certainly is a good reason to alert me," Angewomon stated, "Would you please go set it in the nursery?"

"Sure Thing, ma'am!" Gigimon replied spunkily.

Two hours later, Angewomon was busy nursing the unexpected arrival when the egg started to crack. It was subtle at first so she didn't notice right away. But then, The Crack widened until it hatched.

"Oh my! You certainly are a..." she was dumbfounded at what she saw. The creature was a small purple blob with a mean stare and two triangular ears.

"Madame Angewomon, what is the matter?" Gigimon asked rushing into the room.

"The egg it hatched, and it's a Kiimon!" She stated obviously alarmed.

"Is that bad?" Gigimon questioned.

"No, but it is certainly a rare digimon," She commented, "That's for sure"

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