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Chapter 18: A New World and Home

"Madame Angewomon, is that you?" Impmon called out to the angel. Impmon was confused and worried for she only stared at him, "Don't you recognize me? It's me! Impmon!" but she only continued to stare at him. He was about to burst into tears, but then.

"Impmon, right?" She asked, this got his hopes up, but they came crashing down with what she said next, "Sorry, I haven't seen you before," This instantly broke the illusion he had, in Angewomon's place was a slightly shorter, white male creature. He had darkish gold hair and misty blue eyes. He wore blue jeans along with red and silver shirt.

"Are you a digimon?" Impmon asked.

The boy looked confused at this question, "A digi what's it now?" he asked.

Impmon then remembered what the voice told him back at Limbo, "You're a human right?"

The boy was even more confused by this question, "Of course, aren't you?" as soon as he asked this question, the boy realised how alien this creature looked, "Or are you that digi thing you were talking about?"

"Yes, I am," the imp replied, "I'm Impmon, what's your name?"

The boy was dumbfounded at what a digimon was, vut he answered the question anyways, "J.T.," he humbly answered, "Now, do you mind telling me what a digimon is?"

"Of course," Impmon then continued to explain everthing about digimon that he had known. He told J.T. of his life story and how he got there. He even told him about his family and what was a normal routine for a digimon.

"You've had one hell of a life," J.T. commented, "You are also alone, so why don't you stay at my house from now on?"

Impmon was shocked at this offer, but he was grateful, "Sure!" he eagerly accepted. They made there way through the city and wound up at a medium sized house with several cars in the drive way, "What are these?" Impmon asked.

"I'll explain later," J.T. told him with a sweat drop, "Come on, let's go in."

The two walked into the door and were instantly greeted by a woman in her early thirties, "Welcome home son!" she greeted him, then she turned her gaze to Impmon, "Uhm... honey, what's that?"

J.T. was in a sudden panic he didn't know what to do or say. He hadn't thought about what would happen if he just walked into the front door with Impmon, but his Imp pal kept his cool and stepped up to the batter's plate, "I'm Impmon! I'm a digimon,"

J.T.'s mom was surprised that Impmon was talking, but she didn't want to be rude and kept her cool, "Hello there Impmon, could you please explain what and who you are?" Impmon went through the same routine like he did before, but this time he had J.T. to back him up, "That's an interesting tale young man, and I'm sure that you thought you were doing the right thing at the time."

Impmon started getting teary eyed at this comment, "Thank you ma'am,"

"Please, call me Mom!" Mom assured.

The imp was even more joyed at such a warm welcome, "Thank you mom!"

"Now go take a shower. Once you are done it's time to eat," Mom commanded.

"Okay," Impmon replied. In the bathroom Impmon was troubled at how warm of a welcome he was getting, he then turned to J.T. and asked him a question, "Is it okay, that I'm here?"

J.T. didn't even look at him and asked, "Huh?"

"Nothing," Impmon replied in a low voice.

J.T. just smirked and told the young digimon, "We're glad you're here," this made Impmon feel a sensation in his body, once again he felt like he belonged.

Just then Mom called out, "Dinner's ready!" the two then jumped into action and sprang to the dinner table.

Book One End

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