Title: Strawberry Heart Attack

Warnings: Lemony, Yaoi, "bad" words, progressive OOC, bad portrayal of Orihime, the story is NOT GrimmHime.

Author Note (Important!): This is going to be a trilogy. I'm planning on getting rid of some of my other stories (?) This is going to be a trend where I take my favorite pairings and make their stories in to AU/Non AU trilogies. The order of the trilogies will be: 1. the initial meeting/ the beginning of the love story, a bumpy road, and the happy ending.

This is the First Part of the GrimmIchi Trilogy.

If you want to know which pairings are going to take place in these trilogies, please look at my profile.

Part One:
(Grimmjow POV)

Walking out of bed today, I did not feel different. There was a naked woman in my bed. It was not any fucking different. After she makes me breakfast, she'll leave. Even last night, there was no seduction. There was just hot, normal, sex.

Throwing the blanket aside, I groaned and arose from the bed. I stumbled to the bathroom and started the shower. I had to work today. Goddammit. This was a daily routine: Morning fuck, eat, tell the bitch to go home, go to work, get home, find something to do, call someone up to fuck, and go to bed.

There was only one interesting part of my schedule. I would go to a place where they held poetry presentations. I had a soft spot for poetry. It always resonated within me, gave me a different perspective of things. Besides I could hit a drink there and find people with personalities.

I had to turn of the shower because I realized I was really horny again. I don't know why. I didn't like breaking their hearts, but these sluts would do anything for a good fuck, they didn't even care.

Let's make one thing clear, I don't fall in love. To me, love never works out. I always tell the truth. I can't fall in love. I don't do romance.

Looking down at the bed, I woke the redhead up. "Oi, Orihime, I could use a good fuck."

Orihime seemed like such an innocent person. But the truth was that we were just fuck buddies now, she made me realize how harsh real love was. Had I been more patient, it would have been more painful when I she told me that she was cheating on me.

I had no reaction. I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to say anything to her. Why add insult to injury?

She had a boyfriend and I had just given up on any type of romance.

She yawned loudly and put her hands in the air. Sitting up she replied, "Me too, can you get on the bed, Grimmjow-san?"

I did what I was doing. I honestly didn't feel like doing anything. I just wanted to get rid of this horniness. She was cheating on her boyfriend now with me, I didn't want any shit. Was it that bad of me to have a good fuck? Today, I just happened to have picked her up at the poetry house. She flat out lied to her boyfriend and told him that she was going to go home.

I didn't even know who her boyfriend was because she told me to just wait. That whore probably couldn't get her guy in bed no matter how hard she tried.

Lying on the bed, I waited for her to lower her naked body onto my hardened member. I just pulled my head back and waited for her to move. She moved alright. She rode my dick… like any other girl had, it wasn't special. She would squeal and say my name over and over again.

"Hah… Grimmjow, oh!"

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum…"

As soon as I said that I felt a wave coming over me. She took her wet pussy off and allowed me to cum outside so she wouldn't get any inside of her.

"Hah, ah, that felt good," she panted.

I nodded my head as I waited for my cock to go limp again. Oh, the power of quickies.

"You good, Grimmy?" she asked with the innocently fabricated face of hers.

"Yeah," I replied bluntly getting off the bed to go take a shower.

"I'll make you breakfast before I have to meet Ichigo, ok?"

I nodded my head.

So that's his name? Ichigo. That name sounds… cute. It was the first time she had mentioned her boyfriend's name to me. Wait till that kid finds out what his partner is doing. It's not like she shouts his name when she has an orgasm. Now, she just has to make sure she doesn't shout my name.

I stepped into the shower and stroked my blue hair back as the warm water washed it. Coming out, I could hear the sizzle of the griddle and the smell of bacon. Fuck her. She knows everything. Yet, she fucking cheated on me that bitch.

I put on a pair of pants and left my white shirt unbuttoned to show off a very well built frame.

I sat at the table waiting for Orihime to bring me my food, I told her not to fuck it up before. She liked to put all kinds of crazy shit in my food. She brought me a plate of good looking food. There were four pieces of bacon next to an omelet. She had a plate of breakfast herself.

I started to eat only when she had sat down. I poked at the bacon with my fork; there was a weird crust on it, "What is this?"

"It's chocolate-covered bacon!" She sounded rather cheerful, "It's really good; try it, Grimmjow-san."

So I chewed on a small bit in my mouth. It tasted different… Not too bad so I finished it, scraping some of the excess chocolate off. I took a bite of my omelet.

Holy fuck. It was fucking hot. Holding a hand up to my mouth, my eyes started water and my tongue and throat burned in agony. What the hell did she put in here?!

I cut the omelet with the side of the fork while still holding my hand over mouth. I started to cough when I saw what she had put in there.

"Holy shit! Orihime, what the fuck are these?!" I freaked.

"Oh, I put habaneros, to try to make it spicier!" She leaned over and looked at my food, "Oh, it looks like I put too many in yours."

She giggled and offered me some water.

"Water will just make it fucking burn!" It's true, water just spreads the heat around in your mouth. So, I ran over to the freezer and pulled out a large spoonful of ice cream. Immediately, my mouth started to cool down. She's trying to kill me.

When we were done, I asked her when she was going to go home. She said now. And she left, just like that. I buttoned up my shirt and left. I drove my Porsche to my work. I owned my own pet clinic as a fully certified veterinarian. In our area, there were no animal hospitals.

I like animals, probably more than people. They don't talk back to you, they don't bother the hell out of you, and they certainly don't get as moody as people do.

I was having a pretty slow day at work. I was really bored. There was nothing to fucking do. I got a call halfway through the day, it was from Orihime.

She spoke at the other end of the line. "Hi, Grimmy, I have some bad news for you."

"What is it?"

"I… I can't spend the nights over at your house anymore."

"Really?" I sparked a pretend interest in my tone. I was doodling with my pen on a pad of paper while I spoke.

"Yeah, yesterday, Ichigo came to my house and I wasn't home. So he got really suspicious and she didn't want me to lie to him again. So…"

"Yeah, that's ok."

"Really? You're the best! Anyways, how's work?"

"It's… slow."

"Oh, ok, did you see anything interesting?"

"A dog had an overgrown tooth."

"Ouch! That's got to hurt—". You could not believe how happy I was when Nel came into the room to tell me I have a patient coming in.

"I got to go, Orihime. Bye." I hung up the phone before said bitch had any more time to annoy me. Her teal hair splashed back and forth as she bounced into the room and started to talk in her high-pitched voice.

"Dr. Grimmjow-san, you have a patient!" She held the clipboard close to her huge tits. She always had a sense of childishness that was somewhat cute. Her body was all woman. I shouldn't be saying this stuff about my sister-in-law. Yes, I have an older brother. His name is Nnoitra. That's how I know her in the first place, and I got her this job.

My brother's also pretty successful. He's a movie director. He fell in love with Neliel Tu Oderschvanch, a German orphan, four years ago. I didn't know it was possible for my brother to fall in love. He's such a tight ass. She was just plain sweet. They are complete opposites.

But, they can at least say that have truly fallen in love being inseparable and all.

Nel was a good assistant too. She was on top of things and she was nice to the pet owners. She finished school and she had all of the qualifications but, she refused to work anywhere else. Fine by me. My lazy ass was too lazy to do anything.

A girl with brown hair in pig tails and had large soft eyes. She was accompanied by another girl, about the same age, and a much taller guy with obnoxiously bright orange hair.

"Hello there, please place your pet right here." I told the girl standing in front of me. Showing her the examination table next to me, realized that I should be asking for her fucking name…

"So, what's your name?"

"Oh, my name is Yuzu! This is my sister, Karin," She pointed to the girl with the black hair. She just snarled. The attitude problem again, but my facial expression did not change.

"This is my brother," She called to her brother, "Oni-chan!"

"Oh," the taller one sat down right in the chair and lent out a hand, "Nice to meet you, I'm Kurosaki Ichigo."

"Grimmjow JaegerJaques." I shook his hand back. My finger slipped his as I turned my attention towards the cat, "Who's this?"

"That's our kitten, Kon!"I petted the cat on the head as the initiation for the checkup procedure. As I checked the kitten, I kept the corner of my eyes on the older brother of the two.

Without thinking, I asked him, "Still in school?"

He seemed a little taken back. It was not my fucking fault that he looked like a high school student. "No, I finished medical school a few years ago, I run the second Kurosaki clinic."

So this guy was Ichigo Kurosaki. No, he wasn't just Ichigo Kurosaki, he was the Ichigo Kurosaki. The famous Ichigo Kurosaki had a ton of articles written about him. I have heard about him, but I don't believe I had ever met the guy.

That bright orange hair… maybe I had…? That name, Ichigo does ring a bell. Who was this guy? Oh yeah, Orihime's boyfriend. I hope not. I don't think even her size bust could've gotten this sexy beast.

What the fuck did I just call him?! I stopped trying to think about him. Glancing at the clock, I noticed that this would be my last patient for the day. After the checkup, I asked a few questions, and sent them on their way. I gave them my business card and wrote my number on the back.

I never give patient my cell phone number. But I guess, since he may or may not have some sort of relation to me.

I hanged up my coat and said bye to Nel.

"See ya, Nel."

"Bye! Are you going to be at the poets house today?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"See you then! Oh, oops, sorry, Nnoitra and I have plans for then!"

"Yeah, that's ok. I'll pick someone up there, for the night atleast."

"Maybe you should get settled, Grimmjow-san."

"I told you Nel," I held the door just as I was about to leave, "Love doesn't work for me."

I walked out the door and into my car. Driving home, I had that odd sense. That sense that I needed to see that orange-haired kid again.