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Chapter 1

As the "City That Never Sleeps" took it's role into the night, two brown eyes stared at the people below. Wondering where she would strike next. The Jewelry Store, no, the nearest Jewelry Store was around 10 to 15 miles away, and she wasn't in the mood for the exercise. The Bank, no to many cameras and alarms. She was trying to keep a low cover.

*After that one time she encountered the Him. She had just finished beating this thief who stole from a convenience store. Although she couldn't steal from an old, little store at the corner of the block, nothing said that she couldn't steal from a punk bastard that did the job she couldn't do. And that is what she did. After that was done, she went to the rooftops to count the loot. She didn't feel right. She felt as if someone or something was watching her. While counting the money, she was a little disappointed at what she came up with. 125 dollars and 65 cents. That was half the stuff she would get in one night!

"Now, now, now. I was just about to beat that bastard. But it looks like I'm going to have to something I will probably regret for two whole minutes, to you."

"Shit!" she said, she looked to see who had caught her. The Nightwatcher. The vigalante that went around beating the bad guys to a bloody pulp. Then, hanging them for the police to find.

"You gonna give that to me Sweety. Or are we going to have to do this that hard way." he said as a chain with a ball at the end of it suddenly appeared, as if out of thin air.

This payed for her little apartment that she lived in near by. Although her jod at Carlos's pizza was ok pay, but it just wasn't enough. So, she got had to steal in order to live.

"Ooohhh, chains, nice. You going to chain me to the wall and have your way with me." she said, trying to do what ever she can to get her way out of this. And she got her way a lot.

"Hun, I don't think that you want to do anything my way." he said, coming closer. The closer she got the more she saw of him. He was covered in metal. His helmet wat shaped like a biker's. She heard that he had a bike, so that could probably explain the helmet. He had some scratches on him. Probably from other criminals. What was she thinking, although she did steal she wouldn't consider herself a criminal. After all it was to pay off her apartment, and that money goes to the government, or something. Right?

"Wanna bet?", she playfully said, dangling the bag of money and twirling it around.

"Nah, I don't gamble." he said. In a flash the chain went flying grabbed the bad full of cash, and before she could blink, he had her prey in his hands. She growled. She launched at him with a kick and he easily blocked it. He chuckled "Careful princess, a little thing like you could hurt something.". Ok , now he is pissing her off. She went to punch him, but he he grabbed her arm in a flash. She couldn't see what was on the other side of the helmet, but she knew he was staring at her. She could feel it. He let go of her then pushed her to the ground. "I got what I needed, but now you need to be handled with."

She shook her head, "Nope. I have plans.", she stood up and dash away. Cursing herself for retreating, and not having the money.*

Growling at the flashback, she heard a scream in the distance. She went into attack mode. Hearing the sream over and over again, she finally made it to where it led to. A young woman being attack by a man in an ally way. This man had a tatoo of a dragon on his arm. Purple Dragons!

She pounce on the man, he hit the ground hard. He stood to see her, he snarled, "I'll let that one slide if you piss off and let me do my work.", he spat

She said nothing, and launched, he did the same. Dodging hits, swerving around the guy, she punched and kicked, and when she did that she did it with all her might. Another hit in the nose and the guy was out like a light. "Ha!" she said. Before she could celebrate, she was thrown against the wall. "What the fuck!" she yelled. She looked to see who was the one who had thrown her. It was the woman who she was trying to save! "What the hell lady! I'm trying to save you!", she yelled as she got up from the wall. Getting up, she saw a fist coming towards her. She ducked and punched the lady right in tstomach. What was going on? See what you get when you try being nice! With one last kick to the chest, the woman hit her head on the brick wall and was out. "Jesus, I do one nice thing! What was that about?" she asked, shaking her wrist.

"Good to see you Alicia." a voice said as she heard the rustling of feet behind her. Alicia turned around to find a pack of Purple Dragons standing in front of her. She saw a man with the same tatoo as the man she just knocked out. Except, his tatoo was on his face.

"Dragon Face? What are you doing here? No, wait, you know what? I really don't give a rat's ass on why you're hear! Just-"

"We are hear to talk with you. Now you can let me talk. Or we can take you down and you can talk to the boss when you wake up. Now if I were you I'd go with option number one." he said interrupting her, as he patted the base ball bat that was in his hand. Wait how did they know she was here? She kept on thinking when it came to her.

"You set this up didn't you?" she said as wind came through the ally and blew he brown curly hair back.

"It was the only way we could get to talk to you. Now enough with the questions, the boss would like to do some buisness with you. He said that there will be a great fortune if you do it right." Dragon Face told Alicia.

"Why should I trust you? After what the Purple Dragons did to my family? Why do you expect me to come crawling back to your little 'gang'?" Alicia said. Trying to hold back hathe tears that weld up in her eyes. Her family had been cought in a house fire. After that, Alicia quit the Purple Dragons, although there was no evidence that show it had been them the ones who started the fire, she knew. And they did too.

"The boss doesn't expect you to do anything. He is just offering a job. You don't have to join us again, just do the job right this time and nothing will happen, like last time. You gonna listen now?" Dragon Face said

"Fine." Alicia said sternly. "What does Hun want this time?" She asked.

"We have a little, pest problem. If you can exterminate them or tell us where they are, you'll get your money.", he said.

"What kind of pest problem?" Alicia asked, confused on why Hun wanted her to do this kinda job.

"Well," Dragon Face started, "four...um..big...green..mutant turtles actually.". She chuckle. Really? Turtles? "Don't laugh these freaks are real. We've ran into them a couple time already, and they're pissing me off! I guess the boss has ran even more time with them. He just can't stand the fact that they are still breathing!" he continued. Alicia chuckled.

"Well, I shouldn't be surprise. It is New York after all anything could happen. So tell me, why does Hun want ME to do this job?" Alicia asked.

"Becuase, he know how much you need the money. He also know that you would kill, just for money. You are the most...umm...were the most skilled full out of all of the Purple Dragons, and these freaks, they're fast is all I can say." he said. She laughed at the irony. Turtles were supposed to be really slow, but these turtles were really fast?

Alicia was still a little ify on this job he was offering. "After I tell you where these... um...turtles live, what will happen to me? Will you forget this ever happen, will the Purple Dragons forget about me?" she asked.

Dragon Face sighed, getting irritated by all the questions. "If that's what you want then yes, we will forget about you. Even me." he said, a little sad. Dragon face and Alicia used to be very close. Like brother and sister almost. Til' the fire happened, that is.

Alicia's eye widen after that last sentence. Her head dropped and she sighed "I'll do it. Just where exactly am I going to find these... Turtles?" she asked.

"Well actually, they haven't been outside in a while. But the one named Rapheal, we know he is the Nightwatcher." Alicia's eyes widen. What? A turtle was the Nightwatcher? Wait how did they know this? "How do you know this? Not even I could find this out!" she asked.

"Hon, don't you know? We have ways that arn't allowed to be spoken about." he said with a smirk. He continued, "We were thinking that you do something to save the Nightwatcher so he will take you back to where ever the fuck he lives. Maybe take a bullet for him?" , he said.

"Woah, woah woah! I would kill for money but, I get killed, for it!" she yell. Alicia was just about to ditch these Fuckers.

"You're not going to die My friend Mohawk here, is a good aim. He'll aim for the arm or leg area. So you in?" he asked as Mohawk stepped up from the bunch and waved at her.

"How you doin'?" he asked with a smirk while his eyes were looking up and down her curvy body. Alicia put on a sarcastic smile and rolled her eyes.

Alicia nodded. "I'll do it, but how much money are we talking about here?" she asked. She would do this, kill someone for money, she done it before. But getting shot for it, she knew it was stupid but for the right price, she would do it to.

"Forty Grand." Dragon Face said. He smiled a bit at Alicia's reaction.

Alicia let out a low whistle,she answered. "Shit, that's...that's a lot. Ok. I'll do it then. But how is this going to happen?" she asked.

"Well, we will have to do something to you to get his attention. " he explained, "We could act like we're attacking you, then he'll come and we'll shoot you." he explainedm.

"Well shit, hella sraight forward." Alicia joked.

Dragon Face chuckled, "You got it?" he said. Alicia nodded. "Good, then meet us here, 8 sharp, ya hear?" Alicia nodded.

She dropped her head and when she brought it back up, no one was there. "Shit, when did these guys get all ninja like?" she asked herself. She came out from the ally way and took note on where she is going be tomorrow at 8 sharp. Corner of 22nd and 21st. Sighing she walked down the street and headed home.

Walking up the stairs to her apartment, she unlocked her door and opened it. Once inside she was greeted to the sound of nails coming down her hallway and the thumping sound of a tail hitting the wall. "Hey boy, hows my little Conan?", Conan smiled and wagged his tail.

"Sorry, I was out so long. I had a run in with the Purple Dragons. The asked if I could do a job for them for money. So I accepted." she said. As if Conan were actually listening, his tail stopped wagging and he no longer smiled. "Oh don't look at me like that! We need the money, unless you wanna eat the couch like you did when I first got you." she said with a smile. She found Conan, her loyal and very cute pit bull/mastiff, looking for food in a trash bin, while she was taking out the trash. Ever since, they've been like two peas in a pod.

She walked over to his water bowl and put more water in it, noticing that he was right behind her. "They are offering me forty grand. That will keep us living here for about five months or more. I know I should stop stealing, but that little pizza place is not going to keep us living here for very long." Conan whined and laid back down. Although he was a dog, Alicia new that he was disappointed.

She sighed and patted his head. "They said I have to get these big mutant turtles. Weird Right?" Conan smiled and wagged his tail. "I guess I have to gain their trust or something, I have to get hurt real bad for them to take me to where they live. So that means I won't be here for a while. Ms. Fayer is going to have to check up on you while I'm gone." Conan's smile went away again. "I know you don't like her, but you need to hold on for while. Come on, for me, what do you say?" Conan licked her nose, Alicia laughed. "That's my barbarian."

She went into her room. Taking of the outfit she had on and hanging it up in the closet,she notice Conan going into the corner with his slumped down. 'What is wrong with him' she thought. She went to her drawer and pulled out her pink plad pj's. Going back to the closet she looked down and saw her nice high heels, that she barley wore, were covered in saliva. "Maldito Perro." she yelled in Spanish "Conan you butt!" 'Ehh, I didn't even use them anyways.' she thought.

She put those shoes out side of her bedroom, and got in to her bed. She stared at the ceiling wondering what these 'turtles' were like. And soon she would find out.