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Chapter 29


Raphael covered his face with his hands as he sat on the edge of the bed. His head pulsed slightly from the bottle of whisky. That pain was nothing compared to the pain that pulsed throughout his whole body. Thoughts of what was happening to Angelina raced through his mind. What were they doing to her? He could think of thousands of things...but each one made him angry at everyone but mostly at himself.

He couldn't protect Angelina. And because of that his younger brother had to suffer also. Raphael could barely stand. Showed how weak he truly was. Everyone seemed to be paying for his own mistakes. If only he would've fought harder, better... None of this would have happen. This was all his fault.

He pushed himself up and stumbled towards his door. It had been quiet for the past half hour. He wondered if anyone was really home. He turned the door knob slowly then opened the door. The sound of the TV playing in the background filled his ears. There was an underlining sound that mixed in with the TV. He couldn't quite make out what the sound was, but it made him want to weep.

He stepped out of his room and began to walk his way to the stairs. He felt dizzy. His legs felt like jelly, as though his upper half had weights that pulled him down. His vision started to darken and his head began to spin. Before he went down the stairs he shut his eyes and took in enough air to clear his vision. Step after step seemed easier once he regained his strength.

The small sound that was drowned by the TV grew a tad bit louder. Raphael sighed when he finally knew what was...who was making the sound. He stumbled over to the couch and quietly sat next to his crying brother. Raphael looked at Michelangelo.

Michelangelo wiped away his tears and sniffed, "What the hell do you want?"

Raphael sighed, scooting closer towards Mikey. "Why're you crying?"

Mikey cleared his throat before he spoke, his voice shaky. "What do you mean why am I crying? I feel...just about as useless as you do right now."

Raph felt for his brother. He did feel useless. "Feels like shit doesn't it?"

Mikey nodded, "Yeah..." He sniffed again. "I miss her bro... I can't..." He rested his elbows on his knees and buried his face in his hands. "I can't even imagine what they're doing to her."

Raphael nodded understanding the feeling completely. "You love her?"

Mikey chuckled, "Are you kidding? I'd die for her. She' everything."

"I know bro..." He place a hand on Mikey's shoulder and gave him a soft push. "Y-you can't...break down like this though..."

"I don't know what else to do. I mean we know where she is..."

Raphael sighed. Boy, did he feel horrible. "I'm...sorry, Mike."

Michelangelo looked at his older brother. "For what?"

"For not saving her. For being... I'm just sorry..." Raphael sighed again. He rubbed his head with his hand feeling his head ache worsen.

"You did your best Raph. And I can't thank you enough for that." Michelangelo laid back again and sighed. "You drunk still?"

Raph chuckled, "Just a buzz. I feel better." He half lied. Yes, he felt better than he was before. But just the thought of Angelina not being safe and the fact that Michelangelo was crying because he couldn't protect Esmeralda, that feeling could just kill him. "I'm sober enough. As soon as Donnie comes through that door, we are leaving."

"I'm with you on that." Mikey looked at Raphael's arm. He noticed that the blood was already starting to seep through Raphael's bandage. Mikey slapped his knees. "Come on Raph, let's change that bandage before we do anything else."

~Girls Apartment~

Alex quickly stashed as much clothing as she could in a garbage bag. She held her cell phone between her shoulder and her ear. "Donnie... Yes... I'm sorry..." She said quietly. She finished placing the clothes in the bag and tied it shut and tossed it towards the exit. "I didn't mean to scare you. I'm sorry..." She rolled her eyes in annoyance and sighed. "Fine, I'll leave the window open... Okay... Well I was going to leave right now but now I have to wait for you so I guess so huh?"

Grace looked around the apartment. She could have been in an apartment like this. But she met Sergio and her life went to hell. God she was so stupid to let him drag her into his life. She was fine on her own. She was making enough money to live in a small apartment. She could go to school. When everyone is back, and things have blown over, she would go back to school and become what she always wanted to become. A nurse... That was her dream ever since her mother was sick...

Grace sighed and went over to the bed. She closed her eyes and sat. Life would have to change for her. It just has to change...

Alex groaned, "Donnie... I'm not arguing with you on this. You either hurry your ass up or I'm leaving now... Okay... Yes, fine. I love you too." She hung up the phone and sighed. "We're staying for like five more minutes. Just until Leo and Donnie get here." She hid her phone in her front pocket. "How you feeling?" Alex asked.

Grace sighed, "I want to go home." She said breathlessly.

Alex walked up to Grace and crouched down in front of her. "I'm sorry things are going really shitty right now. It's, technically, all my fault." Alex said shamefully, attempting to comfort Grace.

Grace cupped Alex's cheek. "Don't say that. People make mistakes darlin'. It will pass."

Alex nuzzled into her hand. "Oh Grace...I hope you are right." Alex stood before she walked toward the window. Opening right when Leonardo and Donatello were coming down the fire escape. Alex jumped slightly when Donatello immediately wrapped his arms around her small waist and pulled her over the window frame. Alex nearly tripped but she soon regained her balance and wrapped her arms around his neck. She had to close her eyes and savor this moment. She felt loved. In that moment, she felt loved. And there was really no reason for her to be loved the way Donatello loved her. But in that moment...

"I thought they got you." Donnie whispered. "I thought they got you and I wasn't going to see you." his voice full of emotion.

Alex kissed his cheek. "I am not going anywhere. And I won't let anyone take me away from you." Alex smiled against his cheek. "Come on, let's go inside."

Grace sat next to Leonardo resting her head on his shoulder. Leonardo held one of her hands in his. He stared at them in admiration. They were so soft, they were the perfect shade of white. Compared to his own, her hand was so small. He rubbed her fingers and fought the temptation to put her hand to his mouth and kiss it. He cursed under his breath when that temptation won.

Grace lifted her head and stared at him peculiarly. "What's wrong?" she asked. Her cheeks were warm and red when Leonardo held her hand to his mouth and brushed a soft kiss on her knuckles. Her heart fluttered softly in her chest, such an amazing feeling. She rested her head on his shoulder again and sighed peacefully.

Leonardo rested his head on hers. "You frightened me Grace. I thought you were in danger."

Grace chuckled softly, "Well, I'm glad I'm not. I just came to help Alicia. But..." She shrugged. "Being in this place, I feel like if I didn't meet Sergio... Then maybe my life would be different. It would have gone so well if he wouldn't have come into my life. But now, and once Angelina and Esmeralda come back, my life might get back on track."

Leonardo nodded softly. Would he be in the way of that? What if he was? His mind ran through thoughts and thoughts and each one made him regret ever telling Grace he had feelings for her. He stood up, "Maybe we should get going. It's getting late."

Grace grabbed his hand and pulled herself up. "Leo...of course you know my life won't be complete without the guys in my life. Especially you."

Leonardo smiled shyly. "Well Grace, the feeling is mutual."

Grace blushed and hugged his arm. She buried her face in his shoulder and giggled quietly to herself. She really did enjoy the way her heart did flips in her chest whenever she was close to Leonardo. She did have that feeling with Sergio but it was never all the time. It was the same feeling but somehow...different. She knew she wasn't in love with Leo. She knew he wasn't in love with her. But...she did like him. Very much so.

Leo couldn't help but kiss the top of her head, breathing in her sweet scent. She looked to towards the kitchen and found Donatello holding hands with Alex. They both smiled at him and nodded as if asking a question. Leonardo sighed and shook his head, knowing what the question was. "We should go now. I know Raph and Mikey are just dying to get the girls. They are the ones we should be thinking about getting."

Donatello nodded, "You're right let's go."

Alex let go of Donnie's hand and went over to the black garbage bag. A soft knock was heard on the front door, causing Alex to jump back and look immediately over at Donnie. Alex felt chills go up her spine when she heard a chilling voice come through the door. "Gracie...I know you're in there." Alex looked back a Grace when she whimpered. Leonardo covered her mouth with his hand and shushed her softly. "Come on Grace. I saw you come in here with your little friend of yours."

Alex tossed the bag over to Donatello and rushed over to him. Donnie motioned towards the window. "Come on..." He whispered, his hand wrapped around Alex's wrists and practically dragged her away.

Leonardo held Grace covering her mouth and whispering calming words in her ear. He could feel the tears she cried on his hand. "If we just slip out now, he will never find you." She pulled Grace hard enough to move her, but she was frozen.

Grace could not move. She felt weak as if she were about to collapse. She stared at the door in horror when she heard his voice again. "Grace, am I going to have to break down the door? You know you can't run away from me. And you know that you will always be mine." Grace felt her knees give out. The only thing that kept her from falling was Leo's arms.

He had to remove his hand in order to keep her standing. A small growl emitted from his throat when he heard the word "...mine." He swallowed his rage and made Grace stand on her feet. Just then a loud pounding began on the door. Grace screamed in terror, wrapping her arms around Leonardo's neck. Leonardo held her close before running towards the window. As soon as the banging stopped, Grace was yanked out of Leonardo's hands. Leo let out a roar of anger before grabbing Grace back and pushing her out of the way. He then launched towards Sergio and wrapped his hands around his neck.

Grace fell to the floor and scooted back towards the window. She forced herself to crawl through the window and onto the fire escape. She screamed Donnie's name until he finally appeared in front of her. Grace couldn't make out any words, instead she just pointed towards the window. Donatello rubbed her arms before motioning her down towards Alex.

Donnie turned and saw his older brother pinning Sergio against the wall and beating the living daylight out of him. Donnie hesitated to go near him at first, seeing that his normally patient, calm older brother is now beating the life out of another man. Donnie said quietly, "Leo. Stop."

Leonardo's fist kept connecting with Sergio's face again and again and again. "That's for beating her. That's for calling her 'yours'. And that's for killing her child. Your child. You sick son of a bitch!" Leo gripped Sergio's shirt and threw him across the room. Leo drew his katana and placed it under Sergio's neck. "I should kill you. I should kill you after everything you put Grace through. And Angelina. I should kill you here and now."

Donnie felt the need to step in, even though Sergio was a low life scum. But a hand rested on his shoulder before he could do anything. He immediately knew by the soft fingertips that it was Alex, and when he turned he was right. She gave him a soft smile and motioned towards Grace. Donnie didn't notice that Grace was standing right next to them. Tears fell from her eyes. Alex held Donnie's hands as they both watched her walk up slowly towards Leo.

Only when Leonardo raised his blade did Grace speak. "Leo don't!" She squealed. She held her hands to her mouth when he swung. A small gasp escaped her lips when he stopped right when the blade was about to connect with Sergio's neck. Grace shook in relief, "Don't...kill him..." She said quietly.

Leonardo turned and faced her. His bright golden eyes, now dark brown with anger. He blinked in confusion before speaking. "What?" He walked towards her. "After everything he's done. After all the suffering he's put you through." His voice was soft. "I... If anyone ever touches you... I want to kill them. Him! He doesn't deserve to live another day."

Grace cupped his face, "Shhh... Leo, murdering is not you. No matter how bad that person is."

"B-but...Grace. If we don't kill him he'll keep looking for you." Leonardo let out a shaky breath. "What if he gets you and I'm not there?"

Grace shook her head, "That won't happen because you will always be there." Grace smiled weakly. "I will always be by your side."

Leonardo sighed. His shoulders slumped as he attempted to swallow his emotions. "Grace..."

Grace pulled him closer herself. "Leo, look at me." She smiled. "I like you too." She said softly.

"What?" Leo said breathlessly.

"I like you. Very much." Grace said before placing a soft kiss on his wide mouth. Leo shut his eyes for a moment. As soon as he opened them, he dropped his sword and cupped her cheeks, then captured her lips in a deep kiss.

Sergio stumbled up and wiped the blood off his mouth. "You're just gonna pick...a freak of nature like him...over someone normal like me. You really are a freak loving whore."

Alex puffed out her chest and stomped to Sergio. She balled her fists and connected it with his already bruised jaw. "Don't you ever call her that! Or him! It's about time someone stood up to you asshole and I'm not afraid of you!" Sergio lifted up his hand to strike her. But, Alex rewarded him with a knee to the groin. "Lift your hand again. Raise your hand and hit me you bitch." She kicked him again. "¡Levante su mano de nuevo pendejo! ¡Ahora!" She cursed in Spanish, her foot repeatedly making contact with every part of his body. "¡Eso es lo que te mereces pedazo de mierda!" She grabbed his shirt collar and forced him to face her. "If only Raphael were here to be able to enjoy you writhing in pain. You and your little buddies have put my family through hell. You killed my family you bastard!" Her fist connected with his face yet again. "You won't get rid of this one. You won't get rid of me. Stay away from my friends...and my family." She punched him again, her knuckles starting to bruise.

Donnie came up behind her. "Let this be a lesson. Next time you want to hit a woman, you better pray she's not like my woman." He smiled as his arm wrapped itself around Alex's slim waist.

Leonardo picked up his sword, pulling Grace closer to him. "Let's leave now. Before I think twice about my decision." Leo glared at Sergio, his eyes were dangerous slits and his voice had a growl to it. With his arm still wrapped around Grace, they both slowly walked towards the kitchen window.

Donnie kissed Alex's cheek before motioning in Leonardo's direction. "Come on sweetheart."

Alex nodded, "Go ahead and take what you want in this crap hole. No one lives here anyways." She told Sergio before leaving him completely alone.

~Somewhere in New York~

Angelina sank down to her knees and wept. Her clothes were scattered in a pile in the corner of the small room. She was in nothing but a bra and panties. Her heart ached while her stomach growled in a nauseating fashion. She could not stop herself from bending over and vomiting out what was in her stomach. After that, she grabbed her knees and held them against her chest. She was disgusted with herself. How could she let anyone touch her like that?

Jerry finally finished buttoning his pants before he wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Damn...what a rush..." He held out his hand towards Angelina. "You need a shower... Come, let me show you where it is."

Angelina buried her face in legs and cried to herself. "Haven't you done enough?"

"'re dirty. Disgusting... Come on." He grabs her up and she shuttered under his touch. The door opens once again causing Angelina to fall to her knees and cry out.

" already did it?" A squeaky voice said. Angelina looked up through her tear filled eyes and used all her strength to stand up. The figure was a petite girl... a blonde girl... Christine... "Look at her... You fucked her up Jer'. I still don't see what you see in this...whore."

Jerry's growl surprised Angelina, "Shut up Christine."

"What now you gonna get mad? Over what?" Christine glided over to Jerry and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Why would you pick her over me? You have to force her, and I would just gladly give you a good time. Why pick the hard way?" Christine kissed Jerry's cheek.

"I hate you. That's why..." Jerry spat. He grabbed Angelina's hand. Angelina snatched it and wiped her tears away. Jerry gently pushed Christine away. "You're suppose to be with the other girl."

Christine sighed, "She went insane. I'm having some people keep an eye on her." Christine snarled when she looked at Angelina. "You weak pathetic bitch."

Jerry pointed to the door. "Get out."

Christine whined, "Can't I just hit her once. I mean look at her, she's vulnerable. She's tired. I could easily knock her out right here. When she's unconscious, she wouldn't fight you, ya know?" Christine smiled over at Jerry.

Jerry looked between the two girls and shrugged. "Fine, I really doubt you get anything out of it. I mean...there's not much to fight." He backed away, crossing his arms across his chest. "Go ahead."

Angelina spat next to her. "Bring it bitch." She said, her voice raspy. She didn't raise her fists, she didn't move. She knew what Christine was already going to do by her stance. Angelina watched as Christine let out an angry scream before she pounced. Angelina moved to the side, dodging the girl's foolish attack. She grabbed a fistful of blonde locks and pulled her down. Christine fell but quickly got up. "Best you've got?" Angelina spat.

Christine smiled devilishly before throwing her fist and connecting it with the side of Angelina's head. "No bitch!"

Angelina blinked back the tears that sprung in her eyes from the force of the blow. Her adrenaline began to rise, her eyes began to darken, she suddenly felt stronger. She brought her hand to her neck and twisted it until a crack was heard. Angelina sighed when the kink in her neck finally disappeared. "You wanna play...? Okay then." She finally raised her fists and blocked her face.

Christine laughed before throwing another punch. But this time Angelina grabbed her wrist and twisted it smiling when she heard a crack. Christine screamed in pain. Angelina then kicked Christine in the ribs pushing her back until she fell backwards. Angelina went to her, kicking her so she'd flip over. She leaned and grabbed her hair again. "You think I'll go down easy?" She pulled her head and then smashed it against the concrete. "You think you can fuck up my life?" She smashed her face again. "You think I'm weak? That I'm pathetic like you! You're nothing you fucking bitch." She flipped her over and sat on top of her, smiling when she still fought. Angelina held her neck with one hand. "I'm nothing like you low-lives." Her other fist connected Christine's nose. "Who's fighting who now bitch! Who's fighting for life! You are!" Angelina felt powerful, she felt wild with emotions. Taking every ounce of anger she had out on this defenseless girl. But she deserved every bit of it.

Her fist connected with the girl's face over and over and over and over... Until Christine stopped fighting. Angelina got up and smiled. "Get out Jerry." She growled staring at the unconscious girl. "And when Raph comes...I hope he kills you to." She looked up at him, staring into his brown eyes. Her eyes seemed as though she were possessed.

Without question, Jerry stormed out of the small room. Angelina went over to the pile of clothes and searched for her cell that she hid under the pile. She quickly dialed Raphael's number and sighed in relief when it just took two rings for him to pick up. "Angel!"

Angelina felt tears in her eyes when flashes of Jerry's assault flashed in her head. "Oh Raph... I miss you so much."

"What's going on? What did they say? What did they do?" Raphael asked quickly.

Angelina swallowed hard before wiping her tears away. "Nothing I can't handle sweetheart. Christine is here." Her voice became dark.

"Who's... Oh. What did she do!"

Angelina looked at her bloody knuckles. "You should be asking what I did to her. I think she's dead. Or just really knocked out." She finally clutched the phone and let out a sob. "Raph, I'm so scared. I miss you so much. Please come an-"

"You don't have to keep talking. I'm on my way babe. I love you so much." He told her.

"Oh God... I love you too." She sobbed. Then she hung up.


Grace held Leonardo's hand under the running water. She carefully washed away the dry blood on his knuckles with her hand, knowing that Leonardo was watching her. A soft smile curled the corner of her lips as her heart did another flip in her chest. She turned off the sink and shook the water from her hands. She grabbed a rag and begin to dab Leo's hand, rolling her eyes when he hissed. "Oh hush now. Barely touched you." She said playfully, her accent coming through a bit.

Leonardo chuckled softly. He moved behind her and wrapped an arm around her slim waist. "I'm glad I can finally hold you like this Grace. You know without it being weird." He nuzzled her neck, breathing in the sweet scent she always had on her.

Grace felt her cheeks go warm as she continued to dry Leo's knuckles. "It would have never been weird to me Leo... Everything feels normal when it's with you. I feel close to you. So close. I've never been so close to someone in my entire life." She leaned back against Leonardo's chest. She smiled when Leonardo wrapped his other arm around her. She sighed when yet again her heart flipped in her chest. "You know something?"

"No...what?" Leo joked.

Grace smiled, "I feel happy. Just like this. I feel really happy..."

"Even with me?"Leo asked placing his chin on the top of her head.

Grace blinked. "What do you mean? Of course with you. Why would you think otherwise?" She turned in order to face him. "Just because you don't have my skin color, doesn't make you any different."

Leo sighed, "We're different species Grace."

"I know that Leo. But we're no different. You have everything I have. Only real difference is your skin, your shell, three fingers and two toes and your tail." She blushed a bit. "Although I never knew turtles had tails."

Leonardo raised and eye ridge. "Why are you staring at my tail Grace?"

Grace's eyes went wide and her face went red. "I wasn't...staring..."

"Oh yeah? What do you call it then?"

Grace shrugged playfully. "I was...observing..."

Leo chuckled and pressed her against him. "Well... I've observed your tail to."

"I don't have..." A cheeky smile soon played across Grace's lips. "Leo, you dog..."

He kissed her nose. "I'm a turtle..."

"You're a naughty turtle mister." She giggled before she pressed her lips against his. Leonardo backed her up against the counter and deepened the, what was a little kiss. Grace closed her eyes and cupped his cheeks. A warm sensation started in her stomach, making it's way lower and lower. Just by a simple kiss. Her hands moved to his neck wrapping themselves around it. She opened her eyes slightly and sighed when she saw that Leonardo's eyes were all ready open. She pulled him even closer, her fingers intertwining with the ribbons of his mask. Her cheeks went red when she felt his tongue tentatively tickle her lips. With a soft moan, she parted her lips. Grace never kissed anyone so passionately before. The fire starting in her lower stomach was hot enough to melt her from the inside-out.

Leonardo's eyes began to close. Wow... He never kissed anyone before in his life. His first kiss was when he accidentally kissed her the day they went out for a movie. He didn't even like her the way he does now. And now... He couldn't even begin to express his happiness as her tongue danced with his. His knees could have given out at that time, but for some reason he had enough strength to stand. He would have never guessed that one day he'd be kissing Grace the way he was now. Or kissing anyone for that matter. He liked the way she tasted... His cheeks felt as though someone lit them on fire. Grace did something to him... She did something that no meditation method could ever pull him away from. He liked it. It was new to him, but he never wanted it to end. It was perfect, that moment.

"Let's go! Now!" Raphael's booming voice caused Leonardo to pull away from Grace. He sighed, grabbing her hand and walking out of the kitchen.

Raphael was standing in front of the television. Anybody could see the steam fuming off of his skin. "I'm not waiting another minute. If you guys aren't going, then I'm leaving without you. Because waiting here is bullshit!" He yelled.

Michelangelo stood from the couch. "For once in my life, I agree with Raph. I can't stand being here not knowing what they're doing to Esmeralda." He said calmly.

Alex looked up at Donatello who was right behind the couch. She gave his hand a slight squeeze. "Donnie, if you're going I'm going."

Donnie looked down at her, his eyes wide slightly. "No no. No way in hell. You are staying here, where it's safe."

"I don't care what you say. I'm going... There is some unfinished business I have to settle." Alex growled. She needed to finished everything with the Purple Dragons. She couldn't live in this hanging over her. Her family has died for her decision, her family now was being punished again for her decisions. The only person that deserved any pain...was her. And no matter what, she was going with everyone.

"Alicia. I said 'no'."

"Donnie, I said yes. I'm going. You are not going to tell me other wise. The only way you are going to get me to stay, is if you tape me to the couch. And even so, I will get out of that and I will go find you."

Donnie sighed in defeat. Alex had made up her mind, and whether he liked it or not she wasn't changing it anytime soon. "Raph, we're going now. I just want to let Master Splinter now. Then we'll leave."

Raphael groaned, "He will understand if we just go." He started for the stairs, Michelangelo was right on his tail. "Whether you're coming with me or not, I'm done just sitting around." He began to stomp up the stairs.

"Raph...slow down will ya." Mikey said following his hotheaded brother's trail. Soon, both brothers were out.

Donatello cursed under his breath before following Raphael and Michelangelo, Alex's hand in his. He turned and faced her. "Listen to me... You stay close to me. If things get ugly you let me handle it; you take the girls and you run. You run as fast as you can and you don't look back. I just got you back, and if anything happened to you..."

Alex cupped his cheek. "Let's go..." She said before they both went out of the lair.

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