Kane Bearer had power. That much was true. He had power of which, from his first year onward, he could use without a wand. But nobody really knew if Kane was good or bad. Nobody could determine whether Kane was put into Slytherin due to his cunning, or his power, or perhaps the Sorting Hat knew Kane's passion for giving pain. Kane was a loner. Always was. He rejected the "good guys", but also rejected the "bad guys". Nobody knew Kane would help out a good person, and then stab them in the back after. Or the same with an evil person. Nobody knew how powerful Kane could be; whether he would rise up and kill Dumbledore, or rise up and kill the Dark Lord. And if so, if he would take the Dark Lord's throne. But it seemed as if the Sorting Hat thought he was one destined to destruction...

"Gryffindor!" the Sorting Hat shouted after quite a few minutes debating what house a young man should be put in. Professor McGonagall took the hat off the boy's head and he took a seat. She looked at her list.

"Kane Bearer?"

A tall, built, bald boy slowly stood. With his eyes facing the ground, and face fixed in a hateful frown, he slowly walked towards the hat. He approached the chair and took a seat. He looked up, breathing heavily, looking nobody in the eye. McGonagall started to place the Hat on Kane's head when the Hat interjected.

"My goodness, Professor, keep me away from him! I can sense his energy from here! Slytherin!" Kane did not react in the slightest; he stood up and walked towards his seat in the back left corner. As the rest of the students were being sorted, Kane was snapping his fingers, and wiping them on his robe each time a flame appeared on his nail...

"...Let the feast begin!" boomed Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster. Kane simply stared at the abundance of food that appeared before him. He grabbed a chicken wing and focused on it, watching it smoke and burn. He looked up and saw Severus Snape, the potions professor, staring at him in a very interesting manner.

"'Ey look!" one of the others shouted, "The bald one's got a burnt wing!" A few other Slytherin first-years gathered around Kane.

"Well come on, then, baldy! Eat it!" A chant of "eat it" started as Kane, getting angrier, dropped the chicken wing.

"I didn't say drop it, sunshine, I said eat it!" the kid's voice was a little stern. Just then, a blond boy, another Slytherin, but a little older, walked towards the group.

"Out of the way, you lot. Let me see here." The group of kids quickly dispersed, leaving only Kane and the blond boy. He leaned over to Kane and talked in a low voice.

"I've seen you. You look tough. You look great. There is something about you...The Sorting Hat didn't want to go near you and Professor Snape keeps looking at you. Do you already know magic? Or the Dark Arts?" Kane looked at him.

"I know anger." He growled. The blond boy thought for a moment, perplexed. Suddenly, he stuck out his hand.

"Draco Malfoy. And you are?" Kane stared at Draco's hand.

"Kane." He muttered.



"Kane Bearer? Pleasure to meet you, Kane. They say we in Slytherin are brothers. And brothers must stick together." Draco moved his hand closer to Kane.

"So how about it, brother? We could rule this school with your power and my wit." Kane looked at Draco, his brow ridge sloping over his eyes like a bony awning.

"I prefer to work alone." He growled. Malfoy's clever smile turned into an annoyed frown.

"Listen, you Neanderthal. You don't know who I am. You don't know who my father is. You have no idea what type of power I already have over this school." Malfoy hissed. Kane's eyebrows furrowed, sinking his eyes deeper and his brow ridge lower. He grasped Malfoy's throat with his large hand.

"Don't you...EVER...make fun of me. EVER." Kane barked in Draco's face, attracting everyone else's attention.

"He's insane! Get him off me!" Draco shouted as he desperately tried prying Kane's hand off his throat. "He's choking me out! Help!" Everyone started rushing towards the ruckus, except Severus Snape, who stood watching attentively. Kane grabbed the sleeve of Draco's robe, and it started smouldering, eventually producing a small flame. Crabbe, Goyle, and Dumbledore gathered around the two, trying to pull Kane off. The fire started spreading up Draco's sleeve. Dumbledore stepped back and pulled out his wand, and he aimed it at Kane.

"Finite!" he shouted, as a purple beam of light shot out and hit Kane's hand. It did nothing. Snape briskly walked towards Kane, wand out.

"Stupify!" Snape shouted as he aimed his wand at Kane. A scarlet beam of light shot out and hit Kane, knocking him over unconscious. Dumbledore walked to Malfoy.

"Aguamenti." He mumbled calmly, putting out the flames on Malfoy's arm.

"Professor Snape," Dumbledore started, craning his neck, "Was there any reason you used such a spell on-"

"Professor Dumbledore, if I had not done what I did, Mr. Malfoy's arm would be cooked enough to be eaten. Perhaps bringing in Mr. Bearer was a bad idea." Snape turned and walked away briskly. Dumbledore looked up to the crowd in the Hall staring.

"Everyone, get to your dormitories. The prefects will show the first-years. Get on, now!" He shouted. Everybody scrambled to leave the hall while Dumbledore, Crabbe, and Goyle accompanied Draco to the nurse. As soon as all were gone, Kane sat up.