Breaking a Sisterly Bond

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not me. A random idea that hit me this morning…along with its sequel/companion. Read, review, and enjoy!


it's just that feeling

that want

that desire

that urge to…

take what's not yours

(is that what it's called?)

you walk

to and fro

\back and forth/

only ever *glimpsing*

what she has

(what you don't)

what she gets to have every day


what pushes her to come to work every day

(because that excuse didn't exist in the beginning)

so you think

"HE will make ME happy, too"

and you try so, so hard

(so very hard)

to create new routes for you

around the Ministry

away from the Auror Office

circling his office

(just never close enough for your twin to see you ghosting about)

walking by his door

(so that he might spot you & mistake you for her)

and then a master plan is supposed to


out of


air for you to use

and you're no longer going to be the

rugged twin,

the brash lion,

the Auror with No Goals


(you will be his, and that will make you happy)

"Hello, Minister Shacklebolt"

three little words

meant to harm & heal

(and everything in between)


no matter how badly you want it [him],

your wish will not come to *fruition*

nothing will change

no amount of




will do a

bloody thing

about this miserable excuse for a life

which you've come to accept


maybe that's it

when did you become the complacent one,

and Padma the courageous go-getter?

(because she has him & a good life & everything you could ever want—

no. everything she could ever want.


"I hate you"

you just wanted to see her frown

just for a moment

just take her from her happy place for one bloody second

because, though she may deny it,

she loves working here

being of use

being around him

in a delightfully busy atmosphere

that forces them to be honest with one another

no. matter. what.

(you just never expected you'd say these words with so much


dripping from your tone)

you could make a thousand excuses

-you lost more friends than she did

-you never had the camaraderie with your Housemates that she had with hers

-you just never figured out what to do with your life (Auror seemed to be the only choice then, y'know?)

but none of these "reasons" matter

something inside you broke

(when, where, why, how—does it matter?)

and it won't be repaired

(not even if you tried to take him)

so your only option now is to…

hate her

(because you were supposed to be the happy one,

the one in her spot…

the one with everything)

and even this soul-searching can't keep you from saying you're sorry

because, to be honest,

you kind of like the idea that she can't have everything

(like her twin by her side, forever and ever)


Some random idea that hit me…mainly because I wanted to write Padmingsley (an M&MWP), but I wondered about Parvati/Kingsley, too. Still, Padmingsley all the way. Read Padma's response in "someone's meaning of happiness."

Thanks for reading and please review!

-mew-tsubaki :)