JJ walks into the living room and finds Emily dozing on the couch, her feet up, Henry cuddled up between her body and the couch. Sergio is curled up between her feet. JJ pulls out her phone and snaps a picture. As the others file in, they too can't help but smile at the tranquil scene. They head to the kitchen to let Emily rest some more.

"Do you think we'll ever find out what was really going on here?" Garcia asks.

Rossi shakes his head. "I doubt it. Not unless it comes back to bite us in the ass."

"Which it could," Hotch points out. "But it's like Straus says, we can't start changing the way we work to please that panel. We don't break the law, we don't step on the toes of the locals, we don't let the bad guys walk by doing the wrong thing." He looks at JJ. "Though there are obviously things I wish we could have changed about the outcome of the Norfolk case I would do it all the same exact way again."

JJ nods. "Me, too. Hank killed those people. And Cody caused the snafu by hiding his brother's existence. They are to blame for everything that went down. Everything. Now, how about I order pizzas?"

"Breadsticks, too?" Morgan asks.

JJ rolls her eyes. "Breadsticks, too."

"An anchovy one for me?" Emily asks from the doorway. "Rocky's got her weird urges going again."

"MOMMY!" Henry squeals.

"Ugh. Yes, we can get an anchovy one. But you have to eat it in the garage." JJ teases. She smiles and walks over. "You okay, Em?"

Emily nods. "Yeah. Just…groggy."

JJ gives Henry a hug and kiss. Garcia hurries over.

"How's my little Godson?" She holds her arms out and he happily goes to her. "You are such a good little boy. So sweet, so nice, so—"

"—needing to be changed," Emily finishes for her friend.

Everyone laughs as Garcia slowly turns and glares at Emily. "You keep doing this to me. Just remember: Karma is a female puppy dog!"

Emily just winks as Garcia takes Henry upstairs to get changed. "So, what's the verdict?" the brunette asks.

They tell her what went down in the conference room. Emily is as surprised as the rest at Straus' stepping up to take the hit.

"That will be on her record," Emily points out. "It could hurt her chances for advancement."

Rossi shrugs. "Well, something tells me she's looking at things a little differently now."

"Really? Why do you say that?" Reid asks.

Rossi glances at Hotch. "Oh…a little birdie told me."

"She has a pet parrot?" Reid asks confused.

Morgan shakes his head. "Are you sure your IQ is 187 and not 18.7?"

Everyone chuckles. Soon the pizza arrives and they spend the evening relaxing and laughing, the trauma of the case and the two weeks in limbo quickly becoming just a bad memory.

All in all, it was a pretty damn good night to be on the BAU "A team". And they had the whole weekend before the murder and mayhem that colors their lives darkens their desks once again.

"SHIT!" Emily exclaims, tossing yet another pair of pants to the bottom of her closet.

JJ pokes her head in. "Em? You okay?"

"No! I guess Rocky's anchovy pizza kick has finally caught up with me. None of my pants fit! I need to go on a diet," she grumbles as she grabs yet another pair to try.

JJ stares at Emily a minute. When Emily turns sideways, JJ starts to giggle. Emily looks at her, even more irritated.

"What the hell is so funny?"

JJ steps closer and takes Emily's hands in her own. "Emily, you're in your sixteenth week."

"So?" Emily asks with irritation…and then it hits her. "Oh! So…so…"

She looks down at her stomach. JJ pulls her over to the mirror and turns her sideways to it. Emily stares in wonder at the significant bump on her stomach. JJ's hand gently strokes over their child.

"How…how didn't I know?" Emily asks wondrously.

JJ shrugs. "You've been wearing skirts more since we were on desk duty. That meant pantyhose. You've been squishing Rocky," JJ teases.

Emily's face becomes a mask of horror. "Oh God! Did I hurt her? Should I call the doctor? Should I—"

"Em, Rocky is fine. I promise. We just…we should have gone shopping before now. Guess we'll go tonight."

Emily slowly smiles. "I need maternity clothes, Jen."

JJ smiles and kisses her shoulder. "Yes, sweetheart, you do."

Emily just stares at her stomach. "I…I never thought…I didn't think I…but I am…and we are…"

JJ turns her and gives her a deep kiss. "You are so sexy when you lose the ability to speak."

Emily smiles and brings a hand to JJ's cheek. "It is suddenly so…so much more real."

JJ nods. "I know. I remember when I first started showing. I am so glad I was here with you at this moment. It's beautiful, isn't it?"

Emily nods. "Oh yeah. So very beautiful." She kisses JJ gently and stares into her sad eyes. "You were alone, weren't you? When you noticed?"

JJ sighs and nods. "Will was back in New Orleans working on his move up here. Thankfully Garcia was in her office first thing in the morning so I could show her."

Emily thinks a minute. "Where was I?"

JJ shrugs. "Testifying or something. I just hated that you weren't there. I was so eager to tell you." She blushes. "And then Garcia said Will was going to be so excited." JJ looks into Emily's eyes. "I should have known then, admitted then, that I was supposed to be with you. It was you I wanted to share that with."

Emily smiles. "Then I guess you will have to have another baby so I can experience it with you."

JJ nods. "You have a deal, sweetheart." They share another kiss. "So, let's find you something roomy to wear to work today. Time to get back to business as usual."

"Not completely. No more field work for me, Jen. Not until after maternity leave."

JJ grins. "Right. Back to business as usual…except for the pregnant chick."

Emily laughs as they start to go through her closet to find something that will fit over her brand new baby bump.

A/N: And now I truly say adieu until sometime next week when I get back from visiting the in-laws. Be safe, y'all!