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Ch. 1: The past in a flash

Run, run, run, Willow, thought in her mind as she ran through the forest. She looked back to see a shadow chasing after her. Drat, she thought, this Sprayer is even more persistence then I though it would. She kept running through the forest. She could feel the grass beneath her paws as she ran, pricking her paws.

She began to pant, "I can't keep this up forever" she hissed. Then she saw a bush full of thorns. She knew they were sure to scratch her up but she didn't have a choice at the moment. As she tried to find her courage, she ran straight into the bush without hesitation. The Sprayer couldn't go through the bushes, she sighed with relief. She heard it grumble and trotted away.

Great, now she had to go back to the Tunnel without prey and be scratched all over. After she slipped out of the bush, she started walking to a tunnel. As she went in, she smelled the scents of her group.

It wasn't always like this. It used to be a great place. In the past, my group, Booming Thunder, used to be a clan called Thunderclan. Along with the other clans, Shadowclan, Riverclan, and Windclan, who are now Creeping Shadows, RushingRiver, and Rolling Winds.

The clans used to live peacefully, until those Sprayers came. I was just a kit when it all happened. I was named Willowkit because of the resemblance I had of my mother's dead sister, Willowfrost. I was a gray tabby with white paws and white muzzle, almost like Willowfrost. Then these twolegs that wore black belts and had a long black weird muzzle came with these sticks that sprayed gas hence the name "Sprayers". But the gas was lethal, and killed off almost all the cats around the lake.

We had to reside into these tunnels that the Sprayers couldn't find. The clans were no more; we were "groups" now. We barely go into the forest anymore since the Sprayers were there. They didn't just spray gas; they also captured us, or kill us with a shooting stick and take us away to who knows where. In the past, we used to believe in our ancestors, Starclan, but we didn't anymore, since they didn't really save us or give us a sign at all and never talked to us ever again. Like they could do anything, she thought.

But she wanted to meet them, learn about all the cats in the past, and most importantly, to meet her father, Silvertail, once again. He had died in the Extermination as us cats like to call it. And our groups aren't really friends either. We would avoid other cats, since we didn't want to be caught by the Sprayers. She sighed at the memory. As she went deeper into the tunnel, she thought, I wish all of this never happened. She slinked into the core of the tunnel, and disappeared into the darkness.

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