Okay, now this is the fic I've been wanting to publish this whole entire time. See what school does to you?
This will be my school project as well. Seriously. I'm sorry if Armin is OOC ;~; I tried my best!

The mall was really crowded, it was after all, the weekend and everyone was flooding the stores; spending their money on usually pointless things. Armin and his twin brother, Alexy, were currently seated at the food court. While Armin was watching the hungry shoppers pass by idly, his brother was talking about some changes in the dark haired male's wardrobe, which wasn't happening anytime soon.

"Armin?" he turned his head towards the bluenette "Geez, I know you hate shopping but at least have some optimism!" Armin merely rolled his eyes in a slightly joking matter and turned back to watching the rest of the food court. Noticing something laying on a table about a couple of feet away, he quickly stood from his seat and walked over to the table.

On the beige wood like plastic, lay a shiny, well taken care of, PlayStation Portable. Around the screen was a sticker, the decorative kind made specifically for this console, immediately Armin noticed it was a decorative sticker from Persona 4; a game he had played himself once before. The male picked up the console and started looking at it a bit more carefully, 'Now why would someone lea-'

"Armin, what are you doing?" Alexy asked, approaching his brother with a curious look successfully interrupting the other's thoughts. Armin just continued to look at the console in his hands for a while more before he turned to the bluenette and spoke his mind.

"Who would leave something like this on a table?" his twin shrugged.

"Ahem." The twins both looked to their right to see a girl around their age, with pink, straight hair that only went to just above her shoulders. She was staring, more like glaring, at Armin; more specifically, the console he was holding.


"That's my PSP your holding." The black haired male mouthed something like an 'o' and handed the console back to its owner. Although one could tell she was clearly angered she smiled as best she could when she took it back. "Thank you… uh?" Armin blinked before answering with a smile.

"Armin." The female nodded as if assuring herself of his name and her smiled turned much more natural.

"And I'm Alexy" The bluenette chimed in.

"Well thanks, Armin." The girl bowed gratefully, "My name is Grace, and it was a pleasure to meet you both." Grace smiled at them one last time before turning on her heels and walking off, hugging the PlayStation portable close to her, so as to not lose it once again. Afterwards Alexy stretched and smiled.

"Come on, we still have shopping to do." Armin sighed heavily; he just never got a break did he? The twins both wandered off to explore the rest of the stores in the mall, much to Armin's despair; he had always hated these frequent shopping trips with his brother.

Grace sighed to herself, running her free hand through her pink dyed hair. Pulling on her white and pink headphones, she took out her phone and tapped the triangle 'play' button that was displayed. Now all she had to do was to find her idiot cousin and leave this cursed place.

It wasn't long until her music session was interrupted by her phone vibrating in her pocket, cutting off her music and her mood. Grace pulled out her phone and answered it unwillingly.


"Gracie!" Her cousin's voice rang out through the headphones loudly and Grace almost wanted to tell her to shut up. "Where are you? I've been looking for you and I can't find you!"

"Linda, I'm right by the store I always go to." Grace replied calmly, looking beside her to the black and red logo of her favorite store that wasn't the gaming store.

"Stay there okay!? I'll be right there!" The call ended and Grace lowered her phone and headphones, she might as well go in if Linda was going to tell her to stay put.

The store itself wasn't the most ethnic thing the world, it consisted of all the outcasts to be honest. Sometimes Grace wondered what she was doing, wandering inside and buying the items they had; maybe she was an outcast herself.

"The killer Grace! What's up?" The people in the store greeted her like they usually did, all optimistic and chipper. 'The Killer Grace' was a nickname of sorts, as once one of the past workers called her 'A pretty girl who has no problem killing, or breaking a guy's heart.' The event was actually rather light; though the nickname still stuck.

"I'm doing fine Dylan, what about you, still dating Stace?" Grace wandered over to the tee-shirts and started looking through them all.

"Of course, she's the best!" Both of them laughed and then someone ran into the store.


"Calm. Down." Grace responded, rubbing her poor ears at her cousin's screams.

"Let's go!" Linda clutched her hand and started dragging her out of the store and to the other store from which they entered in; probably catching all of the attention of the other shoppers.

"Linda, please stop dragging me around like your stuffed animals!"

"Mom's waiting for us at the west exit!" Right, Linda's mom, or Grace's aunt; the weird aunt who actually gets along well with the pink-haired female and her cousin, and the one who always happens to be in a strange fairy costume…Always. Grace groaned and decided to just live with the situation.

"Linda, one day I will pin you to a wall." Grace muttered and her sister stopped abruptly, Grace nearly crashing into the girl's back.

"Oh right, Mom told me to ask if you have your PS-something."

"I do, Linda." The pink haired girl waved the object back and forth beside her head for a moment before putting it in her pocket. Thank god those things were portable; seriously, she wouldn't know what to do if these didn't exist. The redhead nodded before grasping Grace's hand and continuing walking towards the exit, this time at a much slower, less rushed pace. While looking around the store Grace noticed two males over by the casual clothing. One with blue hair and the other with black both looked the same except for clothing and colors. The same two guys from before, then suddenly the feeling of familiarity came upon her. Hadn't she seen one of them before?

It was a shame she was pulled out of the exit before she would ever find out.