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Chapter 5



Reid was addicted to pharmacy heroin.

Wait…Don't get ahead of yourself—Morgan thought.

Don't jump to conclusions.

Morgan decided to confront Reid as soon as the case was over.

He tuned back into the current conversation in time to hear Hotch telling Detective Thompson to put surveillance on their suspect, John Matthews.

"If he is our guy, we don't want him abducting someone else while we're gathering evidence against him." Hotch added.

The team got to work and had only been at it an hour when an officer came in and told them that the surveillance team saw John Matthews leave his house with a suitcase.

They were following him now.


Hotch, Rossi, Prentiss headed out to John Matthews' current location and Morgan and Reid stayed behind to continue gathering evidence. J.J. stayed behind as well, to coordinate with the local police.

Reid was surprised that Morgan hadn't jumped at the chance to go after an unsub.

He had actually volunteered to stay behind.

Morgan never volunteered for anything; except to volunteer to hit an unsub or kick down a door.

Maybe he… no. There was no way he could know. Reid had been very careful at hiding his addiction.

Or so he thought.


When Hotch had asked who wanted to stay behind to finish gathering evidence, Morgan hadn't hesitated.

"I'll stay behind" he told Hotch.

Reid, looking a little shocked, volunteered to stay behind as well. That wasn't a surprise to Morgan. He knew Reid would stay behind, which is why he volunteered.

Now that Morgan suspected Reid's addiction, he wasn't letting him out of his sight.

Two hours later, Morgan and Reid had compiled enough evidence to arrest and convict John Matthews. One of the key things they found was a storage unit in Matthew's name. They called a judge and got a warrant for it. Morgan called Hotch and gave him the address.

"Hotch, the address for the storage unit is 1820 Marietta…"

Hotch cut him off, "Marietta Boulevard?"

"Yeah, how did you…" Morgan began.

"We're on Marietta Boulevard" Hotch said, "That must be where Matthews is headed."

John Matthews pulled into the storage center and headed for his storage unit. The team hung back. When Matthews didn't come back out after a few minutes, the team moved in.

When they burst in, Matthews was about to cut open another victim with a scalpel.

Hotch shouted at him to put down the scalpel and Matthews complied, allowing Rossi to cuff him without a struggle.

The victim survived and was taken to Northside Hospital which, ironically enough, was where the unsub worked. It was the closest hospital, after all.

After saying goodbye to Detective Thompson, the team boarded the jet and headed home.

"So, what was it that set Matthews off?" Morgan asked Hotch. "Why did he decide to start killing people?"

"He found out that he has a dysfunctional liver about 3 weeks ago." "He needed a liver transplant."

"I guess he thought these people didn't deserve their new organs" Rossi added.

"So he cut them out" Prentiss said.

Reid paled slightly and excused himself. He got up and went to the kitchen at the other end of the plane.

Morgan watched him shakily pour himself some coffee.

Seeing an opportunity to talk, Morgan got up and walked over.

"Reid?" he began.

Reid looked up at Morgan and he could see the question written all over his face.

He knows- Reid thought.

Reid sighed resignedly and stopped Morgan with two words.

"It's true."

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