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Sometimes love means to let go...

Julia had heard footsteps coming, she thought it was only her imagination or maybe the bourbon she had been drinking? but then Barnabas came into the room and they both froze, after what seemed several seconds of silence he said.

"My god, you are not using your blood to cure me, you are using my blood to make yourself immortal."

Julia quickly jumped off the clinical bed as she turned to Barnabas, "I can explain." she said fearfully, his eyes burning into hers, causing her to tremble. "Barnabas you have a gift it's unfair to keep it all to yourself," she stepped back, trying to escape "The Collins family took you in and put in you their trust and you betrayed it." she gasped for air it was becoming hard to breathe because of the fear and guilt she felt "I'm sorry, I just don't want to grow old.. I want to be beautiful again.. you know, I-I want to live forever, like you." I want to live forever with you, she thought. "I am afraid that is out of the question."

He slowly walked towards her. "Madam, a strong men contains 5 liters of blood, that if you forgive the boast, I can consume in mere seven second, but you my little doll, I can let you dry in less than five." His eyes narrowed in a murdering glare, showing his monstrous self that now wanted her dead, and Julia knew that nothing she could say or could do what stop this vampire from completing his revenge.

Julia's heart beat wildly, with fear, she was sure everybody could hear the thundering beat of her heart beat as she begged for her life , desperately trying to save herself from a certain death.

Now Julia was against the wall and there was no way she could scape from this. "How could you betray me, betray the family that gave you everything for 3 years ... betray me, Julia I though that you were far better than this."

His voice was dangerous, how could the man that had once called her beautiful now turn into such a monster? She knew that she had betrayed the family, that after this nothing would ever be the same, she knew that doing this was wrong, she knew since a start, she did, but love makes you do crazy things, makes you insane in a way that no one could ever explain and the only thing she wanted more than beauty was to be with him…forever, happily ever after like in fairytales, but after this, if she even gets through it alive, she doubts that they could ever look at each other without being haunted by this moment, but they could forget and forgive? and then again even if they did so he would choose Victoria.

"Barnabas, you're a good man, you're a gentleman, you won't kill me, please give me a second chance.. .please!", she whispered, as tears were streaming down her cheeks like raindrops running down a river. "Please have mercy."

Barnabas closed the distance between them. His face was inches from hers as he gently stroked her face with his hand."Barnabas, I-I love you.", those words could mean life or death, but the only thing that she cared right now was the truthfulness of those words and that if he decided to kill her right know she could never say so again, because her lifeless lips wouldn't be able to.

He did not say anything for a while; he was in shock, how could she love him? He loved Victoria, his beautiful Josette.

"Madam I-I-."

He was cut off by a soft and almost romantic voice but in reality, it was full of fear and broken heart that maybe would never heal.

"Julia, please, call me Julia if you are going to kill me anyways I think that manners have no use here." she sighted, she was going to die, that was obvious but the real question remained, was there any hope that she might didn't?

She just could not take it anymore, if he said he loved Victoria, that little freak, then she knew her heart would break and ache, after all Barnabas was the only man she had really ever loved, he wasn't just some guy she used for sex she could take care of that alone, but he meant a lot to her.

"Julia I-I " he didn't know why, maybe something had gotten over him? but he kissed her gently right on the lips. His lips on top of hers, time stopped for a few moments like they were the only two people left in the world, his hand exploring her flowered black dress. She was moaning softly as he carried her to the medical bed in the middle of the room.

He was .. smiling? Yes, he was smiling, and his kisses were wonderful. His lips were in contact with her neck, shoulders, arms, as she slowly started to remove his shirt, admiring his sexy chest, while he was attacking her neck with kisses, again. Gently he started to take her dress off, throwing it against the wall until she was covered only by her black underwear. He wanted her and yet he didn't, more than anything, to have her under his power and yet he wanted her dead for betraying him.. no for betraying the Collins family. But he had been locked in a box for 200 years well 196 for god's sake who could blame him for wanting to satisfy his needs? and Victoria was so innocent he couldn't take that away from her .. yet and Julia seemed as a good option, the little thing loved him, she wouldn't deny herself to him.

"Fuck me Barnabas."

His lips kissed her all the way down until he had found her panties, slowly removing it kissing her passionately on the mouth. But suddenly he stopped. Kissing her was the most inappropriate thing he could ever do.

"Julia, I'm terribly sorry," He said trying to break the kiss that he had started.

"Why?" he had seen how her chocolate eyes were suddenly turned from burning lust and passion to become full of disappointment because he had broken the kiss and the words she knew he was going to say, she already missed the taste of his lips. A tear had betrayed her as it was streaming down her face. Barnabas stroked her face again and pulled gently her tear apart.

"For kissing you, I shall not do that again, my heart belongs to Victoria, and nothing would ever change that," He didn't mean it, well of course, he loves Josette he knows it, but he just couldn't betray Josette his heart will always belong to her even if it didn't beat anymore like it once had and after all he had waited 196 years, so he could wait till Victoria wasn't so innocent .

His comment had felt like a hundred knives in her heart, like poison killing her slowly from the inside.

"Barnabas, you still believe I'm beautiful right?"

She wasn't sure, what if Barnabas had lied? worse what if Barnabas had only used her for a night of .. fun? no he hadn't, she had been the one that had showed him the meaning of 'Doctor-Patient Confidentiality' and then Barnabas had done nothing to stop it so it was they both fault.

"Julia you are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world,I can assure you, with one of the most fertile birthing hips I have ever seen, believe me, Madam, but you deserve better than me, you deserve a man that can possibly ever love you back, but Julia I'm sorry that man isn't me."

With that he left the room, buttoning his shirt, he didn't look back. She ran towards the door and screamed "See, that's why I didn't tell you, how could you possibly ever love me back? me an alcoholic when you have Victoria that pretty and youth full thing, I knew it. Barnabas Collins you're the worst thing that has ever happened to me." she fell to the ground, her legs were shaking with anger and sadness, Julia Hoffman was heartbroken, she could not hold back her tears anymore, so she started to cry Why doesn't he love me? He called me beautiful. Fuck Julia, it's been ten years since you've last been with a guy. Then a thought crept into her mind, a dangerous, bizarre yet horrendous thought. What if she was to remain alone forever? What if no one would ever love her? 'You're an old woman, an alcoholic, Who would ever love you? even your parents didn't' not even her parents ...

She had to do something, Barnabas was her true love, she couldn't let him go so easily. Picking up her dress and putting it on, she left the room as she started to ran through the house, trying to find him, hoping he was not with Victoria at this moment. That would kill her, when she heard a horrible sound, a crash, a very loud one.

My god, what the bloody hell has happened, was someone hurt? Barnabas .

The very thought of the vampire made her run faster, the sound of his voice ringing from the main hall. The whole family was there, Barnabas, Vicky, David, Elizabeth, Willie, Mrs. Johnson and Carolyn. Thank god they are okay, Julia thought with relief. But to her horror Barnabas was on fire. Everyone was paralyzed with shock, except Willie who quickly ran over him with a bucket of water, throwing it on him and extinguishing the fire.

Victoria was pale like a corpse.

"Victoria, " Barnabas said, trying to catch her hand.

"Let me go, I want nothing to do with you anymore. Barnabas, you are a liar. "

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