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She tried to ignore it, she really did, but it wasn't natural, she never felt anything like it, the pain, it just wasn't natural. 'Maybe if I didn't pry into everyone's deep dark secrets, someone would ask me to dance, oh shut it Julia, you need alcohol,' She thought, all town was supposed to be there but John was anywhere to be seen, she had unfinished business with him, but right now she could only think of the pain and the most effective cure she would ever find, alcohol. There was plenty of it, but of all drinks the only one missing was Bourbon. Julia was on her way to her office when she tripped with John ''Oh John I'm so sorry, I didn't see you at all!'' John only smiled, he had a black suit on and offering her his arm he said ''May I have this dance?'' Julia only nodded and taking his arm as they walked through the dance floor when she heard that 'The Ballad Of Dwight Fry' was playing, it was another of Alice Cooper's songs, but the weirdest thing was that Carolyn was at the stage, and she was saying ''Mommy where's Daddy? he's been gone for so long, do you think he's ever coming home?'' Elizabeth would not be pleased with this, Carolyn only had a small smirk on her face, the kid could be really cruel when she wanted to. They danced a couple of songs in peace, some of them were slow and romantic, other ones were fast and fun. Her mind was far away, she was thinking of Barnabas and only John's voice brought her back to reality ''Julia about, that night, in the car when I ki- kissed you.'' That was it, he couldn't do that to her right now! ''What about it , John Darlin'?'' She spat the last word with venom, ''I just want you to know that I had no control over falling in love with you, it wasn't my choice.''

It was the perfect night, even Carolyn was rather happy and loving it. Barnabas was just walking around Collinwood trying to calm himself down, he had everything, the music, the ring and most importantly he finally had her, all the family drama could be left behind now, everything, 'cause the only thing that would matter for the rest of his life was that right now Julia Hoffman loved him and he loved her, and the fact that when he proposed himself to her he was sure she wouldn't say no. After all he now believed in his parents wise words everything happens for a reason and that he could actually say that it had been all worth it just to find Julia, how could he been so blind not to see it before? and from now, from this particular night on he would get his happily ever after. Barnabas was prepared now to make the big question, he entered the house, he searched for Julia everywhere but couldn't find her, then he saw an orange thing, it had to be Julia, he came closer making sure she didn't notice him and then he saw him, she was with another man! but it could be a friend... so he came closer just to hear ''I just want you to know that I had no control over falling in love with you, it wasn't my choice.'' His heart broke, his eyes were becoming darker than usual but still he thought Julia would never betray him so he stayed to see how she reacted to it, then the bastard kissed her, she did nothing and he left, the slut had lied to him, making him believe that she actually loved him! well, it was her turn to pay this time.

And the John kissed her on the lips, at first she didn't react she didn't knew how when they broke apart he had the biggest smile on his face and Julia felt like throwing up, ''You little bastard!'' she slapped him, hard, really hard, his nose was bleeding, well, he deserved it, ''Told ya once I was taken, I still am! besides I rather die before you have my heart,'' she came closer to his ear, ''You pathetic excuse for a man, don't you think that I know how many hearts you have broken just for pleasure? 'Course I know, bastard.''She really needed that Bourbon, now. She ran off to her office but it was locked, of course it was, thinking... boila the only other place in the house with Bourbon was Elizabeth's office and that room was never locked, there was nothing to steal anyway. When she entered the office she saw two shadows one of them was a man kneeling in front of a young woman with a little box on his hands, she got closer, it was Barnabas and Vicky ''Victoria Winters will you marry me?'' how could he? ''I will.'' A tear rolled down her cheek.

She was going to pay, she would! revenge, that was the only thing left for him to do, to make her suffer the same way she made him. He had to find Victoria he would ask her to marry him. He had found her after ten minutes, she was on Elizabeth's office on the balcony looking at the stars, he got closer, his eyes were black ''Victoria...'' He forced a smile ''Barnabas?'' She was clearly surprised to see him ''My dear Victoria, I'm here to apologise for.. everything,'' she smiled, the fool got into his tramp, ''It's alright Barnabas I forgive you,'' she hugged him tight, after they watched the stars for quite long time, ''I have to admit that I missed you very much Barnabas, never lie to me again,'' She kissed him on the lips, ''I love you,'' everything was going according to plan, he smiled and knelt down in front of her pulling out the little box that had the ring, ''Victoria Wintes will you marry me?'' according to plan, ''I will.'' She was such a fool and he was such a monter, no, but it wasn't his fault it was Julia's, she would be the last, the last person he would ever love, he had to protect himself from love.

And then Julia's heart broke.

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