Plot Changes to be aware of: Ned doesn't fall for Suzie. Suzie is the new student and not from their childhood.

Chapter 1: Suzie

Moze didn't have many classes with Ned or Cookie, it looked like she would need to make new friends for the school year but it was 7th grade it couldn't be too hard. She was more comfortable around them of course so she had a tough time becoming friends with girls especially when she wasn't very girly but there was nothing with that.

"How are you?" Lisa says while sniffling her allergy medicine.

"I'm alright, not much happens around here, I can tell alrighty."

"Well, the most exciting things don't happen in middle school, we have to wait until High School and College." She sniffles.

"I'll see you around," Moze says as she goes to her locker. She sees Missy being followed by her... friends? Followers? Whatever works better for what they might be called.

"Hello Mosley," Missy says with her prideful look.

"Missy it's a new year, wouldn't it be easier if we could just get along this year?"

"Let me think about it," she looked up and down at her. "No."

"Why not?"

"You're a wreck, you're like one of the guys, I'm the most popular girl in the school and no one ever has to question what I am when they look at the back of my head."

"You don't have to be so mean Missy." Moze says trying to keep it civil, Missy walks by laughing at her.

"I wonder if a lawyer could keep me out of jail for doing what I want to do to her..."

At the moment that she finishes the sentence she appaears, "Claire Sawyer, future lawyer." She has her card in her hand.

"Claire, we've known each other since Pre-K besides, I wasn't serious, she just bugs me sometimes."

Claire takes the card back, "A lawyer only takes real chases, "If you falsely call me again I'll have to serve you." Claire walks away with her nose up high, Moze couldn't help but laugh to herself at the goofiness of the moment.

Mose opens her locker and gets her books as the locker beside hers opens up, "Oh hi." Moze says, "You must be new I didn't see you last year, I'm Jennifer Mosley, but most people call me Moze."

She closes the locker, "Suzie, Suzie Grabgrass." She smiles at her, Moze stops for a moment when seeing her. She felt strange, like she had never felt before as she watched Suzie's warm smile. She was almost stunned by how gorgeous this girl was but she had never thought of a girl as anymore than pretty before.

"Are you okay Jennifer?" She asks with concern.

"Yep I'm A-Okay and I will see you around town," Moze says walking backwards as she jumps into the next hall toward her class. "What was that?" She says to herself, "That sounds like something lame Ned or Cookie would say if they were nervous in front of some girl they thought was cute or something." Moze laughed off the very idea, that was absolutely ridiculous.

Next class was Reading and Writing class where everyone was to choose a partner, "So everyone pair up and get started," Mr Ryght says.

Moze looked up and saw Suzie look around for who her partner would be, Moze wanted to run over and ask her before anyone got too close. Moze shook her head, why was she so drawn to her. Moze took a deep breath then moved toward her, "Suzie." Moze says right as Missy moves in front of her.

"Would you like to be my partner?" Missy says.

"Sure," Suzie agree, they go by Moze, "Hi Jennifer." She says as they walk by.

Moze is speechless, she looks over at them in envy as they sit and begin their project. Suzie Crabgrass, the first girl to ever make Moze feel like she wanted so much to be around her, she was unsure of this feeling but the pit feeling in her heart when she saw Missy and Suzie together meant this wasn't over.