Chapter 4: Questionable.

Suzie waits for the bus, it's the day the projects are due. Missy put the finishing touches on it that last night before going home. The bus comes and she gets on, she was pretty tired but knew that would be a pretty good day especially if they won. As she begins to look for a seat she sees an interesting sight...

Lisa's head on Moze's shoulder and Moze's head on her's, Suzie thinks it's cute and walks a seat back on the other side of the isle so it was hard not to see them. At first it was cute but then she couldn't help it begin to bother her a bit. She looked out the window but kept looking back, she had seen something unexpected. Suzie sees that Lisa head had move down on her upper chest. Suzie looks over the seat to see that Lisa had her arm around Moze's waist she slept but she hadn't noticed.

Suzie sits back and closes her eyes, she grits her teeth irritated at how much it annoyed her when it shouldn't. Suzie takes out her new box of pencil's and gets near the edge of the isle and waits for the next bump, as it hits she falls forward and the pencils fall around Moze and Lisa waking them up. Lisa jumps up and turns to Suzie, "What happened?"

"Oh sorry, I accidently dropped my pencils."

"I'll help you get them up," Moze says hanging on to her seat and picking up the pencils for Suzie. Lisa helps but seems a bit off and doesn't say much for the rest of the ride to school but when they get there she...

Lisa sees Suzie at her locker and goes to see her, "What were you doing with the pencils on the bus?" She snorks her medicine.

"I had some last minute protect work to do, I was too tired last night."

"I thought I heard Missy was going to do the last parts of your project."

"Where'd you hear that?" Suzie says playing it off.

"Missy." Lisa says, she and Suzie look at each other for a moment. "Look Jennifer is my friend, my few friends, isn't it fair you can be friends with anyone?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Suzie turns to finish putting her locker together and taking out her books.

Lisa looks around Suzie and bumps into Suzie as she goes by them. Suzie looks as Lisa runs over and gives Moze a hug. Suzie eyes widen as she slams her locker, Moze has a very confused expression. "Woah where did this come from?"

"A thanks for being such a great friend," Lisa says, Mose thinks nothing of it and gives her a hug back.

Suzie sighs and walks the other way not sure how to deal with it, she was still in denial about how she felt about Moze or the situation but she still decided to deal with it as it comes.