Hey peoplz! I do not advocate PercyxHarry, but in most fanfictions that I've read, Percy never gets along well with Harry. I mean, they flat-out hate each other. I understand that Percy seems evil or just plain git-ty, but I wanna give him a chance. This is just a drabble and will probably not be updated 'cause I'm lazy that way. Enjoy!

Oh, I do not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not own. Cross out the double negatives, and you get-

Hermione: Ooh! Me! Pick me! I do not own!

Me: Um... Correct. Five points to Gryffindor...?

Percy returned from his patrol, only to see a small figure sitting in the common room, staring at the fireplace.

"What are you doing, Potter?" he asked, putting as much venom as he could into that one question.

The boy in question was startled, and quickly wiped his eyes. "Nothing," he growled.

Percy walked over briskly and grabbed his arm. It was surprisingly thin, he mused. And Harry's pale skin was starting to turn red from the pressure. "Are you crying, Potter?" he asked mockingly. "Tired of petrifying people now?"

"Let GO of me!" Harry cried, jerking his arm from Percy's grasp. Harry glared at Percy, but faltered. He really didn't have the strength for any fights tonight.

He started out in a small voice, "It hurts, you know. Nobody's on your side when you're me. Even Ron and Hermione are unnerved because I'm a- a freak!"

The emphasis on the last word did not go unnoticed by Percy. Harry merely gave a hollow laugh, but his tone showed all the pain inside.

And in that instant, Percy did not see the Boy-Who-Lived, or the Boy-Who-Constantly-Undermines-Authority-And-Rules. No, Percy saw Harry James Potter, a boy who was broken through and through. He pulled Harry to his chest. Harry was surprised, but gave no resistance as he was very tired. He sobbed into Percy's robes, and the older boy drew him closer. Finally Harry had calmed down a little.

"So you're not the Heir of Slytherin?" asked Percy.

Harry gave a dirty look and frowned, only to see Percy grinning like- like one of the twins, if you could believe it! He smiled slightly, and burrowed his face deeper in his robes. Percy stroked his ever-messy hair, marveling at its silkiness despite how it looks. "Don't touch," mumbled a sleepy voice in his shirt.

It was only then that Percy realized what he was doing. Flushed, he looked down at the younger boy. "You should go to sleep. There are classes tomorrow." Hopefully, his voice did not sound as weak as he thought it did.

Reluctantly, Harry detached himself from the embrace and started off in the direction of the boys' sleeping quarters. But he suddenly had a strange urge.

He turned back to the red-haired boy and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek before running up the stairs.

The Weasley boy was left in the room alone as color rushed to his cheeks, matching his hair.

"Merlin," he murmured before going to his own dorm room to retire for the night.