I don't own Harry Potter. Also, this chapter doesn't have Percy in it, but the next one will! Oh my god, a plot is forming. Thank you to Eshi9 for the suggestion on how to continue the story!

Harry woke from his dream. He didn't remember clearly what it was about, but there was red hair, and a lingering feeling on his lips. Ginny, maybe? But the presence was different.

He was in the Gryffindor Tower again. After everything that the Order had tried, Harry had killed Voldemort with an Expelliamus. Somehow, it felt so anticlimactic. All of his life so far had been one continuous battle with Voldemort, and everything was… over. He had no idea what to do in life. Actually, he never imagined that he would even survive, so he had made no long-term plans. The Ministry had given him an Order of Merlin, first class. Hermione was helping him study to pass his NEWTs. But what about after Hogwarts? What could he do?

Harry remembered entertaining thoughts of being an Auror. He was stupid. Honestly, Harry was tired of fighting Dark wizards. He saw people die too many times to be comfortable fighting. Fred… Remus… Tonks… all gone.

He also had a child to take care of: Teddy Lupin. No matter what, he would make sure Teddy had the best childhood ever, and he couldn't possibly take care of a child if he was an Auror. Sure, his grandmother Andromeda was there, but Harry was the godfather. He had a responsibility to fulfill.

He sighed. There was no use going back to sleep now, since his brain was fully functional. He got up from his bed and headed out the door, kicking Ron's bed on the way to wake him up. Harry was pretty sure he heard a groan. Satisfied, he went to the recently-redecorated Great Hall.

As Harry walked, people whispered. However, this wasn't the same malicious whispers as they once were, during his second and fourth years especially. No, these were more filled with awe and wonder. A third-year Ravenclaw waved shyly at him. He waved back, more out of good manners than anything else.

As soon as he sat down, an owl swooped overhead and dropped a note.

Please come to the Headmistress's office after breakfast. The password is a flower that gave way to a hero.

Harry wondered, vaguely, if he'd done anything office-worthy. He hadn't, not really. But after a good helping of blueberry pancakes, he went up to the office. Harry told the goblin, "Lily," and went up.

Headmistress McGonagall saw Harry as he entered, and motioned for him to sit.

"Good day, Mr. Potter," she said pleasantly.

Good. It seemed he wasn't in trouble.

"Good day, Headmistress. What can I do you for?" he asked, just as pleasant.

Headmistress McGonagall's pleasant smile turned a little sneaky. Harry's smile melted like Dali's melting clock. Still there, but not very pretty to look at.

"Well," she started. "Hogwarts still needs a lot of renovation, correct?"

Harry nodded, acknowledging the statement.

"And much of our funding had come from the ministry before, right?"

This was news to him, but Harry nodded anyways to avoid looking like a fool.

"The rest of the Wizarding World needs renovation as well, though. So we need to send a representative to request funding at the meeting, which is in two days."

Oh. So that was what this was all about. "Why me?" asked Harry. "Wouldn't you- or any other teacher, really- be better? I'm not much of a people person."

"Ah, but you are the Man-Who-Conquered, who is currently attending Hogwarts. You lead an attack that lead to the defeat of You-Know-Who, and had the charisma to form the… Dumbledore's Army, was it?" said Headmistress McGonagall.

The look in her eyes was the same as Professor Dumbledore's when he was determined to do something. After pointing out some weak arguments, Harry agreed to go. Sometimes, he thought that simply holding the Headmaster position was enough to make someone barmy and manipulative. He left the room, completely missing the smiles that the portrait of Headmaster Dumbledore and Headmistress McGonagall shared.