A/N: Have I mentioned I love going into Drew's head? It's so fun to write a twisted character like this—so much room for interpreting things. :D Anyway, here's a little piece for my Drew fan, Taffeh. Hope you like it, hun :)

Also: Nothing you recognize belongs to me.



you get what you want, pretty girl.


because you're a (scarlet woman)

and no man can resist your charms—

that jason grace shouldn't be a –p-r-o-b-l-e-m- at all,

right, sweetie?

you {w}{a}{n}{t} him, drew—


and damn it, no one's gonna stand in your way.

right, hon?


feast your eyes, my darling,

but not on the food, oh, no.

\you've got a figure to maintain, haven't you, dear?/

no, the real feast here is the men, honey—

you can have 'em all to yourself.

so go ahead, say it:





gentle, dearest.

if you hold on too tightly, you'll hurt the poor little thing.

wouldn't want that, now would we?

ah, who are you kidding?

it's fun to be a bitch.

they're yours, all yours

till you untwist that bloody grip.

{which will probably be NEVER,

but they can't know that.}


not the /l/a/z/y/ type, you say?

sure thing, baby.

admit it—you couldn't live without your servants.

after all, what's life without its little comforts?

(pretty much nothing, honey.)


plain old piper,

it'll be fun to *p*o*p* you, sweetheart.

\tear out her heart, dearest, just like she did to you./


so don't you worry your pretty little mind

people throw rocks at things that shine

well, you're throwing rocks, drew,

but their shining star ain't going out.

why can't I have something like that?

it just isn't fair!


but at the end of the day, be


of the fact that you've managed to stay


for this long, miss tanaka.

relish the thought:

someday, that little mclean bitch is going to fall,

and you'll restore your pride.

after all, you are the red queen, drew;

and she always finds a way to win.

remember that, sweetheart, when I come for you.