Balto looked around curiously, thinking he heard something on his way home to the broken down boat he shared with Boris, Muck, and Luck. He let out a small huff when he saw nothing and continued on his way back from visiting with Jenna. Her family had been rather kind with Balto and had let him stay on many different occasions, though he would never stay longer then a night, feeling uncomfortable with longer. Plus it felt odd without the goose and poler bears near by when he went to sleep. For the beginning of spring, it is still rather cold in Nome Alaska, not that Balto focused much on that. He'd been in worse situations, colder situations, before Boris and him found the abandon boat on the edge of town, in fact, this spring seemed rather warm and comforting compared to the others. Balto let loose a sigh, his ears twitching wildly, looking for any odd sound that sprung up.

Moments later, as soon as Balto managed to make it to the edge of town, the wolf-dog heard a crunch in the snow. The wolf dog shot his head towards the noise and crouched down, his ears flattened and his teeth bared. The grey mutt waited silently for the noise to repeat itself, and it did seconds later. The crunching sound came closer and closer as a husky like shape came out of the darkness. As soon as the shape got into the proper light of the full moon, Balto stood up relieved to see who it was, though he still is greatly cautious.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Steele said, a semi cruel smirk on his muzzle.

"What do you want Steele?" Balto asks, greatly exasperated. The wolf dog's snarl was gone, but his ears were still back and he didn't get out of his semi crouch position.

"Well, you see half breed, I was wondering the neighborhood, and saw you. Out of the goodness of my heart, I wanted to make sure you weren't doing anything terrible to the town here," Steele said with a sneer. Balto sneered back, his lip raising angrily.

"If you just wanted to be a complete asshole, I'm leaving. Gods above, I thought you would have gotten over yerself," Balto said before turning to go on his way. Steele snarled before he jumped the mixed breed, his front legs locking around Balto's hips. The wolf dog froze momentarily before attempting to jerk away from the larger dog.

"Hold still you mangy mutt, I'm gonna teach you a lesson," Steele snarled out before biting at Balto's back. Balto let out a yelp of pain before managing to get away from the larger dog. Balto ran a good twenty feet before Steele tackled him to the snow. The wrestled in the snow for a good long while before Steele pinned him properly.

"What do you want Steele?" Balto panted out, his muzzle partially buried in the snow.

"You, now lets play," Steele husked out as his front legs locked onto Balto's hips again.

"We cant do that Steele, I'm with Jenna," Balto replied with a sigh, though he did let the larger dog lift his hips up more.

"She doesn't need to know, mutt," Steele said, his now swollen length pressing against Balto's entrance.

"We cant," Balto replied airily as his body begun to respond to the older male.

"We can Balto, your mine," Steele replied before thrusting into the waiting heat of what the black and white husky considered his. Balto let out a shout as the older male entered him, prying him open with his larger length.

"Nnngh," Balto moaned out, clawing at the ice and snow, trying to release himself from the mild pain he was feeling.

"Mine," Steele snarled before pulling out and slamming back in. Balto let out another moan as Steele begun pounding into him, determined to breed the half dog below him. Moments later, Balto let out a semi pleasured moan as Steele begun to hit his inner pleasure spots. Balto really didn't want to do this, not again. Him and Steele had fooled around a couple of times in secret before the whole get the medicine debacle, though they had never mated before this. Balto let out a gasp as Steele hit something deep inside of him that made him see stars. The smaller dog thrust his hips back as Steele thrust forward, making them both moan in molten hot pleasure. They continued this for several long moments, Steele, of course, taking the lead in their little mating.

A voice inside Balto's head was telling him to stop, to think of Jenna, but another one was promptly telling it to shut up. Balto had always known the value of friendship, in-spite of not really having any. It was probably his lack of having many of the pack connections that both dogs and wolves were known fore, that made him value any friend he came across. It was one of the many reasons he clung to Jenna and the dog sled team he lead so viscously. He depended on those dogs to for comfort and friendship, and would be loyal to them until the end, just like he was with Boris, Muck and Luck.

Balto let loose a moan as Steele hit his sweet spot, hitting it savagely. Steele grinned vindictively before slamming into that spot repeatedly, making the body below him moan and wreath in pleasure. Steele had wanted the pretty little wolf dog all to himself and had done everything in his power to try to make the pretty little thing all his. It didn't work obviously. He had tried everything to get Balto to like him, even going as far as isolating the smaller dog to get Balto to depend on him. This tactic was one that his father had taught him when he was a pup, to harass his intended until said intended said, 'I do.' It didn't work in the end, but whatever, Steele still got the pretty little thing bent under him, moaning like a bitch in heat. And moaning Balto was, so much so, that Steele had to try and cover it up some so the other dogs in town wouldn't hear it.

"Steele~" Balto moaned out huskily, his inside clenching around the thick and hot rod pounding into his deflowering entrance. Balto's wolf instincts were rolling in pleasure, glad to finally have a mate to be with for all times. It helped that his knew mate was strong and handsome, and if Balto had been able to have pups, he would have wanted Steele's looks in those pups.

"Say it again, mutt," Steele panted out, still thrusting into the grey mutt below him.

"W-what?" Balto moaned out, his climax pooling in his stomach in hot waves.

"My name mutt," Steele snarled before nipping Balto's left ear.

"Steele," Balto moaned out, bucking into Steele's body.

"Again," Steele snapped, his own orgasm begging to explode.

"Steele," Balto said again, moments before he shot his seed against the white snowy ground. Balto's inner muscles clenched tightly as Steele shoved himself in one more time, the black and white husky swelling at the base before his own seed splattered into Balto's insides. Balto moaned as larger dog filled him to the brim, his own insides felt like they were melting into a puddle of goo. Steele held himself still, determined to stay mounted on Balto a few minutes longer, before carefully maneuvering himself until the two dogs were tail to tail.

"Stop moving," Balto moaned out, a pained whimper in his voice.

"Shut it bitch," Steele snarled out, but not moving so much so as not to hurt himself.

"Jackass," Balto snarled back, but didn't do anything to move, knowing it was futile. They ended up spending a half an hour tied together before Steele released himself from his knew mate.

"Now, mutt, where are you heading off to?" Steele purred out.

"Home Steele. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get there before Boris and the Polar bears get too worried," Balto snarked back and limped off as gracefully as he could. Steele followed his pretty little mate to the boat that he called home. Steele felt his lip curl in disgust when he saw the deplorable living situation that his mate was living in.

"You live here?" Steele asks, disgust obvious in his voice.

"Yes, I do," Balto replied tiredly as he looked around for Boris and the bears. He sighed when he didn't see them, they were either out looking for him or Much and Luck got distracted and pulled Boris along for the ride.

"Why?" Steele asked, head cocking to the side.

"Where else would I go Steele? Even after I helped with the medicine, the humans still wont allow a wolf half breed into their homes," Balto replied with a sigh. Steele frowned and followed Balto to his sleeping area. The husky smirked deviously as Balto started to nuzzle under the lone but ratty blanket. Steele is quick to mount Balto, just like before, and slammed into the half-breed's still loose hole. Balto let out a moan as Steele begun thrusting into him again, as if the bigger dog is determined to prove that he is somebody's bitch.

"You can come home with me mutt, I'll take care of you," Steele grunted out, digging his duke claws into Balto's sides. Balto let loose a grunt of pain, but rocked back into the bigger male.

"Y-your human wont let m-me Steele, y-you know that," Balto moaned out, claws digging into the half rotted wood underneath them.

"I'll make him keep you. Now shut up and bear my pups," Steele grunted out, his voice getting a savage tint to it.

"C-cant give you pups, I'm male," Balto moaned out heatedly, not hearing the boat creak with foot steps.

"You will," Steele snarled out before savagely thrusting into Balto's already abused hole.

"Nnngh," Balto moaned, not seeing Boris, Muck, Luck and Jenna at the gaping door of the cabin. Steele noticed them and smirked over at Jenna, mouthing that Balto was his now, and she'd never get the grey half breed again. The red-orange husky huffed before storming off, and the other three politely left, and ended up wondering around looking for brain bleach. Moments later, Balto shuddered through another orgasm with Steele following moments later. Both panted before collapsing onto the ratty blanket that Balto had been trying to get under earlier.

"Mine," Steele snarled out, his knot stretching Balto wide and tight.

"Yours," Balto panted back, shuddering at the wonderful feeling of being full and wanted