Balto let out a groan as he tried to get comfortable. His back had been hurting for the last couple of days and his food intake had been rather sporadic too. It would go between him wanting nothing at all, to him wanting practically everything in sight. Steele thought it was hilarious until Balto made him go hunting for fish every other day. In all of his adult days, Steele had never actually gone hunting. For anything. He had always been given food, even after he messed up, and stealing food was an entirely different matter, considering he stole from the butcher shop all of the time, but hunting wasn't his thing. Of course, the black and white husky had tried to weasel his way out of it. Balto had then murmured about doing it all the time, and it being fairly easy. Balto, of course perked the husky's interest, but what made the bigger male go was Balto muttering about doing it alone, with only the help of Boris and the polar bears. Steele hated the thought that he couldn't provide for his pretty little mate.

Steele cursed again as he leapt at the wiggling fish in the shallow parts of the water. The fish got away, again. Balto was laying on the bank watching the hilarity in-spite of his back hurting badly. When Steele missed the fish again, Balto broke out into loud laughter, startling the seagulls that were perched nearby. Steele looked over at his mate and glared death at the wolf dog.

"I'd like to see you do better," Steele huffed out. This was only his fourth day fishing and it wasn't going so hot.

"All right, just give me a moment," Balto said with a smirk after he calmed down with laughing. The wolf dog got up carefully and eased himself into the water and gently waded over to where Steele was standing. Within a few moments, Balto ended up catching a couple of big fat salmon, astounding Steele in the process. The wolf dog had thrown them onto land to flop around before he spoke again.

"You have to be patient Steele, remember that," Balto said after he got back up onto dryer land. Steele huffed and plopped himself on the ground next to Balto, huffing as the other started on one of the Salmon. The black and white husky felt determined to ignore his pretty little mate for a good long while, though he knew it wouldn't last long. A few moments later, Steele finally broke and he turned to his mate.

"How'd you do that?" Steele asked, watching his mate eat.

"Easy, patience, practice. When you don't have someone feeding you, you pick up on ways to feed yourself," Balto replied easily as he ate the fattier parts of the salmon first.

"I see," Steele replied quietly.

"It also helps that my mom taught me and my siblings when I was younger. I was the oldest and there for expected to learn to help my younger siblings," Balto said as he finally got to some meatier bits of fish.

"Your mom?" Steele asked. The sibling part didn't bother him, he had a few litters of siblings himself.

"She, she was the wolf. And wolves hunt for their food, mostly in packs," Balto replied.

" I see. Wait, what do you mean in packs?" Steele asked before eating a piece of fish.

"Wolves don't really do good by themselves, they do better in packs. When in a pack, the whole pack is the one that does the hunting. It's all very coordinated and everyone has certain positions that they take in order to get the meal. Wolves aren't really the loner types, we end up dying if we aren't in packs," Balto responded.

"W-wheres your pack?" Steele asked worriedly.

"Back at the ship," Balto replied easily.

"Huh?" Steele said in confusion.

"You asked where my pack was, they are back at the ship," Balto replied.

"I don't mean the goose and the bears, I mean your wolf pack," Steele snarled out, standing up abruptly.

"Oh, I don't have one. Ma got kicked out of the pack when she mated with my father. Her family wasn't really pleased with that. Funny thing is, she was supposed to be the next pack leader, but you can't change who you mate with," Balto said before he crunched through the head of the fish. Many years on his own taught him not to waist anything when it came to food.

"Hmm, I see. Well, you can change who you mate, most people don't though," Steele said nonchalantly. Balto stopped eating and looked over at his mate with a dry look.

"Actually, I cant Steele," Balto said quietly. Steele gave him an odd look, one brow raised in curiosity.

"What do you mean?" Steele asked.

"Wolves mate for life Steele," Balto replied soulfully.

"So, your mine for the rest of our lives?" Steele asked, a smirk forming on his handsome face.

"Yes," Balto said, relaxing a little bit.

"Excellent," Steele replied before moving to stand over Balto's body. Balto let out a groan and didn't move.

"Not now Steele, I'm eating," Balto said. Steele snarled and plopped down on his mate, much to Balto's chagrin.

"Move. Your. Tail," Steal emphasized. His tone brooked no room for arguments.

"B-but food," Balto whined though he moved he's tail out of the way. Steele snarled before shoving himself into Balto's deliciously tight channel.

"And I told you I wouldn't stop fucking you until you were filled with my pups. You will have them, regardless of what you say," Steel snarled out as he started to rock into the body below him. Balto let loose a hot moan and lifted his hips to allow Steele better access to his abused hole. Steele had been fucking him hard all spring, and well into summer, trying to get him pregnant with pups.

"S-Steele," Balto moaned as the bigger male fucked into him, his front legs clutching Balto's slim hips. His cock slammed into Balto's insides, abusing them harshly as the mated.

"Get pregnant," Steele snarled, slamming into the body below him.

"More," Balto begged, his claws clutching at the ground below him.

"Mine," Steele howled out before shooting his hot seed into Balto's channel.

"Oh," Balto moaned out, amber eyes rolling in his head as Steele worked through his own orgasm to get Balto pregnant with his pups. Balto screamed as he shot his seed across the ground a few moments later, though Steele didn't seem to care. The bigger dog kept fucking the body below him, trying to drench the pretty wolf dogs tight channel with his seed. Several long moments later, both K-nines shuddered through another orgasm though this time, Steele let himself knot inside the body below him, locking both orgasms inside the smaller body of his mate. Balto panted harshly, his own length hard and needing release, a slight whimper escaped his muzzle as the older male didn't move to correct it. Steele, meanwhile, was unconcerned for his mate's predicament, flopped down on the wolf dog heavily, making Balto buckle beneath him, their bodies still joined intimately.

"You will have my pups mutt, mark my words," Steele grunted in Balto's ear.

"I'm male Steele, I can't. Um, can you take care of me?" Balto asked plaintively.

"You will still have them mutt, end of story. I am taking care of you mutt," Steele snarled before snapping his hips up a little. Balto let out a grunt of pain, raising his hips up to adjust the issue.

"That's not what I mean. I'm still hard," Balto moaned out, bowing his head back slightly, hips up as well, forcing his backside farther onto Steele's knot.

"No, you don't get to climax again," Steele huffed out pleasantly as he managed to shoot off another rope of cum.

"W-why?" Balto asked wetly.

"It's your punishment for laughing at me mutt," Steele grunted out, moving his hips in a small circle. Balto let out a whimper and bowed his head down submissively but didn't say anything more to his older mate. He'd known Steele long enough to know he wouldn't back out of punishing other dogs for whatever wrong doings he thought up. The wolf dog grunted when Steele pulled on his knot, making his already abused hole twitch in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Steele noted that Balto shuddered when he did that and decided that some torture was in order. For the next half hour, Steele moved his hips in little circles, making Balto grunt in pleasured pain while leaning into it for some release the pressure on his own length. By the time Steele's knot actually faded, the full blooded husky was ready for another round and Balto was begging below him for the privilege to come.

Steele stood up, letting his length slip from Balto's hot and tight body, wanting to stare down at the begging body he'd been laying on for the past half hour. The black and white husky tilted his head to the side when he noted that Balto looked a little bigger around the middle then before. The dog shrugged it off before grabbing Balto's hips and lifting them up to the proper position.

"Please, Steele, please," Balto begged, his front paws needing the dirt in front of him.

"Please what bitch?" Steele growled out. Balto didn't even flinch at the new nick name, knowing even in his lust filled mind that it was true.

"Fuck me," Balto moaned out, his gray tale whipping around in agitation.

"Now, why would I do that?" Steele asked sadistically.

"To fill me with your pups," Balto moaned out needly. Steele let a sadistic grin cross his handsome face before he replied.

"Good bitch," Steele replied before slamming back into Balto's begging entrance. They rutted for the next couple of hours, each time Balto begging to be filled with Steele's rod. When they finally got back to ship, Boris, Muck, and Luck were waiting outside of it with hard, angry, glares that made Steele flinch instinctively.

"Balto, inside now, your in no condition to be out and about right now," Boris snapped angrily.

"Yes, Boris," Balto said sulkily, knowing better then to argue with the goose when he was angry like this. As soon as Balto was out of the way, Boris whirled on Steele with a hateful glare.

"Just so you know mutt, Balto's back has been hurting him, so no more harsh matting on your whims. Now go get him some food, he'll be needing it real soon," Boris snarled, beak snapping angrily.

"What do you mean his back's been hurting? He never said anything," Steele snarled out, his own panic evident in his eyes.

"Balto isn't the type to tell his loved ones he's in pain. The only reason we figured it out is because we've known him so long and know his signs of pain," Luck replied with a glare.

"I told you to take care of him, and you are failing. In the past, Balto would come back with bruises and cuts, I grew worried, especially when he would tell me about it. I've been taking care of that pup since his family was massacred by humans, so I was worried about him being hurt, so I followed him and found you, beating on the poor pup. Now you're doing it all over again," Boris said sternly. Steele flinched at the gooses words, but wisely didn't say anything.

"Now, you go out, get him food, like a good mate, and let him get the rest he deserves. Neither of you are spring chickens, so enough mating for hours straight," Boris grunted before waddling back into the ship, Muck and Luck following dutifully. Steele scowled at the trio's back before stalking off to get food for his smaller mate. In-spite of his anger, panic, worry, and concern coursed through the black and white husky as he thought about what might be wrong with his precious little mate. He let out a growl as he came to the bank he and Balto rutted on earlier that day, the scent of it still permeating through the air. It made Steele lust after his pretty wolf dog again. Another fit of rage course through him before he stalked into the water to grab some more fish.

Luckily enough for Steele, he ended up catching a few fish for Balto to eat and as soon as the fully passed on, he grabbed them carefully at their tails and took them back to the ship. When he got there, Balto was laying on his ratty blanket on the deck waiting for him. Boris and the bears were now where in sight. Steele loped up the plank and presented the fish to Balto in a pleased manner.

"Wow, Steele, so many. Thank you," Balto said with a warm grin. Steele grinned pack, suddenly feeling really guilty for earlier.

"Your welcome. Why didn't you tell me you were hurting?" Steele asked before lying down in front of the eating half breed. Balto paused in his eating, his amber eyes wide in surprise.

"I didn't want to worry you. Plus, you're more interested in breeding me then actually caring that I exist Steele, everyone knows that," Balto said tiredly. He dug into his fish once again, devouring it down due his recently larger hunger.

"Is that all you think I want you for?" Steele asked, one brow raised and a slight snarl on his lips.

"When that the only thing you talk about, then yes, that's what I think. It doesn't help that you've fucked me more then dated me," Balto replied seriously.

"How is it my fault that you're so easy to fuck? Of course I want to breed you, you're the only one good enough to carry my seed to full term," Steele replied just as seriously. Balto looked at him for a few long moments, but nodded his head, figuring that was the closest he'd ever get to a love confession out of Steele in his life time.

"No one thinks I'm that easy Steele, trust me. Again, I cant give you pups, if you wanted them, you shouldn't have chosen a male," Balto replied. Steele gave him a sadistic smirk as he walked closer to the resting half breed.

"Then why is you smell like your pregnant? I'm the oldest of seven litters Balto, I know what that smells like, trust me," Steele said, baring his sharp teeth in a grin.

"I'm male," Balto replied, though his voice faltered a little.

"Actually Balto, your both," Boris said, his russian voice coming from behind them.

"W-what?" Balto asked in shock. Steele was rather shocked too, but hid it better then his little mate.

"Your both male and female, thus you can have pups, it just takes time," Boris said easily.

"How do you know?" Steele replied.

"I knew his parents brat, and they could smell it on him. Also, the bears can smell it on him too, trust me you two, polar bears have some of the best noses, considering they can smell through ice to get seal pups," Boris replied before giving them both stink eye.

"Don't make to much of mess with your rutting," Boris snapped before flying off.

"W-what?" Balto asked, still stunned.

"Ass up Bitch, that ass is mine," Steele snarled excitedly. Balto had been so used to doing as Steele order, that he automatically lifted his hips up for Steele. The husky got behind him and mounted the wolf dog before he started pounding into the smaller male. Balto let out moans and screams as his channel was once again savaged by the older male. Steele kept his thrusts hard but gently, wanting his little mate to feel it for a long time.

"M-more," Balto moaned out, amber eyes rolling back into his head as his pleasure spot was hit viciously.

"Mine, mine, mine," Steele snarled as he rutted his mate harshly, his hips snapping harshly. Many long minutes later, Balto climaxed onto the ship and Steele shot his load into the body below him. Both fell asleep quickly, both rather sated from their pleasure. About nine weeks later, Balto gave birth to a litter of seven puppies, five boys and three girls.