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Ginga Densetsu Weed fanfiction part 1

"Come on Shadow!"Haiko looked up at her best guy friend,frowing kisha-ina's tail streamed out behind her as she padded beside the german paws were "dancing" on the forest floor,joy over-whelming watched as he stopped,so she figured she better stop legs slowed,and she came to a stop just behind him.

"How can you be so damn stupid?"

Her head jerked up,as if she had been slashed across the eyes widened in sheer surpirse,and a little bit of terror in them."W-what?"She asked,surprised at her voice cracking up a bit,she continued to gaze at him in wonder.

Hackles rose,and he turned to face her,and growl rippling through his teeth."You heard me Haiko!"He snapped,eyes full of shook her head,trying make herself belive this wasn't real."Your spying on Hougen,why in hell did you agree to that?!"He growled,his body now understanding now,Haiko let her tail drop,and pulled her ears back over her head."Sh...Shadow..."She mummered,staring up into his golden eyes,tears staring to well in her own.

"I'm sorry Haiko."Shadow said with a defeated sigh,and let his head eyes meet her own,and she saw that they were full of sorrow and leaned her nose forward,pressing it against his felt him move,and he was sat too.

"I'm...I'm sorry."He repeated,eyes met her gaze again,looking at her sadly."Your all I have left Haiko.I don't want to lose you."

"Oh,Shadow."She mummered,and pushed herself closer,leaning into his his huge paw wrap around her,her snuggled closer,as her pulled her against him."You won't lose me.."She mummered weakly,feeling all of her barriers of hate fade away near him.

"Promise?"He asked,looking down at her with concern.

She smile met his,and she leaned forward,pressing her nose to eye's met,and she snuggled back into the saftey of his paws.

"I promise."