AN: I've had this little idea running around in my head for awhile now. I really don't get why Alec didn't react like this when Magnus broke up with him in the end of COLS...

"How…" Alec asked softly as soon as Magnus had turned his back to leave.

"How what?" Magnus responded after a moment. He knew he should leave, knew he should just keep walking or he might not be able to go through with this.

"How can you break up with me over this? Don't tell me you haven't once entertained the idea of making me immortal! How is that any different then me considering making you mortal? The way you put it, making me immortal would be worse!" Alec's voice rose, demanding an answer.

"It's diff-" Magnus started, forcing himself not to turn back to Alec.

"It is not different, damnit! It's the same fucking thing and you know it." Alec interrupted, grabbing Magnus's shoulder and spinning him around to face him. "If you want to break up with me then fine! but at least have the decency to give me a real reason!"

"Alec…I…" Magnus trailed off, trying to ignore the shiver that ran up his spine like it always did when Alec took control in anything.

"Please, Magnus…please." Dark blue eyes stared desperately to golden green ones. "I need a reason. A real reason."

"To keep you safe." Magnus said without thinking.

"From what?" Alec scoffed, "I'm a demon hunter, Magnus, in case you hadn't noticed. I'm perfectly capable of protecting myself."

"Not from a Prince of Hell." Magnus whispered, staring at Alec in desperation. He had to understand. He had to.

"…a prince…of hell? Why would…?"

Magnus just shook his head and leaned forward, kissing Alec softly, "Just keep your distance from me. It isn't safe for you, shadowhunter or not."

And before he could speak, Magnus snapped his fingers and was gone, leaving Alec alone in the abandoned subway tunnel with only the soft glow of his witchlight shimmering through the cracks in his fingers.

AN: There you go, a quick little oneshot of how I think this portion of COLS should've ended. (With a little spoiler for the Angel Realm themed fanfiction I'm working on ;) )

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