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"Magnus?" Alec asked, peering over the high backed black leather couch that I had summoned up for the day. He'd been on the couch reading all day, and when I'd tried to interrupt him for some attention an hour or two ago I'd been shooed away, so I jumped at the chance to have some contact with him.

"What, Love?" I came out of the kitchen, a fruity umbrella drink balanced between my fingers.

"Was it really like this back then?" Alec asked, tilting the book up so I could read the page title that read 'Moral Values of The Victorian Era.'

This was a first, Alec asking me about something like this. Thinking about it though, I was surprised that it was a first. Alec was always so into his history books, I realized now that it was surprising he'd never asked me for a first hand account before.

"Well," I lifted his legs up and sat down, placing them over my lap, "You gotta let me actually read that first." He handed the book over and I scanned the page as I sipped my drink, grinning over the rim of the glass. "This is a pretty tame version of things, actually."

"How so?" He asked, looking extremely interested.

"Well, I don't know about how it was with mundanes, this is a mundane account after all, but the Victorian era was pretty wild for the downworlders and shadowhunters. There really weren't any moral values at all to be honest. Not ones that everyone abided by, anyhow. Everyone had their own set, but there was really no overarching ones. There were the laws of course, but as long as you kept things within the right circles no one cared about the laws. For example, your however many 'greats' grandfather, Benedict Lightwood always threw huge parties with downworlders and even demons present."

"Really? I always wondered why the family never talked about him." Alec mused.

"Yeah, Benedict was an…interesting man." I chuckled. "He was corrupt even by Victorian standards, though it took people awhile to see it. One of his sons,, was a good man though. The other not so much."

"So what was it like for you back then? I mean, I know you were with Camille but other than that I don't really know anything."

I was a little surprised to hear him mention her without a second thought, but I tried not to let the surprise show, "It was quite, fun, actually. I'm not fond of over-thinking the past, or wishing I could go back into it, but if I ever had to I'd prefer to go back there. The fashion, for one, was impeccable. And while downworlder and shadowhunter relations weren't exactly at their best, they were still relatively good. I worked with the shadowhunters during that era, though not as extensively as I work with them now." I smiled, nudging him playfully with my elbow.

"No, I'm pretty sure it was much less extensively." He smiled back, leaning forward to kiss my cheek.

Before he could lean back I snaked my arm around him, pulling him onto my lap and into a deeper kiss. His hands came up to rest on the sides of my face and the book slid to the floor, long forgotten.

"History lesson over. Time to move on to sex ed." I grinned playfully, nipping at his neck and reveling in the blush that spread across his skin. And what a lesson it would be.

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