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Author's Note: Okay so first let me apologize for the lateness of this chapter, but you have no idea how hard it was trying to make sure that I don't fall into the same pattern as other authors. I have most of this story planned out already, but I still have to watch myself. You all seem to have high expectations of me so I will try my hardest to meet them. Prepare for the Naruto canon to be pretty much abused, because things are going to be changed irreversibly with Karasuba's presence.

I've noticed that some people have questioned my characterization of Naruto, and this is my answer to that. Naruto to me always had three paths open to him. 1) the path he followed in canon where he was constantly smiling, causing trouble, and generally being a nuisance (I love him, but he is practically retarded) while changing people's minds through his words in order to get attention and achieve his goal of becoming Hokage to get the respect of those around him, 2) Go the psycho route like Gaara did and became the very monster that the villagers thought he was, or 3) Feeling isolated from his village while possessing a strong desire to become strong enough to protect himself in a village where everyone was his enemy, no matter how friendly they may seem; possibly being a lot more like his father than his mother, though more of a loner than anything else and not getting involved in things unless it concerned him. I'm pretty much going with the third option for this story.

Naruto will ultimately be polite and generally friendly, even to people who are rude towards him (though he'll be coldly polite to them), but he keeps everyone at an arm's length besides Karasuba, who he knows could never betray him if she wanted to use her full power. I still haven't managed to find a permanent beta, so this is unedited sadly.

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If there was anything that Karasuba hated, it was being weak.

At that moment, she was just that.

Her energy was drained, and pain wracked her body with every step she took through the village. She didn't pay the few humans, who were out and about as they walked any attention. No, she just kept her eyes trained on the strange blond child, whom walked somewhat beside her. The child that had given her wings once more without her permission, accidental though it was.

The Black Sekirei wouldn't lie; when her lips pressed against his and he winged her, she been shocked and disgusted. There was nothing she wanted to do more at that moment than tear him apart, to destroy him, and prevent herself from being tied down to another human.

'It was only because I gave him permission, that Natsuo was able to wing me, and after he was cut down along with Benitsubasa…there was nothing more that could hold me back.' Karasuba mused bitterly, while trying to ignore the stabbing pain that wracked her body continuously.

Now here she was, once again saddled with a human, a child at that.

Sleepy grey eyes drifted over to the faces of some who passed them and raised an eyebrow at the looks being sent towards the kid. Hatred was a mild way of putting the dark looks they all threw at the boy, who seemed to not look anywhere but ahead of them. Ignoring them all as if this was normal to him…

'Well…now isn't this interesting…' she thought cruelly while keeping up with the pace that the group had set for themselves. It didn't take them long to reach the Hokage's Tower, where they met with the two more of these 'ANBU' were waiting for them. Her grey eyes took in the entire building, mentally making a map as they made their way up to a large door.

The one with the dog-like mask stepped forward and rapped the door with his knuckles.

"Hokage-sama…we've brought them."

A moment passed before a voice answered, "Enter."

Karasuba watched as the doors opened and they walked in. As the door closed behind them, her half-lidded eyes then fell upon an old man sitting behind the desk. He was powerful; there was no doubt about that. About as powerful as she was back during her time with Yume, but she could tell that it was slowly dwindling.

At that time, she only dismissed him as another human, a powerful human, but human nonetheless. She didn't realize that he would one day become the fiercest protect that her and her new Ashikabi would have in their corner during future events, nor how much she would one day come to appreciate how easy he made things for them when it came to the village of Konoha.

Black Feathers

Chapter 1: The Devil Pair

Rokushō Aoi couldn't believe how quickly everything had gone so wrong. Everything had been going according to plan, and they were just about complete with their preparations. But it all meant nothing now! He clenched the hilt of the regular blade in his hand (cursing himself for not grabbing his usual weapon), fear paralyzing him as he watched the woman…no demon! Walk up to him, the blade of her nodachi drenched completely in the blood of his slain subordinates, making a trail as she stepped towards him.

Blood soaked the ground around them, and his own joined from the various gashes the woman had laid upon his body. His sea green eyes dilated as the woman suddenly appeared directly in front of him, her blade arched back before she swung her arm forward. A scream leapt from him, but it was cut short as the sound of steel slicing through flesh pierced the air followed by a dull thud.

Swinging her blade to the side, a curve of blood decorated the grass beneath her. Humming, Karasuba walked over towards the head of the man she just killed. An expression of complete and utter terror was frozen on his face even in death, which caused a shiver to roll down her spine as she bent down. Digging her fingers into the man's bloody tresses, she stood up with the head in her hands, causing the blood from the point she separated it from his body to drip down onto the ground below.

Throwing her head back, the Black Sekirei only laughed in amusement.

She loved this world that she has found herself in.

After a few minutes, her laugh dissolved into silence as she turned in the direction of the main camp area where her little Ashikabi was. Their mission was done, and it was now time to head back to the village.

"Hmmm, I wonder if my little Ashikabi's found what the old man actually sent us out here to find…"

Shrugging her shoulders, she continued walking while whistling a small tune making a mental note to pester her Ashikabi to stop by one of those Dango shops on the way back to Konohagakure. The head of Rokushō Aoi swayed back and forth with her every step.

Strolling through the now bandit-less camp that occupied the clearing, Naruto hummed as he crouched down to examine one of the corpses that now littered the ground around him. His blue eyes trailed along the diagonal slash which went from the man's left hip up to his right shoulder. Humming contemplatively, he then turned his attention towards the group of slaves that were now sitting over at the side, scared out of their wits at the massacre they just watched occur.

There was no telling the horrors they had seen just with their time spent with these bandits, and it certainly didn't help for them to watch the complete and utter slaughter that he and his partner had committed upon their former oppressors.

Amused but understanding the trauma they've undoubtedly experienced from all this, he felt it more than appropriated to send an apologetic smile in their direction.

Naruto wasn't surprised when the only response he got for his efforts were the slaves watching him warily. After all, he, a child in their eyes, had just killed grown men twice his age. He could've left them alone, but he knew that it was only polite that he informed them of the reason behind why all this had occurred.

Lifting up his hands in order to show he was not hostile, he moved towards the nervously shifting group.

Keeping the smile on his face, he leveled his calm blue gaze on them all.

"Hello, I'm a shinobi of Konohagakure and our mission was to take care of these bandits…unfortunately in the report there was nothing stated about them having any slaves…"

Reaching into his billowing sleeve, he pulled out a scroll and unraveled it. Scanning the document, he shook his head and sighed. It was just as he said, Konoha had no idea of the fact that the bandits had a group of slaves with them.

"Yes, there was nothing in the mission that said there were any slaves in the bandits' possession…so there are two options open to you." The group watched him with narrowed eyes, and the blond only chuckled in amusement at their obvious distrust, "Oh I assure you, it's nothing like what you're thinking…the first option is that we could just leave you here, you take the supplies that belonged to your former owners and we part ways…or we could travel with you to the nearest village and drop you off there on our way back to Konohagakure."

The group seemed to mumble to each other for a few moments, and the 13-year-old Shinobi waited patiently. After it seemed that they finally knew what they wanted to do, the one man in the front who looked as if he still had some fight left in him moved forward. He was about 6'2", a bear of a man really. His skin had a dark tan, most likely from working in the sun all day long with the other men to build the Bandits' camps whenever they moved locations.

Naruto was sure that if the leader of these bandits weren't a Shinobi, then this man would've risen up and probably freed these people from their oppressors on his own. Unfortunately, Lady Luck hadn't been on their side.

"As grateful as we are for your assistance, we think it would be best for us to part ways here…" The man's eyes hardened and his lips turned down into a stern frown, as if waiting for Naruto to object. While they were truly grateful for the two killing their oppressors, there was no way to know if these two wouldn't just continue where the bandits had left off. Much to their relief, the boy didn't and only nodded.

"Well if that's the case, then after my partner comes back with our target and I find what we're looking for, then we will be on our way…you can help yourselves to your captor's spoils as it would go to waste otherwise." He stated kindly, before turning his glance towards the others in the group with his sharp blue eyes.

Seeing the resolve in their narrowed eyes, he cracked a smile towards them before turning on the heel of his sandals. Placing the scroll back into his sleeve, he wandered over towards a pile of goods and shifted through them humming. The group behind him watched him warily before their attention was yanked from him to a figure approaching their group.

"Naruto-kun, this was our target correct?"

Hearing the familiar voice of his partner, the blond boy looked over his shoulders with questioning eyes. Once his gaze landed on the object held in her hand, he ignored the choking and disgusted sounds coming from the former slaves off to the side as well as the frightened cries of the children. Growing up in a Shinobi village, and being a Shinobi himself has desensitize of such things.

There walking towards him was Karasuba, the woman who had become an important part of his life since the moment he had found her in the forest five years prior. In her hand, hanging from the blood-soaked strands of forest green hair was the head of Rokushō Aoi, a Jōnin of Amegakure and former Jōnin of Konohagakure; their target.

'Well, this guy being the target was a bit of a stretch really…we just needed to get what he had in his possession.'

Naruto considered as he glanced down at the object resting in his palm.

The late Nidaime Hokage's weapon, Raijin no Ken (Sword of the Thunder God) was a national treasure of Konohagakure. The fact that it was in the hands of a traitor (until now), who went to the village run by one of Konoha's greatest enemies was a slap in their face, and in the face of the sword's former wielder.

Since the sword left the village's safe keeping, Konohagakure had tried it's best to keep tabs on its wielder's whereabouts, and it was only now that they were able to get a definite lock on his location. Knowing that they probably never would get a better chance than this, the assignment was swiftly given to them. He and Karasuba just happened to be coming back from their latest B-class mission near Kusagakure, when the Sandaime Hokage had ordered them to reclaim his Sensei's sword. A mission they accepted with pleasure, especially since their last mission hadn't exactly sated Karasuba's bloodlust in the least.

After sealing the sword away, he turned his attention over towards the group standing near them. Naruto's gaze fell towards the children who were basically in tears for some unknown reason. Curious he turned his attention back to Karasuba and his eyes trailed right back to the head hanging limply in her grasp. Things clicked then as the head swayed slightly, and a tiny girl broke out into sobs.

"Ah, you should give me that head Suba-chan, it's scaring the children." He joked while stepping forward, pulling a blank scroll out of his sleeve while the other was tucking the scroll holding the sword into his back pouch.

The grey-haired woman snorted while only sparing the group of civilians with a single glance.

It was like she cared of what was bothering the humans, but she decided to be nice this once to Naruto for allowing her to take on the Ame Jōnin without any restrictions. All the missions they had been recently were deliveries and even escorts, and the regular bandits and rabble weren't any concern for her. In fact, she usually allowed Naruto to take care of them as practice so he didn't get rusty. She had told him long ago that she wouldn't allow herself to be tied down to a weak Ashikabi.

Natsuo hadn't been a fighter, but he was mentally very strong for a human living in that world. Here, Naruto was expected to be both strong mentally and physically. Karasuba wouldn't allow anything less.

Holding the head out to him after he laid the scroll out on the ground, she smirked at the scowl she received for getting some of the man's blood on his sleeve. "Here you go Naruto-kun." She cackled as he took the head from her and placed it into the center of the scroll before sealing it. He rolled the scroll up and placed it in his sleeve along with the others.

Karasuba couldn't believe how much had changed since he came to this world five years ago. Her Ashikabi was different from the boy, who had helped her that day in the forest. Well, that hadn't changed exactly. If he was able, he would help those who seemed to need it. But during the years under her guidance, it was a very rare thing and would only happen if he found you worth it.

Even his style had been changed.

The Black Sekirei took in the young Shinobi that was grumbling about dry cleaning, and just how much this was going to cost him dealing with that crotchety old man in charge of the laundromat. She could remember a time that her Ashikabi had thought wearing an orange and blue jumpsuit was alright, and how she had gave him quite a beat down for his lapse in judgment. Realizing that she would have to take over in the fashion department, Karasuba would say that she had a sense of nostalgia for her to decide on the current outfit adorning her partner's body.

As she had her uniform remade when they had begun bringing in money due to their missions, she had commissioned for Naruto an outfit based on the uniform of her comrade, Sekirei #05, Mutsu.

The outfit consisted of black pants, and a long sleeve shirt that was open in the front down till a few inches below his solar plexus with the sides being held loosely together with bands of leather forming 'X's. With his shirt open it showed off the mesh-net armor underneath as well as the muscles he has developed from his vigorous training under her. Near his shoulders, the sleeves were held to the whole shirt with similar bands of leather. One his right shoulder was a red spiral that had been given to him by the Sandaime, while on the left was the wagtail in flight, a symbol of his bond with her. Around his waist was a utility belt, which held his smaller Shinobi supplies for quick and easy access, while resting on his lower back was a pouch. His hands were protected by fingerless gloves, on his feet were dark orange shinobi sandals, and around his neck was a long scarf of a similar shade of orange.

'It didn't matter what I said, he seemed to have the same opinion as #05 when it comes to that color.' The sadistic Sekirei chuckled humorlessly while eyeing the orange scarf around her Ashikabi's neck with sharp eyes. No matter how much she tried to get rid of it, the boy would always be wearing the next day without fail. Karasuba honestly just couldn't see the appeal of such a color, and was sure that she never would. But she decided to let it go, because at least the boy wasn't a walking target like he would've if she hadn't stopped him.

"Well we've finished our business here, and these humans don't need our assistance." She stated, sending a sharp glance in the direction of the human that caused them to stiffen. Naruto nodded standing up to his full height of 4'11"; impressive for someone who had to live in the conditions he had to. If things had been different, there was no doubt that he would've been a shrimp. Due to the training and the pure amount of Ramen that he had been cut back from eating, he had managed to bypass the effects of malnutrition that would've gripped him.

Brushing off his pants, he turned towards the group and gave them a shallow bow.

"This is where we part ways, and hopefully you will be able to find somewhere to settle and live peacefully...bye." He stated frankly, as he and Karasuba began to walk off.

When the last thing the group saw the backs of the two shinobi disappear from their vision, they finally relaxed. Shivers running through their bodies at the amount of carnage that surrounded them, and just how everything seemed to change in a matter of seconds when the child and woman had appeared.

Yamamoto Hiroshi, the man that had been unofficially elected as their leader turned to look at everyone that stood behind him. He knew that things were going to get harder than before, as they were now stuck out here with no support whatsoever. But having no help was nothing new to them. Turning his eyes back in the direction the two had left, he shook his head. While they had helped them, he hoped that they never again encountered the eerie duo.

"Well let's go." He ordered, and the group got up.

They had a long road ahead of them.

Their run back to Konoha had been pretty peaceful outside of the few detours they took in order for some more chances for Karasuba to torture – train, her adorable Ashikabi to fight while on the run with an opponent. In fact, it was only due to the demon fox inside of him accelerating his healing rate, which allowed him to continue traveling despite the various mishaps that happened along the way. Well that and his increased pain tolerance.

Both Ashikabi and his Sekirei were practically blurs as they rushed through the forests surrounding Konoha.

Making it to the front gate of the village, the two straightened up from the crouches they landed in. Over in the booth, the two Chūnin put in charge of the gates were looking at the two of them with grins. "Hey look whose back Izumo! Hey, Uzumaki!", the one with a strip of bandage called out, waving his arm back and forth in greeting.

Glancing over at Karasuba briefly, he turned his attention back to the men and proceeded to walk towards them. The grey-haired woman only watched her partner going over to chat with the two gate guards, before turning her attention back to the village. A breeze rushed through the gate causing the powder blue overcoat hanging off her shoulders to fly it was not even half the size of Tokyo, this village was very pretty big compared to the villages that she and Naruto had passed through during their missions.

"I can't help but favor this world more than the other…" she commented while tilting her head back to stare up into the blue sky. It was the truth after all, unlike in the previous world in Tokyo; killing wasn't frowned upon in this world. Well at least not to the shinobi, whose job dealt with killing on a day to day basis. While in the other world she would be stared at with fear, in this one, the fact that she could easily dispatch a group of shinobi with her blade not only earned her fear from those around her, but also respect.

Survival of the fittest was a way of life here, and if you couldn't survive then you hired someone who could kill your enemy for you. Placing her hands on the hilt of the nodachi purchased for her by Naruto with the paycheck from one of their missions, she thought of the other benefits of this world.

Karasuba had always deemed humans to be below Sekirei, because of the simple fact that they were powerless. To her, the humans of that world were nothing more than ants, which were to be crushed under their feet. But if she were to decide on a race that was worthy enough to become partners with her race, she would choose the humans that thrive in this world. At least with a shinobi in this world, the Sekirei wouldn't have to worry about their Ashikabi tripping over a rock and breaking their own neck. They were not a vulnerable and some could be just as, if not more powerful than even some of the original disciplinary squad.

This she experienced first-hand when challenging the old man Hokage in a spar during her evaluation to see what rank she would receive as a shinobi of Konoha after Naruto had achieved the rank of Genin at the age of 10. She was determined to not allow her Ashikabi out of her sight, first for just the defending her source of extra power if she ever found herself in a crunch, though later to not lose her source of entertainment. With him being a shinobi, the only way she would be able to do this is to enter the force herself, though she would officially be labeled as a weapon in the same way the dogs were with the Inuzuka.

As Naruto was her Ashikabi, she knew that she would have to defer to him in some ways, but that didn't mean the same for any other person which would happen if she were a true shinobi. But while she wouldn't follow their orders, it didn't mean that she couldn't at least respect the old man, who had managed to entertain her during their spar.

In fact, she knew that if the old man had been a few years younger, and even in his prime, then the outcome of the battle could have been different.

Dismissing her train of thought, she turned it to more important things when her ears caught onto the conversation that her Ashikabi was having with the two Chūnin.

"So Uzumaki, have you gotten any further with Karasuba-san?"

Hearing that, Karasuba's eyebrows rose as her narrowed eyes slid over towards the three males. One of the Chūnin, (The one who asked the question) was grinning like a fool, while the other was glancing over at his partner with a bemused expression. Naruto himself only tilted his head, and while his back was facing her, she was sure that he held a look mirroring that of the second Chūnin.

It was well known in the village that she and Naruto held a very strange relationship; mainly due to the fact that the two of them were part of different age groups. He was young, 13, while she was physically 20. Of course, many assumed that their relationship was of a sexual kind, which really made her question the sanity of the people who believed that.

Yes, being physically intimate with one's Ashikabi wasn't uncommon (except for certain cases, one example being her former Ashikabi, whose sexual preference made it clear that such a thing wasn't happening), but there were certain lines that just weren't crossed. Later on in the future, she had no trouble with the idea of becoming intimate with her Ashikabi, but there was no way that she could see her Ashikabi in a sexual point of view. Though, she wasn't blind to the looks that she received every now and then when her little partner thought she wasn't looking.

Near the gate, there were some shinobi and civilians lingering about and they looked to be listening in on the conversation. Smirking, the Black Sekirei decided to mess with the heads of the locals. Turning on the heel of her boots, she walked over to stand behind Naruto, and wrapped her arms around his shoulders while leaning down to rest her chin onto the top of his spiky blond locks.

"Naruto-kun, we need to hurry up and report to the old man…after that we'll be doing that just like I promised."

Of course, the promise was heard differently by everyone around. To the Chūnin, shinobi, and civilians, her words seemed suggestive. While Naruto paled completely and began to shiver.

He knew what she meant; training, hellish training that would leave him sore, bloody, and bruised but stronger in the end. Not allowing the two to question just what exactly she meant, the grey-haired woman turned in the direction of the of the Hokage's Tower, dragging the blond behind her. Kotetsu Hagane along with others standing around could only stare after the pair with their mouths hanging open, while Izumo Kamizuki could only shake his head.

Looking at the sheets of paper holding the pictures of the two shinobi, he took the stamp and pressed it down on the paper. On the page were the pictures of a politely smiling Naruto and the smirking Karasuba.

The Devil Pair of Konohagakure were back from their latest mission.

Well that is the end of the "Black Feathers" Chapter 1!

Next chapter will be featuring a day in Konoha with Naruto and Karasuba, as well as the appearance of some characters from the Rookie 9, following by a relaxing C-rank mission (Not Tazuna!) 8D As you can see, there were plenty of things that are different from canon, and so the plotline has practically been changed already. I was planning on this being a bit longer, but thought this would be an appropriate place to stop. Hmm, well I hope that you all will continue to enjoy the story.

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Next Time

Chapter 3: Deal with the Devils

"Well if it isn't Shimura-san, I hadn't expected to have a meeting with you so soon after that latest failed attempt at recruiting Suba-chan and I three years ago."

The irritated quirk of the bandaged man's lip caused Karasuba's lips to curl up into a smirk as she glanced over at Naruto, who was seated next to her. It had been several days since their last mission and for them to suddenly get an invitation for tea with the old war hawk was a surprise. Especially with how their last meeting had gone so horribly wrong.

Taking a sip from his cup, the smile dropped from Naruto's face as he narrowed his blue eyes on the man across the table from them.

"Now, what is it that you want from us?"