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She was dead meat.

She knew it already, just by following the man, that she was going to wind up in trouble. They had agreed long ago not to follow each other, though silently, and she was breaking their rule. But then again, Kino Makoto lived to break the rules.

The brunette landed safely on a balcony, narrowly avoiding a potted plant. How awkward would that have been for Tuxedo Kamen to be alerted to her by the sound of shattering ceramic? Slowly, the senshi of Jupiter moved forward, into the apartment the balcony was attached to. Of course, she hardly expected to see Chiba Mamoru dressed in a tuxedo, a glass of wine in either hand.

"Hello, Jupiter," he said with surprising kindness, holding out one of the glasses of wine as a peace offering. "How may I help you?" Instantly, the cockiness of Mamoru returned. "I've already saved your and the other senshi's asses once this evening."

Sailor Jupiter blinked, surprised by her discovery. Slowly, she reached out and took the glass of red liquid she was offered. "You are Tuxedo Kamen?" she asked, watching the man as he took a sip of his own wine.

Mamoru raised an eyebrow. "Well, what could have given you that idea?" he asked sarcastically. "Mako-chan, I advise you to tell Ami-chan, Rei-chan, and Minako-chan of my identity tomorrow at the shrine. I will be there at three."

"How did you know who I was?" Makoto asked in shock, her eyes wide.

"You really think that out of the five of us, one of you goody two-shoes senshi would be the first to break the rules?" he asked. Giving her a quick reminder, he said, "I'm a businessman who moonlights as a thief and a superhero. The only rule I haven't broken is bringing the dead back to life."

Makoto scoffed. "Why do I think you've tried?" Not waiting for an answer, she went on, "Do you know anything about the princess?"

This time, it was Mamoru's turn to scoff. "If I knew where she was, do you really think I'd be here right now?" he asked with a smirk. Ah, the joys of being the princess's destined lover: the senshi weren't allowed to comment on the innuendo he placed in his words.

"Do you really want to play this game?" Makoto hissed, stepping towards Mamoru.

"I do not consider the princess a game," he smirked. "However, I am interested in the conception of my daughter. I like to imagine it shall happen soon."

The girl in green merely shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Believe me, Mamoru-san, when the senshi and I find Princess Serenity, she will never meet you," she declared harshly. "Your love destroyed the solar system. You should have left well enough alone before you turned it into freaking Tristan and Isolde!"

"As I recall, Tristan and Isolde is set approximately one-hundred years after Serenity's and my untimely deaths, so really, they turned into us," Mamoru corrected. "And if you want your happy little future where you have a chance of returning to your home, you will let us be together."

"The decision is hers, and she would never choose to love scum like you," Makoto spat. "I don't know why time reset itself after Galaxia or why we can't properly remember everything from effectively two years, but it must have been pretty damn awful. And I'm sure it was the fault of your so-called love."

Mamoru chuckled, taking another sip of wine and inviting Makoto to do the same. Instead, the brunette downed the rest of her glass, grabbing the bottle on the counter and pouring herself more wine. "Serenity's and my love, Mako-chan, is the only reason we are all alive today." He paused, wondering just who his princess was now. He couldn't remember any proper details about her, just their love for each other. "You may go," he dismissed the brunette.

He turned away, walking into his bedroom as an official end to the conversation.

The next day, Makoto and Ami were forced to run straight towards the shrine to get to their meeting. Mamoru had skillfully scheduled their meeting for fifteen minutes before school got out so the girls would be unable to have much of a discussion before he was there. Rei and Mamoru were already staring each other down suspiciously. Minako was trying- and failing- to keep the peace.

Seeing Ami and Makoto run in, she pulled out her 'leader voice'. "Alright, all of you sit down RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" she commanded, causing the other four to drop to the floor. The blonde let out a sigh of relief, her worries that the others wouldn't listen to her being soothed. "Obviously, we have a situation," she declared, moving to sit in between Rei and Mamoru. "I believe we should all keep calm about this situation. We are all looking towards the same goal, so we should work together. It will be easier to fight if we all stick together. I know we have our differences, but if we come together, we'll be able to find and protect the princess much faster."

Grumbling, the others gradually came to agree, and Minako called the meeting to an end, sending everyone off on their own not-so-merry way.

Poor Mamoru walked out of the shrine and straight into a blonde girl. Acting quickly, he grabbed the girl around the waist, using his free hand to hold her back. The girl stared at him in shock for a moment as he slowly brought her back to her feet. "Um... thanks," she said nervously. She shot the man a gentle smile. "Do I... know you from somewhere?" she asked as he released her.

Mamoru paused, stopping to ponder the girl's existence. "I don't think so," he finally said.

"Well, I'm sure I'd remember such handsome eyes like yours," she declared with a smile, and Mamoru detected a bit of an accent from the girl.

"Oh, what's your accent?" he asked. "Er, I mean, where are you from?"

The girl hesitated, longer than she should have, before she finally answered, "Australia. I'm from Sydney. It's wonderful this time of year; I miss it so much sometimes."

"So you're new in town?" he asked.

"Fresh off the plane," she replied with a smile. "In fact, my brothers are sure to want me home soon, so I should probably go. It was nice meeting you!" With that, the girl took off down the sidewalk at an astounding speed.

The girl, better known as Tsukino Usagi arrived home within minutes, slamming the door shut as she entered the house. She turned to head into the living room, but someone was already there. The blonde jumped slightly, surprised by the silver-haired man's appearance. "Kunz," she said sweetly, trying to act innocent. "How are you?"

"Furious," he declared, standing up from the sofa and walking over to the blonde. When the two were nearly chest-to-chest, he staring down at her, he went on, "You left."

Usagi sighed and pulled away from her brother, knowing he was trying to use his height as an intimidation tactic. "Kaede, I just wanted to breathe," she explained. "It was either leave or lose my mind."

But Kaede was quick to react. "You know it's not safe."

The blonde only rolled her eyes and scoffed. "I have been kept locked up in this house since I was five," she declared, sorrow in her eyes and voice. "Is it too much to ask for me to get away for just one day?"

"Absolutely," a voice from the top of the spiral staircase stated simply. Usagi turned to see Shingo, her brother who was only four years her senior, as opposed to Kaede's eleven. Shingo began walking down the stairs, lecturing as he did. "It is dangerous for you to leave this house. Should anyone find you, even them, your secret would be in jeopardy. Chaos is preparing her last resort, and-"

"All the more reason for me to find the senshi, tell them what we're up against!"

Both Kaede and Shingo sent her warning looks on that one.

The blonde sighed and corrected herself. "What you're up against. I'm just the pathetic little girl that no one trusts." Bitterness lay heavy in her voice at her inability to fight.

"You are neither pathetic, nor does anyone distrust you," a brunette man said as he walked from the kitchen with a tray containing six small popcorn buckets. "We simply do not wish for you to be hurt."

Usagi scoffed. "Noboru," she whined, crossing her arms and stamping her foot like a child.

"Hush, I have popcorn," the man declared, setting the tray down on the coffee table in the living room.

Usagi pouted. "That's not going to work," she declared.

"Yes it will," one of two blond men said as they walked into the room.

"It always does," the younger of the two, Seiji, agreed.

"Fine," the girl agreed, though she refused to remove the pout from her face. "Jurou, please talk some sense into them," she requested of the short-haired blond. She batted her eyelashes, looking rather like a lost puppy.

Jurou chuckled and shook his head. "Sorry kiddo, but I'm not just your brother's hot friend now that I remember," he smirked. "You're like a little sister."

In retaliation, Usagi stuck her tongue out, only to have Jurou's hand lash out, sliding down Usagi's tongue. "Oh, ew, ew, ew, ew!" the blonde exclaimed, trying to get the taste of Jurou's hand out with her own while the men in the room laughed.

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