Dinner went on for the four Tsukinos, each passing second being more awkward than the previous, especially with Shingo's questions.

"So do you know who was holding you?" Shingo asked, staring intently at his sister.

Usagi nearly choked on her lasagna. "Um…" she began once she had gotten her bite down. "I'd never met any of them before… I, uh… I don't even know their names."

"Their?" Shingo asked, feigning interest. "There was more than one?"

"…Yes," Usagi replied slowly.

"Shingo, stop, you're making your sister upset," Ikuko ordered kindly, never liking to raise her voice at her children.

Usagi shook her head. "It's okay," she replied, "I'm fine with it." She turned to her brother, looking him in the eye. "It's all behind me now."

Had either parent noticed the threatening glare Usagi sent Shingo, they didn't mention it.

"May I be excused?" Shingo asked, his dinner finished. He didn't wait for a response, instead heading up to his bedroom and pulling out his phone. He typed in the ever-so-familiar number and waited for someone to pick up.

"Hello?" Jurou asked from the other end of the line. "Please tell me you found her."

Shingo sighed, rubbing his forehead. "Yeah, she's at my house," he replied, plopping down on his bed. "She'll be asleep by eleven; you can grab her then. I'll have to stay behind and be the innocent brother, lest people learn I'm in on this."

"It'll be done," Jurou assured him with a nod.

Sure enough, Usagi was out like a light, even at ten. Normally, she liked to stay up a bit later, but the day had been so incredibly eventful that the blonde hardly knew what to do with it.

And so the girl remained in sleep until a hand covered her nose and mouth, silencing her before she could wake up to react.

Kaede listened to his friends' report over his cell phone, the frown on his face growing every second. The senshi and Mamoru watched the man curiously, wondering just what was making him so upset. Had Usagi turned the shitennou and Shingo in? Or had something else happened that foiled their plans to reclaim her?

Finally, Kaede hung up the phone and turned to the quintet. "You'll be living here from now on," he told the group coldly. "It's not safe for you out there untrained anymore. There are hundreds of rooms for you to choose from, just choose wisely."

"What about Usagi?" Mamoru demanded, needing to know what was going on with his blonde princess.

Kaede pursed his lips, deeply considering if he should tell the group or not. Realizing they would find out eventually, he said, "She's been kidnapped again… but not by the shitennou."

As you can probably guess, this story will be featuring a sequel. I'm guessing that this will be a trilogy, just based on how many ideas I have. There are a few plot holes I left in this that I fully intend to fill with the story's sequels. Thanks for taking the time to read and review and sticking with me on this!