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(3rd Person POV)

Five years later.

Max sat on her living room couch with an old book in her hands. It was a large photo album. Max opened it up and started to leaf through the pages. There was all of the flock in their old house, playing truth or dare. And there was a picture of Max when she was pregnant. She looked over to the other page to see a picture of her, Ella, and Dr. M all smiling wide at the camera. Just below that was a picture of Total, Akila, and all of their pups. Flipping the page, she came to a photo of Iggy and Gazzy proudly holding their newest creation of utter destruction up and beaming proudly. Another photo was of Ella braiding Nudge's hair, who was braiding Angel's hair, and Angels braiding Fang's hair. Max smiled and laughed at the angered look on his face, but he was sitting there and taking it so that Angel had someone's hair to braid.

On the next page there was a picture of the flock flying around in the sky, and a picture of Angel and Nudge making peace signs with their hands. Max turned over the page to see a picture of Iggy and Dr. M cooking breakfast while everyone else was sitting at the table. Then there was a picture of her and Fang in a loving embrace where you could obviously tell that Fang was the one taking the picture because of his outstretched arm. There was a picture of Max and Fang sitting under a tree at sunset. Max turned the page to see a picture of Iggy and Nudge sharing an ice cream cone, and then a picture of Gazzy and Angel playing in the back yard of Dr. M's house. There was a picture of Iggy asleep on the couch and Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel crowding around him to try and put as much makeup on as possible before he woke up. Just below that, there was a picture of Fang with his arms around Max's waist and Iggy with his arms around Nudge's waist and they were both smiling at the camera.

Turning over the page, Max came face to face with a picture of her wedding day. Her and Fang were in the center of a row of people. Ella, Nudge, and Angel were behind Max while Iggy, Gazzy, and Total were behind Fang. There was also a picture of her and Fang kissing at the altar, one of her and Fang cutting their cake, and one of her and Fang dancing across the floor. Then there was a smaller picture of her and Fang standing in front of a waterfall on their honeymoon.

Max turned over the page again to see a picture of Nudge and Iggy on their wedding day. They were sitting at a reception table and holding hands. There was another picture of them dancing and one of them cutting their cake. Below that, there was a picture of Gazzy and Angel dancing together so that they wouldn't have to be sitting alone. Max turned the page and was greeted by a picture of her standing with Fang as he was wrapping his arms around her swollen abdomen. There was a picture of her standing in a nursery, trying to paint clouds on the bright blue walls. Then there was a picture of her in the nursery a few moments later with her hands on her hips as she smirked at the camera, the lens covered in white paint. At the bottom there was a picture of her sitting in a hospital bed holding a small blue bundle. Throughout the next few pages there were photographs of each of the flock members holding her and Fang's son and then a few pictures of when they had brought him home.

After that there were pictures of them feeding their son and playing with him in their home. There was a picture of their son's first Christmas, they were all sitting around the table getting ready to eat. There was Fang, Max, their son, Nudge, Iggy, Dr. M, Ella, Angel, Gazzy, and Gazzy's girlfriend. Total and Akila were on the floor with their puppies. Max smiled at the photo and continued to flip through the album. Through the rest of it there were pictures of holidays, gatherings, Angel and her boyfriend, Gazzy and his girlfriend, Max's new baby daughter, her and Fang, Iggy and Nudge, and so many others.

"Momma!" a little boy screamed. He ran into the living room and jumped up on the couch by Max. A small girl ran into the room as well and climbed up onto the couch on the other side of Max.

"What do you two want?" Max asked with a smile.

"Daddy said that we can go out and play in the sky if you come!" the girl said enthusiastically.

"Did he now?" Max said softly. "Fang! Come here!"

Fang walked into the room and picked up the little girl, spinning her around before taking her spot by Max and setting her on his lap. "You called?" he said cockily.

Max lightly slapped his arm and smiled at him. "Did you tell them that we can go out and fly if I come?" she asked.

Fang looked up in sarcastic thought and tapped his chin before replying "Now that you mention it, I think I did say something like that."

"Well then lets go!" Max shouted as she closed the photo book and stood up. The boy and girl ran off the couch and towards the front door, dragging Fang with them. Max walked over to a book shelf and slipped the album back into it's slot. She gave a small smile at the book before running outside and snapping her wings open, soaring up into the sky towards a dark winged figure and two smaller winged figures, whose wings were lighter than the large figure, but still dark compared to Max's wings.


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