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Kenzi knew that if Dyson or Bo or even Hale knew she was here they would throw one hell of a hissy fit. Taking a deep breath she knocked on the door that she had not to long ago broken down with a chainsaw in hand and murder on the mind. When the Norm opened the door and scowled at her she knew she had it coming. Pasting a fake smile she tried not to puck.

"Can we talk?" Kenzi tried to sound sweet.

The Norm just stared at the human with distaste. "Why have you came back? Did you do enough last time?" Her eyes went up and down Kenzi looking her over. "I see that it has begun to work."

Kenzi stared at the old woman. "Can I come in?" When the woman made no move Kenzi did something she thought she would never do again. "Please?" She put her hands together and pushed out her bottom lip. "I just want to know what this stuff is? And what its doing to me?"

The norm looked at the girl and grinned. "No, now leave." With that the old hag slammed the door in Kenzi's face.

Kenzi stood there for a moment longer. "I should have cut that damn tree down!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Finally she turned and went back to her car. She really didn't want to go home because Lauren and Bo were there 'talking'. Knowing the only other place to go she started the car and headed to the Dal. Kenzi knew it was pass time to let one of the Scooby gang know what was up with her. Even with the Garuda gone she was still keeping away from them. For one reason she didn't want anyone to tell Dyson what had happened. She knew he would blame himself.


30 minutes later Kenzi pushed the door to the Dal open and spotted Trick at the end of the bar closest to her. Quickly she made her way over to him. Kenzi made a mental note that none of the Scooby gang had arrived yet. Trick just smiled at her as he poured her a shot and poured a beer for her. Kenzi never one to turn down a shot downed it in one swallow and took a quick swig of the beer.

"We need to talk." She moved her index finger between her and Trick.

Trick nodded as he looked around. "Head down I'll be there in a minute."

Kenzi nodded. "Just you and me none of the others just yet." Trick frowned.

"Sure Kenzi." Trick said as he watched her walk out of the bar.

Shaking his head he pulled motioned for one of the bartenders to take over. He then made his way to where Kenzi was. Everyone had been worried for their human friend but Trick had felt something off ever since Kenzi had gotten Dyson's love back. He knew that she know felt that she had to tell someone and he was grateful that she had come to him. When he entered the room he noticed that The Kenzi was rather listless.

"Is everything alright, Kenzi?" He asked her as he took a seat.

Kenzi shook her head. "I don't know Trick." Her eyes closed for a moment before she opened them and pulled up her long sleeve shirt. Trick's eyes grew wide as he rushed to her side and took her arm in his hands.

"What happened for this to happen?" His eyes were going from the arm to her eyes. Kenzi took a deep breathe. "When did it happen?"

"When I went to get Dyson's love back from the Norm I bumped into some cabinet and a jar fell that held some kind of blackish goop." She shook her head. "It burned a little when a small amount dropped on my hand but as soon as it hit the floor it began to bubble like acid. Trick that was before the Garuda was kill and now look." She rolled her sleeve up her arm.

There were little vein like black marks running all through her arm all the way up pass her elbow and just below her shoulder. The only thing that wasn't infected was her hand. Trick couldn't tell by the look of it to tell what it was. He looked up at Kenzi and gave her a small yet sad smile.

Kenzi knew that face. Her head dropped as she closed her eyes. "You want me to tell the others?" She didn't even bother looking up because she knew without a doubt that Trick was nodding his head at this very minute.

"You know me well Kenzi." Trick told her as he let her have her arm back. "Do you want me to call and let everyone know to get over here?" He stood there letting her make the decision.

Kenzi looked at the man -er- Fae that had become like a grandfather to her. "Do I have to?" She tilted her head to the side as she played with the end of her long sleeve shirt.

Trick just placed his hands on his hips and looked at her with that knowing look. Kenzi sighed and nodded her head as she fell backwards. Not even bothering to watch as Trick was out the door and to the phone. She could hear him calling Bo and then Hale. She wondered if he would call Dyson. She prayed to God that he didn't. When she heard foot steps heading her way she raised up and looked at the door. She really didn't want to see anyone but she knew that it would only get worse if they didn't find out what was going on.

She sighed a breath of relief when it was only Trick that came back into the room. "Man I thought you were Dyson." She gave him a lopsided grin.

Trick shook his head. "I didn't want to involve him unless we have to." He looked at her with knowing eyes. Kenzi just nodded.

"Thanks." Kenzi clapped her hands together. "So what are we going to do now?"

Trick took a seat. "As soon as Lauren, Bo and Hale get here then we can figure out what is going on." He rubbed his head for a moment. "Was there any smell to the liquid?" Trick looked at Kenzi.

Kenzi frowned as she thought about it. "Um...No." She shook her head. "Even with it bubbling it didn't have a smell. Huh? I didn't think of that before." She looked up at the ceiling. "All I do know is that the old hag said something about a gift?" She looked back at Trick.

He shook his head and crossed his arms. "Too bad we can have Dyson here he could smell if there was any scent that a human couldn't detect." He looked at Kenzi.

"Yeah, sure I'll text him now." Kenzi said as she pulled out her phone.

KENZI: Hey D man!

DYSON: Kenzi

KENZI: Head to the Dal when you can.


KENZI: Tell ya when you get here

DYSON: Be there soon!

Kenzi sighed as she looked up at Trick. "He's on his way." Trick nodded.

Just then they heard their names called from upstairs. Kenzi looked at Trick and waved for him to go get them. Trick made his way up to the bar to let them know that they were down in the cellar. Kenzi just sat there swinging her legs back and forth playing with the hem of her sleeve. She wondered what Bo and the others would say. She didn't want to worry them. Without realizing she felt a tear fall down her face. Wiping it away she jumped up when the door opened and Bo, Lauren, Hale and Trick came down the stairs.

"Dyson said he be here shortly." Hale said as he looked at Kenzi. "What's the matter lil momma?" He walked over and took Kenzi in a hug.

"I had something in my eye that's all." Her eyes went to Bo's. "Hey BoBo."

Bo walked over to Kenzi. "Kenz is everything alright?" Her eyes went from Trick to Kenzi.

Kenzi walked away from everyone and kept her back to them. She didn't know what to say. Taking a deep breathe she raised up her sleeve and turned around with her eyes closed. She could hear the gasps all around. When she opened her eyes Lauren and Bo looked as though they could be sick. Hale looked worried and hurt.

"I know I should have said something but the thing is I didn't want any of you worried when we went after the Garuda." Kenzi tried to cover her ass as well as she could. She could see Bo getting rather P'ed off.

"When did this happen Kenzi?" Bo asked stepping forward and took her right arm. "How did I not know about this?" She looked up in Kenzi's eyes.

Kenzi sighed. "It was when I went to get back Dyson's love." She pulled her arm out of Bo's grasp with a hiss as she pulled the sleeve down. "I wasn't paying attention after she handed it to me and I backed up into a cabinet of some kind. There was a glass jar that held this black goo." Kenzi looked at Bo.

"I swear it wasn't this bad before we left, BoBo!" Kenzi looked at everyone then stopped when she heard a growl from behind her. Her back went stiff when she saw that Bo along with the rest of them were moving away from her. Turning slowly she faced a very upset wolf Shape shifter.

"I think we're going up stairs to get a drink." Bo grabbed Lauren's hand and raced pass Dyson and Kenzi.

"Yo wait for me." Hale said as he followed after them. He didn't want to get involved in this.

Trick walked up to them and placed a hand on both. "Don't kill each other." Was all he said as he walked out of the room and shut the door behind him.


Author Note – Hope you have enjoyed this and it is close to their personalities on the show. It has been fun to write this and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Til next time...