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"I love you to much to let you go Kenzi." I murmured in her ear. "What ever is in there with you, you need to fight it long enough for Turic to be killed. I know that you can do this." He promised her kissing her neck.

One of Kenzi hands came up and held onto his as her other was out in front of her holding Turic from leaving and putting himself out. Just using her eyes were to draining on her thus she used her powers like this. "As long as your with me." Kenzi whispered as she held onto her mate fighting against the darkness trying to claim her.

"Always." Dyson promised once again as he held onto her until Turic screams died down.


Three Years Later

Kenzi smiled as she shifted her son on her hip as she opened the door to the Dal. It was Tyler's 2nd birthday. He was finally two years old and it had been three years since Kenzi had killed Turic. Tank had stayed close by knowing that Kenzi was happy and safe. He also took Kenzi's place at Bo's which didn't put him out in any kind of way. In fact he rushed Kenzi out that way he could hurry up and move in the with the succubus. Hale thought it was rather funny because of Tank thinking he could get Bo. The only thing Bo let him taste was her power.

Shaking her head Kenzi brought her thoughts back to the present. She looked down at her son and kissed his head. As she looked around she found the sign that said Tyler's Birthday Party in Bo's handwriting. Tyler oohed and awed as they walked through the bar that her son grew up in. Well in the back where his party was. He wasn't allowed out front in case one of the aligned Fae decided it would be a good idea to start a fight with Dyson or herself. She waved to a couple of others that she had seen while they walked through but quickly headed to the back room.

As soon as she entered the room, turning on the lights, Kenzi and Tyler jumped when everyone jumped from their hiding places and yelled surprise! Tyler's eyes flashed as he looked around the room. Kenzi had learned to keep Ryuu in his place over the years and now he was just a voice in the back of her head. Everyone knew when they talked because her eyes would glaze over. Kenzi thought it was weird but Dyson said it was useful when they were in a fight. It had only happened one but that was because Ryuu wanted to take control and Kenzi knew she had it in the bag.

"Man, you guys scared me and Ty with the jumping out." Kenzi hugged Tyler closer to her as she glared at the group that had gathered. "Could ya just have waited til the lights were on and stayed in the open to surprise us?" She just shook her head and headed over to Dyson.

Tyler was holding out his arms to his father. Dyson took Tyler in his arms and nuzzled his cheek. Tyler just held on and sighed in contentment. Tank walked over and scooped Kenzi off the ground, spinning her around in a circle.

"Tank!" Kenzi yelled as she squeezed her eyes tight. "Put me down ya big lug!" She slapped him on the arm laughing.

Tank finally let her down but Kenzi was engulfed in another hug. Bo's arms were around her this time. Kenzi smiled as she hugged her BFF. They had went through so much together not to mention the odd jobs they had in between the pregnancy and moving. Bo pulled back and handed her over to Lauren. They had gotten along better since the last time. They were exactly friends but they were close.

"Keeping her out of trouble?" Kenzi asked Lauren smirking. Bo hit Kenzi on the arm. "What BoBo you do get into a lot of trouble." She tried to act innocently.

"Yeah, yeah." Bo waved her off heading over to where Tyler was still in Dyson's arms. Trick was still out front tending to the last patrons that were lagging behind.

Kenzi smiled as she went over and took a seat on the couch. Vex and Val were also there however they were in opposite corners staring daggers at each other. Kenzi rolled her eyes at that because of the fact that when they were alone they could be caught flirting, in the way they do. She shivered thinking about the first time she caught them. She could have hurled if she hadn't just done so. She had been only a few months into the pregnancy when she caught the two making out in the hallway closet. She had been looking for a broom but found something rather unexpected. When her eyes drifted over to Tank and Hale she found herself smiling because those two had been inseparable since Tank got accustomed to living in Canada.

Lochlyn also agreed to let Tank join the light even though he was not Fae because he was a priestess and could not join the dark and needed a side to help protect him. He had also agreed to let Kenzi and Dyson decide if they wished to stay aligned or not it was their decision. After a couple of months after the pup was born Dyson built a wall in his loft for a room for their pup. Kenzi was thrilled because she was the one that got to decorate it. Dyson gave her the money and she went all out with the help of Bo, Lauren and Val. Val finally was able to tolerate Kenzi however it was in small increments.

Hale on the other hand was wrapped around Tyler's little fingers. 'Uncle' Hale, as Kenzi called him to Tyler, spoiled him rotten. Hale would bring all kinds of things over for Tyler however Dyson stopped him when Hale brought over a nanny that way Kenzi and Dyson could take a break. Kenzi had kicked the fairy out on her wings for trying to put the moves on Dyson. Yet after all that Kenzi found that she finally had what she always wanted. A family.

About two weeks after she had killed Turic they had went to Nix to bury Cammi and Stefan. Tank had also went with her along with everyone even Trick had closed the Dal. Kenzi had not known that Turic was Cammi's brother until she met their oldest brother, Nathaniel Night. She had finally found out that Turic turned dark as soon as his powers matured and thus the reason he was trying to find the perfect woman to produce his child. Thus he found Kenzi's mother and then produced Kenzi. Kenzi didn't know if she should be sick or disgusted however she felt sorry for her mother after she found that out.

"You ok, Kenzi?" Dyson asked as he sat down next to her pulling her in his lap. "You're awfully quiet."

Kenzi just smiled and nodded. "Of course, D-man." She kissed his cheek. "Just thinking about what has happened since I... well... ya' know." She shrugged looking down at her hands.

"I do remember." Dyson whispered tightening his arms around Kenzi's waist. "I remember that I almost lost the two best things in my life that day." He used one of his hands to raise her eyes to his.

"All I can remember was the feeling that I needed to kill him and with every scream I enjoyed it that much more." She whispered curling into Dyson's strong frame, shaking. "Once I came to my senses I felt sick that I could feel that way."

Bo walked over and knelt down in front of me. "Don't worry Kenzi." She smiled at her best friend. "We're all here for you, Dyson and Tyler."

"Here, here." Hale said raising up his beer mug, while he was holding Tyler with the other arm.

Dyson and Kenzi smiled as they looked at all their friends and family. "Thanks guys." Kenzi said almost blushing. "Now lets get this birthday party started!"

Kenzi jumped up grabbing Tyler from Hale's arms and headed to the cake that Trick had just brought in. Everyone moved around Kenzi and the Birthday Boy. Dyson watched as his life finally made some sense. He failed to notice that Bo came up beside him.

"Glad that your happy." Bo smirked seeing Dyson jumped a slight bit. "You and Kenzi seemed to be made for each other."

Dyson smiled nodded crossing his arms over his chest while his eyes were locked on Kenzi and Tyler. "I am happy, Bo." He leaned back against the table behind him. "More so than I have been in along time."

"Well at least everyone has their happy ever after!" Bo told him pushing her way to Kenzi's side.

Dyson shook his head chuckling as he headed over Kenzi unknowingly to them they were being watched from a far away place where all the dead souls go by two that gave their life to keep not only Kenzi but Tyler safe from harm.


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